Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Queen of France

The Great Gardens of El Paso

Mountain Herding Guard Dog


Imagination is free, it's cheap to dream, just as hope is another idea, fraught without a profit near.
Yes, Today we can live in imagine, and think like the pirates; ready to savor the constant supply of edibles, from our own island of delectable fruit and nut trees.
It's all just a walk away for many; a walk out their front door as they slip into an arroyo, instead of a car seat, to tend the gardens of the present and the future.
Where is this wonder of the world? Is it a dream? "El Paso" destined into a property crammed outlay, has persisted as a wretch for the world to see. Another badly planned city, one that has no consciousness other than selling land to profiteers. Profiteers that build monstrosities so grand, that the mountains themselves look piteous next to them.
As man shows off his riches, burying his fortuned self within millions of years of barren rock, called Trans-Mountain; the others can only wait for another rich token of a male, to gesture them into work.
Little by little, the beautiful opportunity to make a gorgeous El Paso, has piffled into just houses.
A trance over the people, that the houses with very little amounts of land; are going to supply them with a life purpose.
As they lay their heads down each night on their pillows, with new bills acquired, knowing they can only continue on tommorrow; as the drones they've always been. Festooned, to survive their mortgage and carry themselves into retirement, hopefully with at least a hint of a smile.
Meanwhile, a garden dream is brewing. A collossal dream of a garden, so vast; that the barren desert itself, is pushed away from infiltrating our minds, with a fresh sting from the sight of another cactus.
A garden rich with fruits, nuts and dreamy flowers, a garden that tames us into the oblivion, of success.
How now? When all we see are houses?
There still are a few nooks and crannies, a few possibles where a giant pine can rise from the depths of an arroyo. A pine so tall, that the houses finally shadow away under it's shade.
"Plant more, you bastards!" yells a woman, as she quickly drives away from El Paso, forever. "What a lazy bunch of people, who didn't green their mountains!"

Possibility Lurking

"I see an arroyo over there, with no house slabbed into it! Perhaps it could be ours, another space for the garden."
How sporadic this garden placement must become, with each little desert alley, "demanded into the job", of bearing fruit for a kingdom of people, here and beyond.
When 5000+ sq. ft. houses have been built just for a woman to click around in her high heels with puffy feathers.
"What peasants out there," she thinks to herself, "to even want a garden."
As her ridge house just took up the destiny, of at least: 30 Olive Trees, 20 Apricots Trees, 50 Pines, 50 Grape Vines, 40 Fig Trees and 10 Date Trees.
Tear down those houses! I say, as another, "sot of an ideal", runs through my head. Of course! We could just tear them down, and make those "designed by a famous architect" builds go away forever.
Let's take back our mountains! Take them away from the filthy rich that waste away their idle hours; just thinking of how rich they are, ready to point their noses up, even higher.
"What drivelling swine", the house mistress says, "Clamouring for a garden arroyo, under her pedicured feet."

Taking Back Our Mountains

Well, the hope lays heavy, that at least one of the opulent is going to heed the warnings of the global call. That at least one of the 650 Billionares has heard of El Paso; and is ready to sway opinion, towards this city rejuvenating into a new "Garden Forested City".
A place where every inch of city property, along the mountains and the arroyos of its volcanic creation, become the "rightful belongings" of the citizens, known further as their "Gardens of El Paso."
Decades ago, there was a chance for a "fertile velt" that would have wrapped around the mountain, snuggled with it's own delicacies. However, now, we can only settle for a few inner-city desertified arroyos, and pray the land above the houses can still become "Ours".
Yes, and "Ours it is", the land belongs to the people of the city.
A takeover this grand is not only in our imagination anymore; it has a budget sheet of 4,000,000 trees (sd/sm/md & lg), 20,000 acres, with only $160 Million as the start-up. $32 Million each year, thereafter.
If more than 3000 people are hired in the first year, it means a requirement for a few more million. Dependant upon: the ability of El Pasoan's growing 1.2 Million of their own trees from tiny young seedlings, like the suppliers. Saving 3 Million dollars for more gardeners.
Then, 1000+ gardeners are hired in the years thereafter, for ever more. Obviously, for the first 160 Million, we could ask suppliers from afar... for a longer term pay-off of 3 -10 yrs.
No! Not so fast, a Bio-Diversity & Sustainability project is interesting, but will there be something charismatic also?
Yes! Draft Horses will live within the gardens, and be our helpers, as the trees are planted. Later on, the horses will pull our harvested fruits and nuts to their storage barns.
Yes! Large Mountain Herding Guard Dogs will watch over the gardens, as they tend a few exotic Brebis sheep from Corsica, while watching the hens as they also will be roaming free.
The Brebis will even nibble away the weeds & the lower branches of some of the trees; so you won't even need to prune those. Is this heaven? As their Fertile Dung, freely finds the soil.
Imagine, the bees & hummingbirds as they dart around gathering pollen and nectar, from Organic and NON-GMO fruit and nut trees.
Imagine, the birds building a nest, with a chance to test the delicious fruits. Yes of course, "we share", that's our Utopia; to share the pleasures, that our fruited & forested earth has to offer.
Hurry, and seek out a hidden arroyo, or a mound of a mountain, and claim your find, for "The Gardens of El Paso". For you, Mr and Mrs. El Pasoan, are the keepers of your own garden destiny, and no one else.