Sunday, May 18, 2014

Queen of France

Higher Priced Houses & Condos

Returning to property valuations in higher priced areas:

In order for persons to pay the already mortgages, and not sell right away,
they may require triple split ownerships, when other sources such as savings or business earnings, do not qualify to the amount needed.
If the yearly mortgage is between 20000-30000,
then 3 persons are required to make the payment from the new Kingdom yearly allowances, (up to 10000 each).

such as would be found with:
3 partners in a business
1 man & 2 wives
husband & wife & their young adult child (over 17)
3 friends

If the property is not being sold,
though 1 person wants to leave the commitment to the purchase,
then their value of... say,
100,000 over 10 years is honored,
minus 25% of the property tax, to 75,000 as the person's savings,
which can go toward another property they own,
or stay as their new savings account.

With amounts of higher examples such as 1,500,000
with a yearly loan of 5000 per month or 60,000 per year.
Only a part of the new allowance wages can help,
therefore business work efforts or savings or shared ownership
has to replace the difference.

Obviously 6 persons in a tiny bay area house to pay it off is ridiculous,
though it is not something we are concerned about as a governing wrong.

With work profits extra & savings then that house can resort with 2-3 person ownerships, as long as the business profits are accumulated to match the difference, of in this example, 30000, per yr.

A couple of bonus reminders, 

There is no business income tax, 
therefore the business savings & profits build quicker than before. 

The prepaid wage tolerates most workers
to not receive any other additional wages from a business owner. 
Therefore, the workers are freely there by choice, 
to build a business into success, 
rather than flee at whim with lost appealant energy.

As business owners, 
do not forget to allocate the profits to the workers savings each year, based upon their initial % of input to supplies 
and involvement of efforts.

The ones with higher priced homes, that are mom & pop businesses may be requiring a slight restructuring, to compensate for their current mortgage.
Their main bonus is no business income tax only, 
and not the free -paid workers, 
because they themselves are the only workers.

Their restructuring is either to sell the house, 
or acquire other persons to help share own the expensive property.

After property has been purchased through the Kingdom of Frances' Central Bank, there are no interest rates or loans on the property, merely the yearly value chosen, such as 5000 or up to 10,000 per person.

If a person or persons want a more expensive property with less ownership involvement, & have additional funds and income, they can obtain a loan from a bank from elsewhere, as smaller mortgage.
Any increase mortgages must be obtained before the sale goes through,
as it is an increased value outside of our central bank.

On purchase, the increase mortgage bank agreement, of 50000, ie.,
needs to forward to our central bank to verify the sale to the parties concerned.