Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Queen of France

The Kingdom of De Baux France

The continuance of the De Baux Dynasty as the Kingdom of France
official language: american english, french.
10th century through the mid 1400's
re-established May of year 2014,
Jublains, Mayenne. The former romain encampment.

Rule: Sovereignty, king dominionship,
with sibling heirs by order of age,
and then by descendancy their children,
if wise and just, as heirs to the throne.

Interestingly the last orders of Good King Rene were to regroup.
Using the shape of the croissant as his mapping guideline of lands and extensions of ownership within the Baux Kingdom.

He directed these orders after the establishment of Angers, the mid-loire city.

excerpts from wiki:

The Order of the Crescent, also known as "Order of the Crescent in the Provence", a French chivalric order was founded on 11 August 1448 in Angers by King Rene of Provence as a court order. The order, which united itself, features from knighthood and spiritual orders, had to count 50 knights, which should be dukes, princes, marquises, viscounts and knights with four quarters of nobility.
The Knights committed themselves to mutual assistance and loyalty to the order which, after the Provence became part of France in 1486, was soon forgotten.

In commitments after his death in reason to kingdom and warrants therein, it is a design symptamatic and necessary as our stronghold.

Therefore, our offices require the official finding of knights of the de vaux line,
in which to rename as dukes, princes, marquises, viscounts and knights with four quarters of nobility, and the sisters and aunts of noble titled names from above such as duchess. Persons that stem from the de vaux surname.
From there, they will marry, under advisement of the monarchy,
with others from nobilities elsewhere.

As we have dashed else, from america, scotland, *denmark to sweden,

as the keepers of these lands these particular bloodlined persons
have priority rights to property over other individuals or corporations,
as they are government offices of the kingdom.

Do not forget,
denmark and sweden have fought against each other with terrible wars,
when the de vauxs were to be further in power.
The exodus to scotland, does meander into a drawback, from denmark, with barely an allie left in sweden. Perhaps this is why, the many years have hidden the truth of this family line.

It is only one name, don't cry, I have others.  The "Angers" name in my line is also included like a pop tart all of a sudden. Do I need it? I am already from the Baux dynasty, the original conquerors to the region in the 10th century. Why would I need to prove legacy further?

Meanwhile the years of others without care of lordships and ladies, into 6000 bc, lurk to say again, 'we have always been here'.
The question is, in all truth, that those lines of 6000 yrs stuck, would be the equivilant to a bloodline disaster, therefore no leadership nor global capacities of wonder in skills, make or knowledge.

In meeting persons, restrictions of place and region born century after century are quick to be listed as tamed-in. Tamed-in meaning, "this is the way it is." 
Bringing in metaphors to mind, the croissant, (a shape called a crescent),
is a contentment of stability moment to the people of the kingdom,
as it is a map often revisited each morning.

With a dynasty commitment such as my heritage, these pages and my rule of persons and lands will not end until my death,
however, in retrospect the objective is to outrun the death moment,
and keep power and stability long after breaths chore is over.

Returning to the question of lordships and ladies, in example, in example, in example, we are to be or all else be swined meanderants that return into cave hauling statistory.

As the bible is misconstrued, so is "in example".

Tight wired, cleanant personalities,
as if god makes the room of their lives superior to others,
is not the "in example" wanted not needed. If those persons appear from my bloodline, they falsely commited into reason, as that being the guideline of a persons values and substance.

However we do have our limits, mr. sourdough alaska, and require bathing
from time to time.

To over-shower or to over-clean, what are you removing? a thought filthy?
Longer as persons we have lived without the bath running in continuum.
Chances are these body detailers have hidden pains,
rather than the agreement of noticed ones.


Yes, I will claim it, as i am a beauty upgrade to the line from the 1400's, that upgrade can happen quickly, though some days not enough,
and as the race for body detailing continues, it harbors my minds thoughts away from the matters other. Perhaps this is why a non-flouncy king is a better ruler than a queen.

As the croissant dippers mutter de gaul, we are the gauls also.

To Mrs Reynolds, my history teacher, she does need her re-instatement in Ireland, 5 counties of irish monarchy, respectfully ascertained as to be hers and of her families origin.