Royaume de France: La Fontaine Taxe

Friday, August 26, 2016

Queen of France

La Fontaine Taxe

This is an old post from The Fontaine Tax,  video vlog,
I'm just finally, putting it onto the blog format. Proceeds go toward supporting my Royal Family of France.

Le Nouvaux Taxation:
Regarding Water Fountains, new or used, over 5 feet (2 meters), in diameter.

1.) Private Fountains: 2,500 in euros of taxation each year, per chateau and/or palace. 

2.) Public Fountains: 2,500 in euros of taxation, per fountain each year,
per city, town or village with a public fountain.
la fontaine tax fountain la fontaine tax fountain




3 fountains (whether private or public)
= 7,500 in euros of taxation, each year.

1.) 2,500 chaque annee, chaque chateau et/ou palais.
avec le fontaine sur 5 ft (2 meters) large,

2.) 2,500 chaque annee et pour chaque fontaine presente,
pour chaque citi, ville ou village avec le fontaine publique.
3 fontaines = 7,500 taxation chaque annee.

la fontaine tax fountain Cordialement,
La Reign de France.
Send check payments to Ch√Ęteau des Baux, Address: 13520 Les Baux-de-Provence, France Noted: La Fontaine Taxe, please write or stamp on the back, or upper lefthand corner of the check, the name and address of the castle, the payment is referring to. Therese Guyonne Royaume Vaux de la Fontaine Berrie