Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Queen of France

My Monarchy Announcement: & Taxes Due from The Kingdom of France

This article also details the "Catapult Tax"
A tax of 300.00 Euros to Owners of Chateaus, within the European Community.
The Queen of France: Therese Vaux de la Fontaine
Queen Therese
Forward of updates & Initial notes
I've updated the English-French Prince page to also hold the announcement, as I was a little slow to finalize it into writing.
However, I have at least added an anchor tag to the page for the "Catapult Tax" for European Chateau owners. Monies from the Tax go towards reconstruction of the Baux Castle, for a formal living habitation for my royal Vaux Family, combined with a Vaux Kingdom Art Museum for the public. The info is included below:
Fountain of Youth: notes
One tax I have not gone into details enough about are: the "Fountain of Youth" taxes. They are not a tax I can deal with on my own, as the Catholic church has some sort of token stake in the business of selling the spring water from my families cave in Lourds.
The Baux Capetian Museum: notes
The museum itself will contain many artistic Capet Kingdom collectibles, as the original Capetian Kings of France, who founded many of the original castles of France, ruling for close to 300 years. They were also quite cultural and aesthetically inclined. Which eventually led to the rules of classical ballet. Contained in the museum will be regular mainstays for visitors enjoyments, such as Armors and shields, to Royal Costumes to Paintings.
Upon my declarence as a member of Monarchy from the original Kingdom of Baux, (southern france) and further Great Britain, year 2012
I have My Vaux Monarchy Playlist 100 vlogs, Kingdom Rules and Governance for France & the EU, and ancestry vlogs about the former kings. Most were created in France, prior 2015. Lately, my zayvra vlogs encompass general topics more so..
Events that Lead to my Monarchy & The Loss of My Mother:
Where & When? I claimed rights of Sovereignty directly from a small hamlet in Northern France.... From the beginning of my rule, 2012 - 2014:
I had lived in France before. However on this longue duree, beginning in 2004, my house was surrounded by an idyllic forested 300 HA farm near Kergloff.
Queen Mary with her young Princes
Queen Mary
& her young Princes
My mother Mary (former Queen of France); past away at the age of 67 on the farm, after over 10 years of excessive feminine bleeding, just 6 months after her hysterectomy and several blood transfusions in Eureka, Ca. The operation damaged her entire body, and filled her with cancer.
Her death was a pivital life event for me. An elegant yet.. gutsy, dramatic, spontaneous, excentric and lively woman of ethics and ideals, loudly spoken at times but usually with charm. (Ready to tell the standardized-trained teachers just how to teach, and be the first to run towards organic foods in the 70's.) was gone.
A tragic travel delay of plane flights, Mary called Jack on the phone during her last days, "Jack take a taxi, please hurry!". I cooked her last Sunday banquet upon her request, which she couldn't eat, but she enjoyed the moments of the small family gathering with my husband and I.
Rudi and Snu: the husky's, stayed faithfully by her side on their vigil, but sadly, My father, Old King Jack (also a royal) missed her last breath by just a few hours. Only arriving to briefly speak with the doctor, before the coroner took her away in his fancy death mobile.
After she died, I witnessed her official cremation in Carhaix, with my father and husband present, as her wooden coffin entered the flames. To this day, she could fashion those same burgandy silk pajamas on occasion, as the matrix of life abounds through our minds. Yet, No, I've not seen those pajamas again, only Mary with fun-and-new styled day wear in my Shamanic visions. She even laughed once, and left abruptly on one of her rare "woosh visits" from the other side,
Dunmanway Ireland
Country-side, Dromdeggie,
Dunmanway, Ireland
I then traveled France, Ireland (above), Corsica, etc for many years, until making my official Royalty declarence of rule in 2012. Traveling and living in places wintery and bereft of sunlight, such as my dear dreary Dunmanway, Ireland. Where rain pours for months on end and foxes find your chickens.
France 2012
During this time, I made my formal announcement & the authorities allowed me to stay for 3 yrs as the Royal Queen of France due to my historical bloodlines. However, they eventually demanded I return to the USA. for specific reasons; namely they preferred a male King and had no respect for a female Queen as a ruler. As well as provinciality that preferred to be ruled by corrupt elite politicians under the state of Socialism. Their wealthy tactics have tempted a nation into its keep.
You see, the French Monarch in Power, has the rights to live in: any house, estate, chateaux and be provided for, due to their political leadership, normally known by their official beliefs to be a "King". & the 15 gendarmes escorted me away and I left my pets, ith the neighbors, while being pushed to travel directly to the US embassy in Rennes in order to leave France. As the French Revolution persists in it's failed rhetoric of "saving the citizens from the royals." & no, I really didn't really want to go to Paris. (in black-humoured jest)
True royalty is an unstoppable power: allowing for kindness, compassion generosity and wise. My leadership will always be as thus throughout my lifetime and I am secured as The Queen of France, regardless of my exile. A Leader with a giving spirit for the world that requires my direction and philanthropic ideas towards the future of humanity.
In as much as we are all wanting to be equal, equality does not mean the same work for each sole. Different roles with the same wages is fine; as long as there is respect for each-others ideas and equal voting powers to those who care about the new writing to replace the old decadent government.
When a leader is born such as I, there is no choice but for me to pursue the role, regardless the heavy stream of doubters, naysayers, & Monarchy haters.
I have set my political objective as a guide to follow, including having France store all the Miltary planes, trains, boats, etc for all countries within the EU and maintain the Currency Printing House for the EU as well. Decreasing corruption, & the chance of internal civil war states...while demanding an environmental and non abusive to animals ethic for the planet and the sanctity of our own purpose.
That was just a brief set of my rulings as stated within the above playlist link.
(I have actually over 2000 vlogs on Zayvra but not all are government related, some are more Yogi, dancing, or simply about technology and this era.)* Updated 2022.
Prince Rene Vaux de la Fontaine Berrie
Young Prince Rene (de-throned)
& Old King Jack

