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Queen of France

The English-French Prince, & fishing rights within The Kingdom of France

This article also details the "Catapult Tax"
A tax of 300.00 Euros to Owners of Chateaus,
within the European Community.
The English-French prince from King Edwards reign, though
nominally noted here, to remind the confusion,
-the Neville line from King Edward is listed as my ancestor, rather than his son, the English-French prince, who was from another wife. Although, my younger brother is similar-looking to the European prince, as the red-haired moor, rather than Neville. Possibly my brothers and I also stem from the other wife's line, through another surname, which has brought a confusant stir to the paperwork.
Upon my declarence as a member of monarchy from the original Kingdom of Baux, (southern france) & Great Britain, 
I haveMy Vaux Monarchy Playlist Kingdom Rules and Governance for France & the EU, and ancestry vlogs about the former kings.
Back to History and the Catapult Fine (Tax)
Where we are from the family of Baux, of the Baux Monarchy. and possibly a few more.

The Baux dynasty reigned over the southern region of France,
for over 480 years and contained 78 cities.
The Baux dynasty itself at the time, was not called France... rather Baux
& France seized power in the 1400's.

Though as I am here, in the North, it is an obvious time to claim and include as ours also. These new lands of the North, belonging in new, and our prior lands from the south in a new gained continuance of reign,
rejuvenating the Baux Dynasty, and families of the ancestors thereof.

Prospectively these persons, that contain the phonetic name in their surname list are invited to France, to assist in reconciling the kingdom back into order.

Phonetic as the b switched to v often,
and includes a change in shape of the boats hull.


Onto The EU Fishing Rights,
Here in France,
fishing rights to France's territorial waters,
including all animal life therein,
belong to the Queen of France,
Therese Royaume Vaux de la Fontaine Berry,
therefore the commencement of patrol ships to carry the weight of endurances that there are no welcomed persons other than french persons allowed to fish within her Oceans, Rivers and Streams. Relegated into the rule of order due to rightful ownership, belonging to the Queen of France, Therese, as rightful provisions to persons within the Kingdom of France.
I presume other monarchies of Europe will follow suit, with the fishing territorial rights law, as that would be normal to keep ones bevy of goods and refinements to ones lands territorial rather than freely give them away to businesses unknown or other.

also from:

The Baux Family
The catapult inventors & designers from the Château des Baux, my family of origin.

Instatement of the new "Catapult Fine" :
35 euros per month or 300 per yr.
to each, chateau, keep, or castle, owner
within the European Community.

As these persons have been given allegiances
into being born into this day and time,
due to the protective devices help from sieges.
If it can be proven the owners castle never had a siege,
then the fine is removed and no longer payable & due.

Send check payments to:
Château des Baux
Address: 13520 Les Baux-de-Provence, France
Checks Payable to: "Château des Baux"
please note on the front of the check: "Le Catapult Taxe: Castle Rebuild:"
send to: 13520 Les Baux-de-Provence, France
The payments will go toward recovery and new designs to the castle.
Glassing it in with double tinted windows, in a curved design leading into the main glazed in hall, with either arch style roofing, mosaic columns and balastrades. mosaics, in the spanish-majorcan style of enameled tile
with gold seams between the designs preferred.
& sections of the new buildings, getting colder with,
shardic and icy, on angles of glass, as to be a crystal on rocks.
The main hall area,
large glass windows, arched in,
each with a triangular point where the arches join in the center,
and the arches are the columns also, with the mosaic tiled beams, 
colors of a dark to turquoise to cobalt blue, malachite green, gold,
& a little bit color from soft rose red, deep red, darker orange-yellow,
where the flowers of the mosaic design are.

Columns not as large as SF exploratorium park,
1/8 of the those in size.

A Greek-Roman renaissance era building with future implications.

Given the new name of castle as "The New Acropolis".

As the Baux name itself is a language discrepency upset in pronunciations.

Otherly with the funds from "The Catapult Fine", a botanical garden first,
with a few predators, such as tigers or lions in a large park area
covering the fencing with a facade wall, for the tourists look through. kinda hundertwasser, with varying shapes of look through windows.
with nature associations such as large mosaic flowers, & butterflies
so the people are similar or underneath them in height.

The castle coverings are to offer:
piano room cultural events, ...outdoor painting shows, and rentals for weddings.
ballet studio space of the hall given to a classical ballet company & or
retired ballet dancers.

Keeping the Trebuchet business only for a few weeks during the year, as it is overdone, inducing wargame tactical ignorance as a yes factor to imbibe upon.

After the main buildings have been refurbished as the new-old headquarters of the Baux reign, the yearly income from the trebuchet fine, goes toward new building facades on the main streets of some of the towns.

Somehow along the way, with the extra,
a restructuring of little shopping towns,
limiting traffic through the main thoroughfares of congestion
of a cities roads and creating quainter shopping arenas.


onto other topics of ownages and payments due:

The Fountain of Youth:
Other notifications of family overdue are access priviledges and keep of tithes accepted by the "fountain of youth" business,
owned by my family "De la Fontaine", before christianity was founded, The fountain of youth and its endurant visitations by persons from all over the world, itself, resides in Lourdes, in the southwest of france.