Thursday, August 25, 2016

Queen of France

"La Fontaine Taxe": Large Estates, Chateaus & Cities: for the Baux Castle Rebuild:

This post details "The Fontaine Tax", Video Vlog. Proceeds go towards supporting:
"My Royal Family of The Kingdom of France" & The Baux Castle Rebuild: becoming "The Crystal Acropolis"
& further to beautify the Baux Region of France.

Le Nouvaux Taxation:

Regarding Water Fountains, new or used, over 5 feet (2 meters), in diameter.
1.) Private Fountains: 2,500 in euros of taxation each year, per chateau and/or palace. 
2.) Public Fountains: 2,500 in euros of taxation, per fountain each year,
per city, town or village with a public fountain.
A Large Estate or Small City: ie.,
with 3 fountains (whether private or public) = 7,500 in euros of taxation, every year.
1.) 2,500 chaque annee, chaque chateau et/ou palais.
avec le fontaine sur 5 ft (2 meters) large,
2.) 2,500 chaque annee et pour chaque fontaine presente,
pour chaque citi, ville ou village avec le fontaine publique.
3 Fontaines = 7,500 taxation, chaque annee.

" For The Rebuild "

Send check payments to Château des Baux,
Address: 13520 Les Baux-de-Provence, France
Noted: La Fontaine Taxe,
please write or stamp on the front of the check, the name and address of your Castle (Chateau), and #of Fountains, the "Year" the payment is referring to,
and "La Fontaine Taxe," to help the staff manage the accounting.
Chateax Mont Supreme
Address Amazing
Postcode Region of France
_______________________________12,500.00 Euros__________
Fountains: "5" , Year: "2022"
"La Fontaine Taxe,"
Therese Vaux de la Fontaine: The Queen of France
(Therese Guyonne Royaume Vaux de la Fontaine Berrie)
La Reine de France.