Saturday, May 24, 2014

Queen of France

Property Purchases with & without Mortgages

As the Vaux Kingdom's savings balances builds, while maintaining its population with the pre-paid wage & other governmental departments:

A few interims of money flow have to go on during the transition phase:
Beginning with each property sold,
requiring a buyer, who has the dedicated amount, the seller is asking:

such as :
seller: 2,000,000 to sell.
buyer: 2,000,000 or more* to purchase.

*in areas where property is in demand, buyers may purchase higher.


Later on, as the savings balance builds, higher, then, purchases of property over the 20 yrs, without a mortgage, of 1000-10000 per yr. can commence.

Before that time: if the full amount to purchase is not available,
mortgages are the option, if not renting.

Purchasing through a bank.

Bank loans & mortgages can be used as an inclusion method of purchase:
in conjunction with the pre-paid wage allowance toward a property.

bank mortgage + the pre-paid wage allowance = property paid.

However because of the additional interest rates,
the houses or condos available to the purchaser will be lower priced in value,
than ones with the longer term plans for the Kingdom,
(of interest free over 20 yrs) ... on properties up to 200,000. per person.

as shown in the following workable chart:

under the with mortgage & without mortgage sections.

Located on the spreadsheet of The Kingdoms Profit & Budget  
on the property allowance page.

With help of the Kingdom's Allowance a few lesser valued properties can be purchased outright if a savings is associated and or other persons group purchase.

& Later on...
when the Kingdom can purchase the many properties outright for resale,
with full value finally returned over 20 yrs time, :
Then the free-interest rate version, with properties up to 200,000 per person,
can be purchased directly through us.


*The kingdoms budget spreadsheet:
Things I am adding to it:

1.) requires a few more department columns,
such as health care (100 per person aprox.), & realtors % based,
from the kingdom savings account.

2.) property sheet
of sellers & buyer(s),
with prices of each. that are sold through the kingdom.
as those yearly amounts then, are adding into the total into the years income,
on the starting sheet.
3.) Profit Shares % for businesses to give out to employees, to make up the difference, from the 20000 wage to their old wage,
such as 50000, reducing the retirement benefits to around 39000,
requiring profit shares of 19000 for the employee.
Businesses will have the profit shares available for their workers,
because there is no business income tax,
plus the free pre-paid wage workers with lessor skills.

4.) Including also on the property sheet section:
inheritance properties, with value columns,
if there are no beneficiaries listed from the property owner.