Saturday, September 27, 2014

Queen of France

Goodbye to my little farm friends

Ms. Corsica,
This extra sweet female cat was originally found as a stray on the french island of Corse. She's quite a wiley athelete and capable of climbing the tallest of trees, often in the hunt of smaller burrowing mammals, or songbirds.
A little older after 6 years have since past, though she continues to have her free days away from the hamlet, where she wanders off for several days at a time. Not a wildcat though, rather a housepet who prefers to also walk around the farmlands for other foods and visit with other dog & cat friends. 

& my 9 yr old birds; rooster Ivan and the ducks,
and Leita the non-laying hen, who is approx. 4 yrs old:

Ivan and Leita

Black beard, Blue Beard and Spot