Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Queen of France

Genealogy Chartware

At the bottom of this blog, are links to the spreadsheet,
Before overdoing it though, adding surnames,
the sheet is really only good at keeping 10 generations of data.

The larger the sheet becomes, you'll need some type of gedcom thing other.
However it does help start the process of collecting surnames,
and give listings of each generations new surnames (shown below)
and a few other original items.
Don't lose the data warning: 
If extending the sheet, it only supports 256 columns, with libre office,
in xls, somehow ods, allows a few more columns.
and xlsx, is not supporting it thus far.

If used in sync with the bloodline inheritance trust idea, you can fortune your families businesses and properties together via the surnames.
16 to 32 trusts, per person.
**This spreadsheet program is only for manual search collection of surnames, normally from online gedcom data found:
not a gedcom automatic input mechanism.

The sell:
The cool thing is the % of ancestral origins.
It keeps data for up to 17 generations, 
and determines ancestral origins %'s, from generations 6 - 8.*
Meaning native origins with %'s up to 100% of 41 various planetary origins,
such as being icelandic, english, russian, etc...,
and you can add your own, unusual origin.
*up to the 8th gen. needs to be filled in for accuracy, 
12.5% each great-grandparent, if the surname is unknown, 
enter husband/wife and use an approximate guess. 

avoid country code errors though, or you get unknown ancestry %'s,
such as using f for france, instead of fr.
(I listed one code was wrong in the code sentence, its mx.) I won't update the spreadsheet anymore, as I lose the url and have to redo the uploading. As I used vlookups, its xls only. and not happy as a google doc. their way supported.
xls, gnumeric or google
It works in .xls in open office (libre), 
and gnumeric linux,  and it did work once in google documents,
perhaps windows also, but it's not tested there.

A html viewable version is shown at the google link below.

**ssconvert is a useful conversion prompt program 
to convert endings from gnumeric to xls.
but, saving as xls, should keep it that way for gnumeric.

~gnumeric is quicker to load, yet open office has more designy features.

Lists of the surnames are ready to be printed from the 'surname page'.
They are available as a group of names, and other ways such as new surnames
included with each generation.

Start page 
Fill in the yellow boxes with your surnames,
then start the database...on the mother and father pages,
(the fathers page holds the examples.)

As mentioned on the start page,
each new generation will require a copy update,
so perhaps every 20 - 40 yrs, the data needs to be filled in again.

If a programmer:
A form taker maker could include an enhancement to automatically update
for each new generation,
The non-spreadsheet 'data field placer' could be implemented
to automatically use the static database of fields for entries, 
with online data gathered and thusly receive the ancestral origin outputs, etc.  

Adding info
I only include space for one pair of dates, 1775/1777,
indicating a husband and wife's birth date,
placed to the left of his first name.
and their birth locations vahalia poland/baden germany
listed to the left of his surname.

There is additional writing space in the notepad area
of each great grandparents data section.

**match the color-toned boxes to find where
to put the next generations' surname.

back to...the ancestral codes:
once a surname is entered into it's color-toned box,
the ancestral code box numerates, fill-in the code,
... i for ireland, swe for sweden etc, etc.
and the surname page shows the updates.

Don't let the animal surnames scare you,
I wasn't attempting any genetic morphications,
merely using them as example names.
Examples can be deleted and replaced with your data.

A few ancestral codes were thrown in,
to show the % of ancestral origin data more effectively
on the surname output page,
The sheet files are not protected,
as I can't ever get that to work, so if you delete a cell that held a formula,
you may need to repair the cells missing data field, with a blank version of the spreadsheet or lose its counting prowess..

Google sharing:
The spreadsheet is easy enough to use that it can be used as a datashare
for a group to update the contents online,
via one password protected username via google documents.
It is clunkier to view and update, but it works.

Formula area:
The main formula area is after the hot pink area A164,
at the bottom of the sheets,
and is not for the adding of surnames,
If you want to rewrite sections of the spreadsheet, the formulas are mainly there.

The fonts are better looking via the gnumeric version,
and the chancery kinda looks better than comic sans,
as comic sans is massive by comparison and needs reduction. 
but it does work with google, albeit larger.

For google documents,
try to keep the spreadsheet 500 rows and 256 columns
less than 5MB's as it is heavily formulated.

I guess that's it... unless I attempt a chart image.,

the xls gnumeric happy version: gnumeric .xls 

or the google version:  Google link

a warning if you are uploading to google:
to not over-customize the colors in xls, 
as they may not be accepted with googles palettes.

