Thursday, May 22, 2014

Queen of France

The Kingdom's Profits & Budget Spreadsheet

This is the profits-to-budget, divy-out banking spreadsheet for..:
The Vaux Kingdoms Budget Department:
  • including allocations to governing departments, with % to each,
  • Chart w/# of reserve years left to the pre-paid wage, based on balance.
  • population estimates, & fields for the actual stats.
  • estimations & fields for # of properties,
  • income from property sales, 
  • & other items such as fines,
  • historical balances, in which to regain unspent savings into the years budget amount.
  • Reserves sheet, for # of yrs. savings supplies the kingdom.

xlsx: Kingdom's Budget to Profits Calculator
google docs: Kingdom's Budget to Profit Calculator

I seems that I am finished with it, there were lastly a few zeros,
that kept turning up in place of text calls,
so I stopped most of the text call equations, how strange,
text box fields to text box fields calls used to work, as a spreadsheet capability.
I left 5 years of data-in, for looks, that needs to be cleared out before the actual starting date begins. 

On the 13th, I added an automated, load of values into the sales, page, for the population stats. & a few more columns ready for bank receives & sends on the properties page.

on the 11th, the new property listing page, is finished.

on the 10th,
consolidations for 20yrs. sections of dept. & savings,
worked out the awkward of the first year to the second issues of payments,
& am adding in the new property listing page, some time today.

On the 9th,
I updated population-add-features with %'s & optional
to the savings increase section.
& added a minimal department & savings spending to the first year.

Each yr listed, on the budget sheet,
pertains to income gathered during that yr.,
which is paid out at the beginning of the next.

On June 7th & 8th, 2014
a few new things, the property sales sheet,
& the 'Savings increase' section,
of 20 yrs, on the index page,
showing population numbers that can be supported with the pre-paid wage.
based on property sales & population increases.

On June 4th, 2014

the yearly tax collection section has been increased to be the monthly or quarterly collection for the certain businesses,
& also a new property sales amount section, as a guide for next years budget.
& The new reserve section on the budget page, holds days left with the pre-paid.

On June 3rd, 2014 all kinds of little code repairs,
& the new index sheet,
which front loads the main parameters for the other pages.

On June 2nd, 2014
the yearly tax collection section has been added, for specific businesses such as utilities companies, to the budget sheet, an index page, a private account withdrawl column for me & my family of the monarchy,
& a few other sheet clean-ups.

For added on May 31, 2014
an exacting mortgage helper for the property allowance sheet.

I updated it on May 30, 2014 with 5 yrs of data,
population growth & property purchases,
& there is a savings build for the Kingdom.

The added-in 25% income tax rate, & it works with earnings,
including the pre-paid wages, leaving enough for department
spending for most typical governments.

I still prefer the pre-paid only version that demands persons modify their lifes-styles a bit & use only profit shares, enhanced profit shares over having taxation, & there are pre-paid workers for a company. Therefore more initial gains to a company, that are returned as extra profits from profit shares than a taxed system with profit shares, which makes up the yearly wage difference.
& the bulk of the Kingdom's income from property sales. Lastly, implementing taxes only for Banks & Casinos, as they could help out as the balancers of the budget.

With the pre-paid only system, being a mandatory, a couple quick reasons are...
because the Kingdom is also a major purchaser of building supply centers,
for repairs of property, the Kingdom is further enabled at keeping building supply stores offering sustainable products.
& employees have more choices over where to work.

It is possible a Monaco system could be included,
with higher savings interest rates or no income tax on savings,
to lure banking customers in from other countries,
while offering loans,
a bonus income from loans towards the pre-paid wage,
though it is limiting, as it requires others from other countries in participation. & I am seeking a new world government financial system not only one country that is a tax haven.

I am still adding on to it, the program above, increasing pages...
to support more of the individual departments budget to sector data,
&  income lists for the real estate buy & sells and inheritances.
With each major update, I am writing a blog to explain it.
So, return to get the latest updated copies, from the above links.

New to include with the taxation section, 
is the 5% tax, specific to the major department stores,  that are selling food and clothing products. 
The tax is a year-end tax to each store, and therefore not a tax charged to the consumers.