Monday, June 6, 2011

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The New Economy original page

The New Economy
Banking without compromising the ethics of our planetary survival.
Wages Savings Work Days Property Rents Loan-limits                                  
*44000 *20000 21 work days a year. 4x's property-value reductions. 1/2
price rents
1 luxury loan 10000 / yr.
1 property loan 10000 / yr.,
max. cost, (0%) interest.(as the taken from your pre-paid wage.)

The latest economy is located on another page, though this page gives into toward  beginnings of its fruitions,
Not to confuse, but this vlog details a no-electricity government run economy, 
that includes economic survival without needless civil wars or the need of atm usage. 
"Government Gift Cards"., 
other vlogs under the world agenda playlist include additional info.

The version below includes more dedicated rulesets into accounting structures that may require
electricity along with computers, to help keep track of 20 yr economic cycles.
The New Economy and World Government
~for every man and woman~

Money and Savings
Money paid upfront into your digital-banking accounts,
44.000 in wages money per year,
*20.000 in savings (first year only.)

*this option is up in the air,
but the free spend savings is included here as a design reference,
Savings is (at) 20% compounded daily,
held on account for 1 yr becomes, 24.426.72
3 yrs /36.436.39
5 yrs /54.350.75

Money not spent from your 44.000 wage each year will be 
given to your chosen charities, new ecological projects,
and/or also help to run the new world government (see voting below).

In-Stasis Savings:

~Other money previously held in your banking accounts (including trading)
will be tallied into one account called 'in-stasis' for you to spend
10% on any new *design buy-outs (depending on the design.) *the
buy-outs range from turning the shops on your
street into only middle eastern spice shops,
to selecting the number one hair fashion for women that year
and also worn by a favourite actress in a new movie.,
(the design buy outs blog details the buy-outs.)

Your new savings can also be spent toward the new design buy-outs,
as well as house purchases, financial market trading and regular gambling.

Financial Markets:
The financial markets can always exist and trade
anything from the bird counts at a city feeder,
to a new name for a rare breed of exotic sheep,
as well as the more standard ~ rise and fall of the people's account balances
and shopping cycles.

Any financial market monies you hold will go into your 'in-stasis' account.
And future tradings will commence thru your new savings.

Property Market
The credit market has extinguished,
but fear not, property loans and property prices
are now re-valued at a 4 times price reduction.

Any new/old property you want to purchase is paid for
via your yearly wage payment (44.000).

Rents now pay 1/2 the price of the new mortgage reduction revaluations,
and the rent monies goes into your new savings, for example,

Based on a 20 yr. property price re-valuation:
If you hold an agreement for a 400.000 house with the bank
it is now automatically re-valued at 100.000 in property value.
(as it is for all the property owners.)

The mortgage now due (if a new loan) is 5000/per year for 20 years,

Rents paid, 2500/per year goes into your new savings,
(for design buy-outs, house purchases, financial markets and gambling.).
*Buying a rare domesticated breed of dog is not a design buy-out,
that type of purchase is deducted from your wage account.

The currencies are all equalized in order to be fair and equitable.

Working Hours:
Working hours and times
1 day out of every 17 days per person.

*Notice the roads are now inhabited by only 1 vehicle
traveling city to city, and the other 16 stay at home.
(roadworks, fuel usage and new vehicle requirements
are cut down immediately.)

1 factory now supports all the workforce from the original 17 factories,
and the workers from the other 16 factories work in only one.
Each worker works only one day out of every 17 days in that factory.
(further reducing our global impact.)

Other work follows the same time rules, as to be less,
however if you need to study an aria and learn the words an extra day,
you will not be penalized.

Online Banking Web-pages:
Each person has a few online banking web-pages with 4 digital bank totals:
| wages | savings | the in-stasis-held savings | property
At the start of every year, remember, 44.000 is automatically listed in your wages section,

Luxury items:
You can spend only 200000 per 20 years on Luxury item(s).
You can pay the total balance for the Luxury item(s) from your in-stasis account,
or get a group loan that is deducted from your wage account.

For example,
**If you run out to buy a Ferrari, at a sticker cheapo price 44.000,
and you have 44000 in your in-stasis account, you can buy it that day, however,
Your allowable Luxury item amount for purchases has been reduced to 156000 over the next 20 years. 