this is an output of one parent, from my genealogy chartware
with the surnames as yet known...
The problem with genealogy, the mothers maiden name, has been often used as id.,
a very bad idea for any one who wants to discover their heritage.
It has been a foolery of those companies,
as these names are imperative to use as acknowledgement
that no in-breeding of persons occurs:
Here are my names, please don't add on my grandparents names.
~gen. 4: ....., williams,
~gen. 5: shuttlesworth,
~gen. 6: rockett, calfee,
~gen. 7: wilson, abernathy, wife,
~gen. 8: williamson, landals, cox, husband,
~gen. 9: thornhill, ware, abernathy [111], harwell howell, turner,
~gen. 10: williamson, adams, abernathy [11], tilghman, harwell or howell, howell or coleman,
~gen. 11: code or coode, abernathy, cubisha/coppage/cabbage, parkham,
~gen. 12: stevens, code, badcock, abernathy debarrie, cabbage, bell, devonshire,
~gen. 13: drywood, bligh, copsey, anger angier, sanders,
~gen. 14: standon, cabbage, benson, pandreth,
~gen. 15: wheatonhall,
~gen. 16: berkeley,
~gen. 17: neville,
~gen. 22 is king edward 111 of england. who started the 100 yrs war,
between france and england,
along side his efforts to maintain monarchy as a one entity ruler kingdom,
instead of the parlimentary monarchy britain, as it became.
w/son john of(de) gaunt,
joan beaufort. w.son george neville,
and somehow the de vauxs are in those nearby lds files also.
The end game look for your king search does get overfiled,
however they had many wives and rights of title names,
as abernathy becomes abernathy debarri(e).
**the debarrie symptoms going on with me explains my strange sleepy muscle symptoms, -"no pins and needles" only sleeping muscles-
well then it's better than going to any doctor, ....seeking out the what?,
now that i have discovered the surnames of berry overload, genealogy has been incredibly helpful.

~gen. 4:...., williams,
~gen. 5: easterly,
~gen. 6: davis, farmer,
~gen. 7: kyle, berry, fudge, pankey,
~gen. 8: isbell, temple kyle, wife, harpine, burkhalter , wife,
~gen. 9: thomas or piland , isbell sr., callaway, taylor, lewis, zirkle, gregory, burkhalter ;[II], denzler,
~gen. 10: mann, piland, isbell, cox, calloway, burkhalter ;[sr], walthers, wettstein,
~gen. 11: hooker, lewis, cary or pleasants or waller, schenkel,
~gen. 12: wife, cock, bolitho, milner, wetzstein, binderin,
~gen. 13: cary, taylor, ball,
~gen. 14: hobson,
~gen. 15: hargrave,
~gen. 16:
~gen. 17:

~gen. 4: ....., baker,
~gen. 5: thomas,
~gen. 6: libby, mathis,
~gen. 7: grove, knowles,
~gen. 8: blake, wife, berry, wife, bingham, thomas , covington,
~gen. 9: wife, bennett, sands, pledger, sands, airey,
~gen. 10: wallace, drake, wallis, joye, locke, clothier, clothier, swift, (ellis), blackistone,
~gen. 11: goddard, locke hermins, austin, lawrence, clayland, kemp, covington (ingram),
~gen. 12: lybbye, welthen, knowllys [rev], smith bland, bachelor, hemsley, knapp, webb, ingram,
~gen. 13: merrylls, bland, higgins, airey,
~gen. 14: marsham,*atkyns, marsh, newer,
~gen. 15: butler, atkyns,
~gen. 16: 
~gen. 17: griffith,
The 10th gen.... ~ blackistones were living at plymouth or pilgrim rock (blackistone island) for 150 yrs,
and then the british erected the lighthouse and cross --
which needs to be removed as it is an obvious slap in the face, at the quakers ,
being a dinky penile lighthouse object (house-roofed)
w/ the obedient surreal - sized cross in the garden:
also the trees are missing, so it can be replanted and the island kept as a wildlife refuge.

~gen. 4: ....., baker,
~gen. 5: christensen,
~gen. 6: friend, thorwald christensen,
~gen. 7: standing, crittenden, thranum, andersen,
~gen. 8: latter, standen, barnes, norris, climset, kjeldsen, madsen, christiansen, pedersen, christensen kragh,
~gen. 9: dunck, duplake or duplock, jervois, king, cornes, jensen, jensen, johandatter, neilsen, hansen,
~gen. 10: wife, durrant, wilson, bennett, birkenshaw, christen mrs kjeldsen, thomesen, madsen, kieldsen, madsen, kieldsen, nielsen,
~gen. 11: turner, jupp, ollisen, ollisen, lyby, simonsen, berthelsen, neilsen (plete), jensdatter,
~gen. 12: simon, mrs. simon, berthel, neils, (hiulmand) jensen, pedersdatter, mrs., plette andersen, mrs.jens andersen,
~gen. 13: jens, plet anders, plete mrs.anders ,
~gen. 14:
~gen. 15:
~gen. 16:
~gen. 17:

The danish are incredibly perplexing, reusing names from before,
and completely changing names father to son or daughter.

...And no, I don't own any property in the hamptons, that I know of.
Apollogies for those expensive rockets and shuttles also.

Most of the heritage here is danish, english, french and german.

My other grandparents side, I haven't really researched very far as of yet,
these surnames appear diffiult to find without paying for genealogy access priviledges:
(which should be a crime, as the names are all in the standard and "free" census reporting data.)

....,thompson, enriquez, ..., jennings, contreras de ovante de perez, de la fontaine, w, fausel,.

fausel is a name rooted back to india, and also named as the army of india.