Returning to:
My Monarchy Announcement

I have already denounced my eldest brother as rightful King, due to non-diligence of the monumental task at hand.
Secondly, my second eldest brother has also been negligent of his duties.
My original offer, given to each of them to be King, of "The Kingdom of France", (upon my research and findings) and the initial offer could only be retained in question, for so long.
When men are choice given, an opportunity as thus, not all are capable of the demands in requirement.
Being "Americans" for them, has been nothing but a hindrance, bringing derelict knowledge capacities of royal duties thus.
Therefore, My respective throne rights "as Queen"
have been forthright-fully instated to the career of Royal Monarch over France.
A blame goes to the normalizer America, which averages its persons into a mix of the same, with each citizens differences being merely wealth, High, Middle, Low.
America has been a statement-kick of a country, against our ancestors perceptions, travels, beliefs and endurances. Living under who cares about our past, with only another day forward as its regime. Forward is fine, but to what and to where? Forward for forwards sake, is merely a business beating out another business, without a real plan or guidance in direction.
A throne had awaited for either Prince of France to begin reign, however, the throne remained empty, without a consciousness of powers.
To cast against being a Royal Monarch of any country, is an intolerable crime of negligence, no matter where you live on our global planet.
"As times serpent hastes our lives, the Kingdom of France has become My Throne. Where I am not of a led specie of re-arranged political drivel, but rather a new creator of government design. A challenger to the old prospector obeyances of the past."
Repeated excerpts from the catapult tax page:
Catapults: baux family business
Catapults (Trebuchets)
baux family lands
The Baux Family Lands
baux family lands2
baux family lands2
The catapult inventors & designers from the Château des Baux, my family of origin. (post my Gaia Heritage)
les baux castle tower provence
35 euros per month or 300 per yr.
to each, chateau, keep, or castle, owner
within the European Community.
As these persons have been given allegiances
into being born into this day and time,
due to the protective devices help from sieges.
If it can be proven the owners castle never had a siege,
then the fine is removed and no longer payable and due.
Send check payments to: Château des Baux
Address: 13520 Les Baux-de-Provence, France
please note on the front of the check:
Your Chateau name
_______________________________300.00 Euros_____________
"Le Catapult Taxe: Castle Rebuild: www.Queen-of-France.com"
Large estates with 1 or more large fountains must also pay: "La Fontaine Taxe"

The Rebuild

The payments will go toward recovery and new designs to the castle.

The Interior & Exterior

Glassing it in with double tinted windows, in a curved design leading into the main glazed in hall, with either arch style roofing, mosaic columns and balustrade's.
Mosaics, in the Spanish-Majorcan style of enameled tile
with gold seams between the designs preferred.
and sections of the new buildings, getting colder with,
shards and icy spectacles, on angles of glass.
The result will be a giant crystal resting on rocks.
The main hall area,
large glass windows, arched in,
each with a triangular point where the arches join in the center,
and the arches are the columns also, with the mosaic tiled beams,
colors of a dark to turquoise to cobalt blue, malachite green, gold,
and a little bit color from soft rose red, deep red, darker orange-yellow,
where the flowers of the mosaic design are.
Columns not as large as SF exploratorium park,
1/8 -1/4 of the those in size,
similar to the Parthenon Buildings of the Acroplis, in Greece.
A Greek-Roman renaissance era building with future implications.
The Baux Castle is then: "Given the new Chateau name of "The Crystal Acropolis".
As the Baux name itself is a language discrepency upset in pronunciations.

The Grounds

Otherly, with the funds from "The Catapult Fine", a Botanical Garden first: land of 5 HA's, 12-15 acres.
A few rescued predators, tigers or lions in a very large park area of 10-20 HA, approx 40-60 acres.
covering the fencing with a facade wall or covering, for the tourists to only occasionally have a view point.
Kind of hundertwasser, with varying shapes of look-through windows.
with nature associations such as large mosaic flowers, and butterflies
where the people are similar sized or even smaller than them in actual height.

The Entertainment and Lifestyle

The castle is also to offer:
piano room cultural events, ...outdoor painting shows, and rentals for weddings.
ballet studio space of the hall given to a classical ballet company and or
retired ballet dancers.

The Catapults

Keeping the Trebuchet business only for summer weeks during the year, as it is overdone, inducing only wargame-tactical ignorance as a yes factor to imbibe upon.

After The Rebuild: Further Spending Goes Towards:

After the main buildings have been refurbished as the new-old headquarters of the Baux reign, the yearly income from the Trebuchet fine, goes towards new building facades & gardens for the main streets of the nearest towns.

& to The Nearby Towns

Somehow, along the way, with the extra income,
restructuring the little shopping towns nearby,
limiting traffic through the main thoroughfares
by reducing congestion on the city roads, will create quainter shopping arenas.
Retaining the atmosphere of a well cared-for Region in France.