Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Queen of France

Garden Theme: Narrow Gardens

Wizard of Oz Garden
The Wizard of Oz Garden

Narrow is Narrow Folks

3-10 feet across and yet skilled with magnificent wonder, ready for fairies and butterflies to jingle jangle along..
The direction is up to you, whether overtly modern, & contemporary with hard edges, or even billowing with hints of a subtle romantic in-tune with the gorgeous cottage floral style.
Narrow can accommodate waterways, and unusual walkways, to the point of an amusement theme. It's all up to your style, because narrow really is narrow, and a contrast to who you are in a small space would be upsetting.
It's time to be Lavish, and Decadent with Climbing Vines and Archways.
teacup garden
Garden in a Teacup

Time to laugh and play with the Teacup!

It's amazing and really called a mini-garden, not a narrow or small-spaced. It's my honorable mention though. A garden unique and with it the miniature requires a very passive and peaceful person. Not sloppy or unorganized. Maintenance is tiny shears and really a fun effect for apartment and condo owners to embark in.
Green plants are good & healing, no matter how small.
narrow garden beau
A Narrow "Beau",
Beautiful and Fragrant

Hidden Rooms of the Narrow Beau

This beauty is very casual, and contains hedge rooms, with places to sit down off in the distance. It allows for the meander through, adding depth and dimension right away. Bringing mystery and curiosity into each new garden "room". Each small and narrow space filled with its relaxed and specialties. From a fountain here or there, to a small chair. Note the pathway stones and a few stairs to add levels.

Starter Features for Narrow Gardens

Space is limited, so we have to get over the fact that the narrow space will not expand, or convert into tiny homes, unless that was your objective. & move your garden onto the rooftop. For most though, the narrow zone, is still useful as a glamorous garden space, for wildlife to enjoy as well. Therefore, all we can do is go with a set theme throughout to maximize the effect.
  1. Large & small trees
  2. Floral, Green or Variegated bushes
  3. Vines & Climbing Roses
  4. Calming ground-covers
  5. Water feature: waterfall, pond or small brook (river)
  6. Moat style: large water pond with the walkway or bridge
  7. Quiet outdoor space with a bench, lounge, table or desk
  8. Delicate Pathways or Heavy and definite
  9. Gate or Statuesque Entrance
  10. Pergolas
  11. Garden Ornament
  12. Easy to Water
  13. Possible to grow vegetables, fruits or berries
  14. An outdoor lounge room for pets.
straight narrow garden
Straight & Narrow
Narrow Curvy Garden
The Curvy Garden Fix

Straight or Curvy?

For the bike in a hurry type-of-person, straight is the best, but for a zen effect or a garden with a home effect, curvy is better. Less tunnel vision, out to the street and all the worries of the outside world, that go with that tunnel vision. Fears subside and paranoia lessens. "Curvy" is a garden for your well-being as well.
Not that we demand to hide away for comfort, in our houses and gardens, but we are more relaxed in a sheltered space. Which is obviously more comfortable and peaceful, not feeling overlooked, nor ready to be solicited, or even worse have the feeling of being interrupted by witnessing cars drive-by on a noisy thoroughfare. It's about the state of mind, bringing calm to oneself, as much as possible in order to cope with the external problems of the day.
high deck
High Deck Garden
narrow hill
Hill Creation Garden

Adding Garden Depth... Woodsy or View

Literally steps up, with the "climbing a mountain effect", how glorious and near to a Spiritual Nature God. & Yet so narrow, it's my favorite on this page, creating a garden forest also, a major wow. Squirrels are chattering and chickadees are definitely keeping this little garden as a nest-over. "Woodsy"
The high deck space is very interesting, probably holds storage underneath and even lifts up for a "View" off into the distance. What a neat place for a drink or even eat lunch. Here the straight path doesn't bother, as it's not so far, tricky-tiled and different from the outside world.
interesting fence garden
Interesting Fence
Garden Seating
Garden Seating

Seating: Benches & Chairs

Seating can be unique and even "wild", with a hammock chair hanging from a tree. An old metal chair painted in interesting colors can create a gardeners charm, also. A nice wooden bench is substantial, and a pergola will even add further shelter and shade. A wooden Chaise lounge, to take a nap, or even camp-out under the stars. Seating can be ornamental or really in-use often. All part of the fun that makes the garden your entertainment motif. All narrow-garden approved !
pond narrow garden
Wooden Walkways
Walkway over Pond
Stone Walkways

Ponds with Tiptoe Walkways Across

For the Recluse or the Magical Cave Keepers, a very different entrance, to achieve a mini-moat effect. Instead of the tulips to tiptoe across, tiptoe over the water of your lily-pad pond. Insanely beautiful and organic. Beckoning a wild duck to stopover and visit. Impossible? In the tiny narrow? Not at all.

French Formal
with High-Edging:

Don't forget the look of France.
The old stone facades help create an instant ambiance, to take you there when you step out your door.
Formal Topiaries
at the ready to dot around, next to a garden planting bed. The higher-edging planting beds are great for bulbs and perennials, while they raise smaller trees for a natural shade canopy.
French formal Narrow garden
French Formal
Pretty Pathway
Pretty Pathway
Dainty Path
that wakes
into tomorrow...
hindered never
by stolen dreams.
Cheerful heart of love
adorns in splendour.
"Tiny garden, I love you.."