Thursday, September 15, 2016

Queen of France

The Ballerina Fund: Mutual Fund with Profits & Donations

The Creation of a Ballerina and Danseuse Fund;
Prospectus: A profit & non-profit fund Mutual Fund, for retired Classical Ballet dancers in financial need. Shareholders make their normal profits, from purchasing the shares of the fund,
and a small portion of their profits goes towards the donations for the dancers.
Aimed to help support dancers, from the age of 40 or older.

-Company Minutes-

Preferably a Board of Directors and staff that are from The Ballet World*, as they are more familiar with the recipients in question.

Fund Start-Up:

To organize the set of stocks, with a banking instution's brokerage firm, to run the mutual fund. Stocks from a selection pool of various: fine arts, artistic and work-out wear companies, including gyms and ticket sales providers.
The original discussion of the Ballerina fund, only as a non-profit start-up, and not a mutual fund.

Allocating a the Board of Directors to initiate the stock firm towards creating the fund?

...Perhaps, one of you already have a "Ballet World List" of persons ready to decide such stocks. For a short while those Board of Directors*, would have the contacts necessary to start the mutual fund,
After the fund has been created and stocks are traded, it would be nice if dancers could have a higher voting "say" as to which companies should be included. (typically 5-10 stocks).
It would be a "freebie start-up mutual fund," the artistic"Board of Directors", will not be on any pay-scale basis, therefore most likely retired persons who are also philanthropists with their financial work would be the best to help initiate the interesting artistic "Ballerina Fund".

Final Close of these Minutes

In conclusion of todays meeting; nothing can be actually organized yet, without a Board of Directors or persons who can network a banking institution into starting the fund. A fund based upon a set of chosen artistically oriented stocks. (subscription based ticket companies, work-out wear, etc) .