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Queen of France

Ancestors from King Edward The III

edward III edward III edward III
Ancestors from King Edward the III
The Netherlands
From Edward III House of Avesnes
Edward King of England III William I Count of Hainaut John II, Count of Hainaut John I of Avesnes Bouchard IV of Avesnes James of Avesnes Nicolas d'Oisy, Lord of Avesnes Walter I, Lord of Avesnes, “Le Beau”
Philippa Hainhault Joan of Valois Philippa of Luxembourg Adelaide of Holland Margaret II of Flanders Adela of Guise Matilda de la Roche Ada of Tournai

House of Valois House of Capet
William I Count of Hainaut Charles of Valois Philip III of France, “the bold” Louis IX of France, Louis VIII of France, Louis VIII of France, Louis VII of France, Louis VI of France,
Joan of Valois Margaret, Countess of Anjou Isabela of Aragon Margaret of Provence Blanche of Castile Isabelle of Hainaut Adele of Champagne Adelaide of Maurienne
The Robertians
Philip I of France, “King of the Franks” Henry I of France, Robert II of France, “The Pious” Hugh Capet Hugh The Great Robert I of France, Robert of France, “the strong” Robert III of Worms.
Bertha of Holland Anne of Kiev Constance of Arles Adelaide of Aquitaine Hedwige of Saxony Beatrice of Vermandois Adelaide of Tours Margrave of Neustria
House of Capet Rurik Dynasty
Henry I of France, Yaroslav the Wise Vladimir The Great Svuatoslav I of Kiev, The Brave Igor Rurik
Anne of Kiev Ingegerd Olofsdottor of Sweden Rogneda of Polotski Malusha Saint Olga
Spain and Normandy
From Edward II House of Champagne House of Blois
Edward King of England II Philip IV of France Henry I of Navarre Theobald I of Navarre Theobald III of Navarre Henry I Count of Champagne Thibaut of Champagne Stephen II, Count of Blois Theobald III, Count of Blois
Isabela of France Joan I, Queen of Navarre Blanche of Artois Margaret of Bourbon Blanche of Navarre Marie of France, Countess of Champagne Matilda of Carinthia Adela of Normandy Garsinde du Maine
house of Blois
Odo II, Count of Blois Odo I, Count of Blois Theobald I, Count of Blois Theobald the Elder of Blois
Ermengarde of Auvergne Bertha of Burgandy Luitgarde of Vermandois
From Edward I
House of Burgandy
House of Ivrea<
Edward King of England I Ferdinand III of Castile Alfonso IX of Leon Ferdinand II of Leon and Galicia Alfonso VII of Leon Raymond of Burgandy William I, Count of Burgandy, “The Great” Renaud I, Count of Burgandy Otto-William Count of Burgandy
Eleanor of Castile Joan, Countess of Ponthieu Berangaria of Castile Urraca of Portugal Beranguela of Barcelona Urraca of Leon and Castile Stepanie Alice of Normandy Ermentrude of Reims and Roucy
Arpad Dynasty
William I Count of Hainaut Charles of Valois Charles II of Naples Stephen V of Hungary Bela IV of Hungary Andrew II of Hungary Bela III of Hungary Geza II of Hungary Bela II of Hungary
Joan of Valois Margaret, Countess of Anjou Mary of Hungary, Queen of Naples Elizabeth the Cumin Maria Laskarina Gertrude of Merania Agnes of Antioch Euphrosyne of Kiev Helena of Rascia
Arpad Dynasty
Almos of Hungary Geza I of Hungary Bela I of Hungary, “The Champion” or Wisent" Vazul Michael Taksony Zoltan Arpad Almos
Predslava of Kiev Sophia Lady of the clan Tatony Richeza or Adelaide of Poland

Menumoruts, un-named daughter (debated)