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Queen of France

Vaux "Baux" History: 800AD to "Visigothic Balti"

Vaux's & Baux's en Provence

My Mother's Genealogy Work

The Vances from Mexico, Alabama, Mecklenburg, Ireland, Scotland & France:
I will blog further about the Visigothic Balti, but not in this blog which is really about the important Vance & Vans history link, after the 3rd file image:
detailing info about the three "de Vaux" brothers Hubert, Randolf & Robert originating from the William Conqueror era and Castle de Baux.
Mary "Vaux" Vance was more of a teaser mom about the past, after all, the family had carried years & years of surnames memorized from generation to generation, in practical song.
A bit of a boring repetitive, yet "a worth" to them especially during their impoverished times. You see the Vaux name itself brought with it the character of loyalty, valor, "be faithful" & courage.
A mis-balance I've found in this line is the forget of the woman, many of the wives were not given the same name prestige as I've discovered with other lines from the same era. So when researching there are many missing histories from the spouse lines.
The Rev Vans is also a problem, with his correct birthdate, supposedly a graduate from St Johns College & Cambridge, then later the added "of Kilmacrean" town name in Ireland. Plus there are possibly 3 generations of Rev Vans from Barnbarroch with a Sir Patrick Vans in the middle.
My Royal Mum: Queen Mary of France & her Father: Richard "Vaux" Snow* Vance:
Photo's are from the Interior of Mexico, at the bank, and later to a wedding to bestow gifts to the bride to be, in one of the worst currency times in history. When the Peso fell, during the 50's. Still exhuberant with "Joie de Vivre". Mary had to return her diamond bracelet shortly thereafter..
* Snow is an Indian line Reference from Sitting Bull
Queen Mary Vaux
Queen Mary Vaux at a wedding
I did find this paperwork today, about our descent as "Baux" and Baux de Provence, which could be very helpful to genealogists. Mentioning the Visigothic Balti, etc.
All great, and wonderful for myself as well, matching my own sure thing, with easier substantiated truths with
The Library files are not scanned in, rather a link to the manuscript: but the first 2 files listed below are scanned into family search.
In ernest, I did not want to rebuild a castle that didn't belong within the family line.
So now, any of the "Catapult" & ("Fontaine" Fountain are separate) taxes collected henceforth, can be further legitimized.

Scottish Vaux Genealogy

There's a couple of links about the Baux de Provence Castle Rebuild, from the Catapult tax: (as my ancestors "Baux" inventored the Catapult), the small 300 Euro tax pays for the rebuild, paid by Owners of Chateau's within the EU : check payment link.
"35 Euros per month or 300 Euros per yr.
from each, chateau, keep, or castle owner
within the European Community. "
"Additionally, those with fountains must also assume the higher yearly "Fontaine Taxe"
A tax per fountain, for each large estate or city, typically 1-5 fountains."