Saturday, June 21, 2014

Queen of France

Spanish Kingdom found

This is getting embarassing,
the "my line" talk, but I have to indulge a little while,

I discovered today the Kingdom of Castile,
with King Ferdinand III, and his father Alfonso IV
through the british side, of King Edward I,

also a discovery of another Vaux line, that of Harrowden.

I thought the King line was to France only from the Plantagent Kings,
yet there was Eleanor Castile.

Whose father was Ferdinand III of Castile,
bringing in a young looking curley red-blondish type.

I wanna tease at his shoes, but, no, I discovered a few more surnames, 
away from this poetic ruler.

There was a moment around my Saunders line, 
where the saunders was not being found as being married to a Whetenhall, but it was recovered to find Alice Aly of Berkeley.

In those times, genealogy is really bad for the heart. 
To have a kingdom one day and feel it was all lost,
because of an online database, stating another name.

I prefer to already know my convictions of purpose rather than require these lines as a necessity, but the peoople are so diatribed into this family tree being exact. It does seem odd, when years before, great leaders simply took over, rather than databased into rule.

I guess I'm a woman with no sword nor army, 
so I have been jestered into its work servitude, of proof.

A shame to those who require the witness in proof any further.

I know I am being silly, at the moment, but it does appear that from this one line, I personally encompass, most of europes property. 

Yell, yell, yell, say the others "so do I", yet where are they in form or standing of the finality in purposes, only living as after sayers, 
"I coulda done that", well they didn't.

So your stuck with me for a while.

Yes, through the ferrers there is chocolate around those rochers but not today,
only the ferrers and radcliffs, somehow redirecting me to spain, 
along with many new names of find.

from around saunders and whetenhall. see the surname update page for more details, as unruly as it is, I try to keep it as up to date as possible.
Why this genealogy searching is so upsetting into ups and downs, names here and then gone, along with the have-to of distancing away from others in order to succeed with a database.
It's become tremendously fierce, in genealogy searching as of late, as to feel armies of no-lovers chase, merely to run you over, with their complete histories found.

John I plantagent King of England
Henry II plantagent King of England, born in Le mans (the fast king)
married to Eleanor of Aquitaine,
Henry III plantagent King of England,

 Onto The Kingdom of Spain:

Ferdinand III of Castile Joan, Countess of Ponthieu
Alfonso IX of León  and Berengaria of Castile

the 3 subsequent kings began with the Emperer Alfonso VII of León and Castile, on red-haired looking moors on the left.

Blue horses, blue robes, a different blue from cobalt blue, they had to have used turqouise somehow. 

Joan the Countess of *Ponthieu, 
keeps a ready-made cooked chestnut company. 

Reginald I, Count of Burgundy,
the Alfonzo kings great grandfather has an incredible likeness to the nouvaux duke of France, Rene.