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Queen of France

King List of Europe from the Middle Ages

This is my most up to date "King Line" Chart List so far: Adding Luxembourg, Holland and Germany: (It's clearer in the gallery view, click on the image, and then right click to zoom:)

This chart lists Kings from my Grandfather Vaux: (King Edward III from John de Gaunt, etc),
His wife (from my Grandmother's bloodline), also finds Kings and Queens.
From her tall Norwegian self, various royal ancestors are also discovered; including a way through to King Edward III from his youngest son Thomas, and another way through to the 3 Scottish Kings, Duncan I, Malcolm III and David I, (including a new Scottish Princess Margaret of Huntingdon, Duchess of Brittany .
Meaning, there are 2 Ancestry lines ascending to King Edward III: one from each of my Grandparents (mother's side of the family), where the surnames of those lines thereafter King Edward III, including the French Capetians Kings, Arpad Dynasty, etc are converged.
king lines of europe
I may be "only Vaux in history",
who has been able to find themselves as a direct descendant of the Capetian French Kings, and other European Kingdoms.
For those who want to purview, My Vaux Kingdom database which supports the details of my findings, as a Royal, of England, the Capetian Dynasty and other European Kingdoms, surname by surname: I will try to add new names as they arise. The surname update page has my most recent info. However, the database below is better as it includes first names, and surnames lines by color.

The smaller 1 page Printable version "King List of Europe" : Column AZ/row 14:
Extensive List with More Kings, dates of Reign, Wives, etc., Better for studying.

I also have made a few slideshows of Dynasties, listing portraits and paintings and a bit of historical data, including only my particular royal ancestors, within each dynasty shown:

Capetian Kings of France

Counts of Berengue(r) and the Kingdom of Aragon

The Arpad Dynasty

One line finds ancestors not as Kings of France or England at all, (after "William the Conquerer"); rather a line with a bastard son, the son of King Henry*. (*One of My Royal Ancestors.)
The "Be Faithful" motto of the Vaux's of de Vallibus, did not rally with the state of affairs that was being run by, the Kings of England. Which was giving name and occupancy, with fortitudes and plenty to their bastard children. Hence the dispirited Vaux's staked Scotland as theirs, away from the King's decadent allocations.

Honorable Mention to the author, J. David Vance:

A good resource book for the Vaux's, available with pdf., and their offshoot names throughout much of history, going through the years of the smaller Barnbarroch* Castle after Dirleton. Which did look halfway decent, prior the 1940's.
He attempts to settle the difference of Vaux and Baux, which still leads into confusion. As Haploid wants to rule the path of a genetic traveler over all else. *84 rooms
However, as quoted from the pdf.:
"In 929 AD Bertrand de Baux went to Normandy, in the north of France, by invitation of the Duke of Normandy and established a branch of the family there where the name became de Vaux. Bertrand was the progenitor of the family de Vaux, which long held a distinguished rank among the nobles of Normandy."
I will return to the simple Boat warning, As the rivers in the south of France are very shallow as compared to the North. A major fear of mine, as I was once in a heeled yacht and almost lost my dog to a drowning. The most awful situation, if a boat is your home, and your livi-hood.
The Vaux's did after all, conquest with William the Conquerer from boats.
Pdf: The Path of Family
Dirleton was a gutted visit, steeped in history. Next to the new turnabout in a small Scottish village. Where oil was once poured from its turrets to scald any antagonists of the Castle.
It included a terrible "Penance reckoning" chamber, for prisoners underneath the Chapel.
However, during my travels through Scotland, I did not find the little estate with a lake, called Barnbarroch.
------------------Castle Info Trivia
Good news, as apparently I descend only from the sister of the brother, and not the brother, who was strangled to death, in Schönburg Castle. There are several Schoenburgs, but one of them has a castle design that is so extreme and eclectic, I couldn't include a picture of it, on this site. Not all castles were of great design.
De Vallibus Castle of Normandy may hold an old treasure, of how it was, sadly it is shown as a ruine.