Saturday, June 11, 2011

Queen of France

Property Property Property

I hate to live snugged into the need of property loans and ownership being a major hold
on the new economy, but there has to be something to wax and wane over during those
odd conversational moments.

Property ownership, non-ownership, boundries, renters, fencelines and our want within
that odd distribution of space requires from the people of 2011, a participating
relationship with our bounded egos.
It is a wonder that we can remain within our tight little walled homes and gardens without
claiming all the houses on the block, as we would have in a before gone time been
accoladed for, our conquest, our dare into fruition, our bravery in kingmanship.

To run the world direction into a cooperative joint community is a smoke that goes against
that old passion, the declarant, "it's all mine", and they are merely renters, workers, slaves
or rather minions that are content to indulge within the safety of my lairdship.
Attention property owner, swooned into governmental regitalis, can you war your own
faction of the hood?
Or are you a please put-ter, and will assuredly give your food, women and home to the
powerfully armed one?

A bit off topic from the economy talk,
to pre-claim and plot out your takes, before an electronic dive-out ensues,
or the new economy proves to glitchworthy enough in doubts, that we also need the
necessary mind game, "total ownership of the hood" to fashion ones survival.

**For a property ownership tid-bit taster, the new economy does...
**Transfer ownership of all the banking institutions into our new world government,
**for easy online access to all our new bank accounts, even if you don't have a
**working computer, at home.
On your personal bank account pages,
your currently held propert(ies) portfolio (if you have one) is listed, and properties
can be transferred to a newly agreed upon owner within seconds.