Alternatively, you include at least 4 other people on the buying of the vehicle,

with a payment from their wage account of 9000 each. 
Now you have 191000 allowable for Luxury spends during the next 20 years.

**Design buy-outs are not considered a Luxury item.
However you may purchase the new model choosen for others, and never buy the car.
So, if you want squid yellow and want to dump 1000000 into the company, go ahead, and well if accepted you will have that rejoicing as time goes on 10 years down the line, when an old squid yellow model passes by and maybe you laugh again for a moment.

Shopping Cards:
A recyclable plastic atm-type of card is issued to everyone.
Your purchases are automatically deducted from your bank total.
(including restaurants).

If buying supplies for your business,
that money is sent digitally to business contacts from your
account via any atm or thru your online banking pages.

The online bank page also includes the voting system for
the new economy/world government.

Once online,
assign your voting power to 1 topic or all 4
areas for the governmental moneys to be spent.

     1 Ecology (animals, rehabitation, lands, green power, etc)
     2 Infrastructure (roads, building works)   
     3 Entertainment, Arts
     4 Schooling and Education

Voting workers(working online),
will further select and redefine the spending of monies
in those particular areas, as well as help select the new choices
for the new design buy-outs.

Small Business:
Any former business account monies, assets and properties*
are grouped into one earnings balance and business.
There are 2 types of businesses:

The wage input money pool business~
The premise is an exact division of a companies money supply shared with all the workers.
The people working for the company pay to run the business from each of their wage accounts.
Profits are equally split and then sent into their in-stasis account.

So 20000 people work at a business, assign 3000 of their wage money each
to the group-money-pool to work there.
That 60.000.000 runs the companies ingoings and outgoings, per year,
including loans they may group purchase.
In this scenario the company profits 30.000.000 and each member of the group money
pool gets 1500 each year deposited into their in-stasis account(property, luxury item, donations).

If the company wants to increase the (company value) by 1000000 to 61000000,
they need to hire another 333 people.

The non-wage input money pool business~
These business owners still receive a 44.000 wage,
for normal day to day spending non-related to the business,
yet the running costs now come from the in-stasis account(s).

In-stasis account business group:
These members share business costs up to 1 million per person.
The name of the group, total deposits shared and yearly profits are listed there.

These group pooled money totals are a locked for the business spending only
and listed under the groups section in each members online in-stasis account.

In a profit example:
5  members with each 1  million input,
and profit gain 500000, they each get the woozy amount of 100000 each, put into their in-stasis to spend section.
In a loss example:
5  members with each 1  million input,
and earnings loss of 500000, they can each view (if not blind) their reduced company holdings of 900000 listed under their business group share, with no allowable way to spend the 900000, unless you find a replacement member for the group, and cancel working with them.

Another owner must be added to your business group for
every new million the business group wants to acquire in assets, and inventory.

A 400-owner example,
So, if the group holds a business of 400 supermarket shopping stores,
with a total yearly asset value 400.000.000 (not including profits),
there are now 400 owners.

Into profits, as you all love, the company makes only 400000 one year, but you still make a fair share earnings of 1000 each.. But you can relax a little more, as the wages are already paid by our new world government as inclusive, so you do not need to enter into a fire the workers panic. 
Reminder * 21 workdays a year * for everyone. even for the business group owners.,
except me of course as I'm writing this.

Shadow Contributory Earnings:
Each business group keeps a 1 year-revolving earnings-balance,
Updating the new yearly-balance with each new month,
similar to a blog rotation.,.
The earnings balance from the 13th month is then sent
into the new world government account., as a thank you amount
token of good services. (it is not a payment, merely a copy of that months profit amount.)

Profit Spending:
With either business group type, wage-input business, or the in-stasis input business,
previous profits from each year can be spent towards the aquisition of design-buyouts,
~property purchases, luxury items(up to 200000 per 20.yrs), donations, financial markets and gambling.

Large earners and donations, 1 out of every 4 properties purchased (average value 200000 each) must be for
agricultural land re-habilitation to re-diversify the planet back to normal levels.
(this project is effort allocated through the voting workers,
and they have purchases available, near your region.)

(*4'xs property reduction valuation still applies. 20 yr. lock-in values.)
There are no tax forms or taxes on top of anything,
as the system pays for itself, thru the regular wage
44.000 yearly account leftovers and inputs from the business groups.

. = , in monetary notation per thousand.