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Ottokar III King of Hungary "Bela V": Imprisoned

ottokar III of Hungary
Ottokar III King of Hungary

Ottokar... on his Way
to Hungarian Rule

The former 12-yr old ruler of Hungary, Wenceslaus III, had inherited Bohemia and at the age of 16 left Hungary... and renounced his throne away, to Ottokar.
Already 44, born in 1261, Royalty was nothing new to Ottokar, because he had already been Duke of Lower Bavaria for 22 years. Otto had even engaged in a vicious battle at Golheim, over electoral princes. Where his side, ruled by King Adolf of Nassau, died by the hands of the Albert I of Habsburgs army. Later Albert I was renamed Albert the One-Eyed due to injuries..
Ottokar was also of Hungarian royal blood. The son of Henry XIII & Elizabeth of Hungary (1236 – 24 October 1271, daughter of King Béla IV and Maria Laskarina. Most likely due to his age, he was disputed.
crown of hungary
Crown of Hungary

To be Crowned

He traveled a dangerous distance under a commoners disguise to become King. Venturing, to Buda (pest), acting and clothed like a merchant for protection because of the Hapsburg soldiers near the border.
In Buda, he was officially crowned as "King of Hungary", by the Holy Bishops of Veszprém and Csanád.
Along with being given title rule over the lands of Croatia.
Some new Silver denar coins were also minted.
ottos coin
ottos coin
While Hungary was essentially given to Ottokar in 1305, his Monarchy as "Bela V", wasn't an easy keep.
He held the title as the Hungarian King for only 4 years, with the enchanting & symbolic golden crown of Hungary "St. Stephan", from Kings of the past eras.
Charles I of hungary
Charles I
Ottokar's Opponent
& Successor to Hungary

However, during his reign, Charles I was unstoppable, and called Ottokar out as the "Anti-King"
Charles I became Otto's ousting successor.
Ambitious Charles was determined to become King, siding with nobles who preferred his methods.


Captured in Transylvania

To further his predicament, Ottokar was captured during a visit into the wealthy lordship lands of Transylvania. He was imprisoned for a year by the "Voivode of Transylvania," "Ladislaus Kán".
However, Ladislaus did not remove Ottokar from his Sovereignty though. Instead, Ladislaus merely held Ottokar, away from being able to rule as King. Leaving the status of the kingdom in limbo.

Abdication of His Throne To Charles I

Ladislaus eventually freed Ottokar, who quickly escaped away back into Bavaria. At that point, Ottokar abdicated the throne to Charles in 1308.
So, it wasn't until, 1308 that Charles actually received the status along with the "believable" King of Hungary crown. & another 10 -12 yrs until he seized Hungary by force away from regional lords, that Hungary truly became his keep.
Burghausen castle
Burghausen Castle (Ottokar's Domain)
& the Longest castle in the world

His Sparse Home-life

Born in being a Bavarian Duke, his path was set into politics. However, he lived much of his adult life without a spouse. He lost 2 infant sons and was then his wife Catherine of Habsburg died, where he then became a widow for 23 yrs.
Not until he married Agnes Glogau of Bavaria, was Otto a father again: to his daughter Agnes of Wittelsbach and Henry XV, Duke of Bavaria. Ottokar died at the age of 51, just a few years after his children were born, in the German Bavarian town of Landshut


Even with coins and an illustrious royal crown, someone can still call into question who is to be the ruler of a Kingdom.
All in all, the disfavor of Ottokar, being the son of a Duke of Bavaria, plus his own rule of Bavaria must have gone against him. Not only with his opponent Charles, but in the eyes of others.
The Hungarian nobles would have still wanted warrior leaders, Kings who looked ready to fight; like famous Kings in Hungarian history. Charles fit the "look" of a younger conquering spirit, increasing his popularity, no doubt.
In truth, most of the people didn't have a choice of which King, it could have been an 8 yr old boy or a 95 yr old man. Charles simply was naturally suited, with his "brawn", to effect himself as a capable knight, rather than being just a less active political leader. By appearing ready to fight with his armies, it would have allowed for idolization and favoritism by the people.
Genealogy Notes
Issue with his ascending children linking through from Burgandy or Naples. Some data has changed since.
Mary of Hungary's line is confirmed through Blanche D'Anjou, & later Bela IV, but Ottokar the "Anti-King" is in question if he's a real ancestor or not.
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