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Garden Club Memberships: Worldwide

English Cottage Garden
A Simple & Sedate English Garden

Creation of the
"World Garden Club"

Starting Garden Clubs: per city: a money maker for approx. 150 people min. per city. Then, further increasing the potential with increased memberships adding even more Garden Houses. Goal of over 1000+ cities-suburbs to participate, where the old basic $200,000 in revenue, for 1 city, could increase into approx. 20 billion a yr worldwide:
small chart

$1000 to each Garden House per yr.

The starting payouts to 100 "Garden House" people per 2000 members
would increase to payouts for 10,000 people per 200,000 members per city.
On a global scale with 1000 active cities, creating payouts for 10,000,000 people worldwide each yr.
All the while reducing city temperatures.

2000 Members:100 Gardens Per City

In the look for an income out of these rally round houses across the world, there is one commonality, & usually that is a garden space. Gardens large and small can create a new garden economy while the current economy is rewarded through this design. Every person with a career or an extra $1000, is always helpful to spur economic stability.
Shofuso Garden
Shofuso Japanese Garden
I begin with a basic goal of 2000 members per 100 gardens, 10 gardens to visit per member: but obviously this is a minimum and the real future goal would be much higher, working up to 200,000 members per 1,000,000 houses, with 10,000 gardens of availability.
The gardens houses can each be given names, "Lavender Lane", "The Cherry Castle", etc.
& Yearly votes to the winning Gardens. Gaining them even further notoriety for Home, Garden & Building Store Advertising Opportunities. Where Home Depot or Lowes would use their images in their Garden center campaigns.
The plan is simple and offers a chance for 3-10 year round jobs, per 2000 members with a side income of $1000 per garden house per yr. If expanded across 1000 cities, and as membership numbers increase it will be a wonderful economic boost.

Basic Plan

  • 2000 members, membership fee of $100.00 each per yr.
  • 10 Garden showings per Garden per Summer. 20 visitors only per garden showing.
  • 10 different Garden House visits per membership per Summer.
  • Each of the 100 Garden houses receives $1000.00 for participation and being selected.
  • Profit potential per 2000 members: $200,000
  • From the $200,000, $100,000 goes to pay the 100 Garden Houses, the other $100,000 pays the year round workers, office supplies and any adverts.

Booking Days

  • Garden Houses can book their 10-day showing schedule for a shorter duration or all throughout Summer. ie. Bookings for Senior Days only during the week, or just Family Days on the Week-ends. Shorter durations would be within 2-3 weeks of bookings, ie. 3 week days and 2 week-ends for 2 weeks of visitor tours vs 10 Saturdays.
  • Garden showing hours limited to decent times: 10:00 to 2:00 or 9:00 to 12:00 in desert regions.
  • Each Garden House showing day would have to be for 20 members per booking and not less. Unless there were no-shows.
  • Booking software normally used for to book vacation rentals, could be modified for the Gardens.
  • Pet friendly needs to be noted, so animals aren't kept in cars, some sites could also offer a play room for the dogs.
  • Drinks availability would be up to the Garden house, usually donations would be easiest for water or juice.
    wedding gardens
  • Party Day Option: extravagent, with caterers, music and bartenders, magicians and doves etc. This optonal "pay more per visit" could be added for a few days & that party income and planning going to the Party Garden House only, and not the club. The club would only handle the booking and could transfer the extra ticket value paid for the booking. ie., $25 dollars extra per member. Note: Party houses would require seating in their gardens to match the ambiance. Weddings could also be booked on party days, but the guests would all have to be garden club members. with a choice for different # of hours and times also, ie. 2:00 - 6:00pm.
  • Members would also get to choose favorite visiting days, ie. Thursdays, Saturdays, to match their schedule for their specific 10 garden visits. As well, the database has to weed-out their former visted gardens from being a choice each yr.
  • Email reminders of their 10 house visit days and a schedule for each Summer, with some type of punch card for the members with each seasons: "10 Garden House Names". Garden house greeters, would punch out their cards out, on arrival.

Other opportunities & benefits, to add into the business plan:

  • Networking Potential: Visitor books for each garden house would be a nice touch. The Garden House people could make this event similar to a Networking meet and greet to pursue other business goals.
  • Include a twice-a-year "cuttings buy-sell or swap show" for the members. This venue would require either a rented: large field space with tables or an indoor center. A nominal entrance fee, to pay for facility space, and a chance for a side profit for locals who garden and want to sell off some rare cuttings or seeds. Typical basic vegetation cuttings should be free though.
  • Local garden stores will have increased sales & garden staff, due to the new attraction of people wanting to be selected as a "Garden House". Which beautify city and suburb spaces, as well as help local economies.
  • A few more extra jobs will be created for Pergola & Greenhouse Builders, Pond & Fencing builders and even Garden Designers for the truly elaborate gardens.
  • Eventually, as the number of Garden Houses increases per city, online mapping services could include the houses name tag, all of which advance property values. If 1 out of every 5 houses is accepted & becomes a Garden House, then well, that's like 1 out of every 5 houses receives 1 free month to pay their (average) mortgage, which further helps to stabalises the property market.

Using this basic business model to support the "Cultural Arts"

  • Opera-Ballet-Music: Opera Houses* with season tickets. *building rent or leasing would best if the city and/or federal gov. waived the costs, then more dancers, actors, singers, musicians could be hired per venue. Thereby, enhancing the economy.
    $100 for 5 shows with 2000 season subscriptions = $200,000 revenue before wages & costs.

Environmental Benefits

  • Aside from being a mini-money maker for the Garden Houses, every year, local wildlife: hedgehogs, frogs, lizards, bees, butterflies & birds will be able to find more and more elaborate gardens and prosper.
  • Gardens all on there own, can reduce city temperatures by 5-15 degrees. So more gardens means less chance of climate-related heat strokes etc. Therefore, the goal of adding thousands & thousands of new Gardens to every city is key to reducing further Climate upsets.