Monday, July 12, 2021

Queen of France

In the Revel of: The Rescue Begins

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

In the Revel of

The Rescue Begins:

A Vanquished self subsides away from dreams
deliberate falls and chance runs another direction
pity holds true and casts itself into bitter
A success is won in the losing
The eyes of others steadfast in remove
seek other journeys away from your spirit of survive
The fait accomplis is the shelter of being
housed within the insignificance of one's solitude
For others, they charm elsewhere and dandy,
delights into their gays of pleasure
their dreams of wheels and candy,
turning desires into extravagent banquets held by clouds lined in silver
Rescue into their spendourific puff of dreams obtained?
No, sorry the season pass was not on your subscribe.
Look not there, not at them, their revels of win and securities told
Look not at the walls of your immediate housing or paltries of foods foraged
Look at your provide of gain.
Not the supplies held or tallied through with remorse
The provide of dignity is your gain,
a rich heady flavor
bathing in its essence like a star
No matter days that thin or thicken
dignity is a proud nuptial to marry
a nuptual that no person can destroy
not even the stones cast from immorality
can decree it away.
Revel, in the wake of distant stars
and ride your journey into the cosmos
away from a beggars wants
fulfill with your prides and chasms of nonchalant
and enjoy the gains of eternity
as you query the sky for answers
it provides a castle for your consciousness,
inhabit your energized destiny
and live the dream of attainment
where all things earthy live within you
drift your tuned instrument of being
un-leashed, and free into the oceans, rivers and streams,
into the clouds that thunder and sing
Free into the cosmic shelter of a nebulas eye
hosted by ravens that may squawk at your game
your knowing of real.
Miniscule the cities away
and lower their sounds
listen again
and here the earth as it abounds