Sunday, May 25, 2014

Queen of France

Convincing Everyone

The Vaux Kingdom's economy:
1.) 25% business tax only to:
*Banking institutions, casinos, public utilities and telecom companies, church donations, and celebrity and/or sportspersons if over 1 million in earnings per yr. 
2.) No employer or employee retirement taxes.
3.) Free pre-paid workers, 
that also pay into the business, 
a minimal yearly amount 1000 -3000 for yearly company profits, as profit shares.

1.) no personal income tax, including wages.
2.) 20,000 that is also is included with retirement.
3.) No retirement taxations, No health care taxations from their employer.  
3.) Profit Share options: inputs from the 20,000, 
1000-10,000 can be used for profit shares in a company.

100,000 former wage. and the pre-paid wage: 20,000

=120,000 actual take home wage.

& including the 20,000 through their retirement years.

1.) The unemployed can join businesses & earn a profit potential & not be fired due to lay-offs from company with less profits.

As silent partners to businesses, they can give up to 10,000 per yr to a business, & obtain profits from that yearly input, tax free.
The option is freely given from the kingdoms savings,
savings that is built on pure profit of property sales, that fund the economy.

House husbands & house wives who stay at home and rear children or are variable to changing their careers during life, are compensated, 20000 per yr.
This cuts down on any family aggressions due to financial stress,
thereby reducing the police departments in size and reason for patrol.
These non-workers also can contribute up to 10000 toward a house or condo with their spouse(s)., or friends.
Just as the retirees; they can also be silent partners supporting a business,
& not actually go to work physically or work for a company,
yet receive a small profit for savings year to year, tax free.

Have enough money to pay for additional schooling,
schooling which helps to increase the over-all intelligence of the human race.

Property Owners:
A certain yearly amount available to pay for a property,
regardless of career status changes.
Options to include assured renters;
Renters who will always be able to pay each years rent,
or at least a major portion in expensive areas.

Have enough to pay the rent, & choose which property,
making better decisions on where to live for longer durations,
rather than living in a less than wanted circumstance,
which depletes contentment of persons all-around.

Profit shares from the kingdoms yearly budget, 
will balance the difference for persons of the following careers, if they are workers with the Kingdom:
1.) Realtors 2.) Health Care workers 3.) Government Department Employees

So, the above career workers are able to continue to pay for their mortgages,
& maintain a similar payment to savings plan.

Government departments wanting more to run, 
such as Military or Infrastructure, will be lessoned, into a slower, more choosy reality, of what to purchase & what is over-supply.

*Casinos, Gaming Halls, & Banking Institutions:
The business income tax is currently 25%. Though it could increase.
The tax is because money is garnered from a persons savings or work efforts.

This rate is actually lower, in many cases,
due to the incredibly less-efforted work afforded of figuring the income tax due.
A blessing to those businesses, where before they have been hounded for each profit proceed with a different rate & gain variation from each.

*There are only a few other odd businesses that may be taxed 25%: 
Pornography: businesses selling or making pornography for resale.
Church entities receiving donations.
Utilities and Telecom companies.
Celebrities & Movie makers, earning over 1,000,000 per engagement, event, or movie.
Sports Persons earning over 1,000,000 per year.
Lecturers at Universities & other Schools earning over 1,000,000 per year.
Other fines & Penalties:

Foreign Ship Docking Fees:

100 – 10000
daily – monthly moorage fees.
Small Fines:

Under 1000
from speeding, & other small claims:
Medium Fines:

Under 100000
unfair business practices
Large Fines:

Over 100000
businesses creating excessive pollution, etc.

The Kingdom is classed as Free Trade:
Countries not included with our Kingdom's Free Trade, 
of no sales tax on imports or exports, 
& will have import taxations 
on their items to be sold for resale within the Kingdom: from 5 - 25%:
5% being most goods, 
25% being weapons & militia equipment. 

Prison Facilities:
10000 each prisoners from their yearly account which goes towards funding the operations of the prison facility, with group buying for foods, upkeep, repairs, renovations, while also paying the main operators a profit share. 100 prisoners = 1,000,000 per yr.
If additional is required, a small % goes from the kingdom's savings also. 
Though the plan is to release most drug offenders which reduces prison populations dramatically. 
After the property sales momentum reaches a peak,
then, a tax rate may have to be applied to other businesses, 
in order to compensate for increases or decreases 
in departmental spending.