Friday, July 1, 2022

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Free Thought & The Future of Self: the World of Social Media

Dainty in the pond of thought
"Dainty": Into the Pond of Thought

Where will our minds go?
"The Future of Self"

Curiosity Beckons

As we each become more Internet savvy, questions arise as to whether or not this direction has been good for humans on a Philosophical scale.
Experientialism with Freedom of Thought is more possible than ever, decisions & opinions to stalwart with. Communicating on Social Media and finding interests well-suited to our own.
The old "no-choice" of being glued to past rhetoric now has a chance to lift away,
the veil of thousands of yrs of have-to's, due to strict religious and political mechanisms of control, has been lifted.
Freedom of thinking and the ability to communicate those individual thoughts is a powerful gift.
A gift that allows for completeness and substantiality of "being human",
a new thought passage for many, a chance to live with our thoughts.
Thoughts non-wasted, and allowed to earn respect in agreement.
Victorian Colonial Family

Victorians Be Gone

Without this new chance of freedom, far away from the Victorian & Colonialist Eras,
we would still be captive prisoners of societies "standard heeds" and "warnings", filled with superstitious beliefs, that for centuries have put millions under control.
"But I love tea-time!", don't get me wrong I adore tea-time also.
Biscuits and beautiful teasets, with a time for purposed "Civility".
Beyond rituals of scheduled fun, there were ritualistic thinking patterns during the last few centuries, heavy with societal ordinances:
Such as... :
How "humans" relate with animals as animals-only, and rarely were they seen as pets (companion animaux).
Compliances such as Family Sunday Dinner after Church,
Never speaking out of turn towards a parent or elder, regardless of their "sane or non-sane" reasoning.
Devout religious rituals and pious sanctity of chastity holding moral vices on every living soul.
Where Puritanical ruled for centuries.
"Mum is the word", "better left unsaid", "It's been our way"
The age of writing a letter, being the main method to initiate the possibility of a courtship, to even spark the chance of a life-long marriage.
mind mechanism

What a Break-Out!

In order to pursue this gift of "free thought thinking",
each of us must be allotted the time, else we feel incomplete and sent back into those restrictive historical eras.
Social media has become our new thought-resource "speak-out" event, in which to obtain even more free-thought thinking.
A place where we can each make decisions of whether: "to follow or not follow" the lead.
Although as empty and vast, it can feel to each person by being online,
it does offer the chance to disclose ideas, in which to pool towards a higher human self.
A human self generous, ethical, intellectual, "World-purposed as opposed to being Self-purposed".

The Crude Past

The disclosure of thoughts processes from oneself is an important new beginning, for the much of the human race.
Whereas prior, only a certain few were granted the privilege to "Ponder",
While the others lived in their mired sweat-factories and mills, entertaining "crude aspects of personality", being their only norm.
It will take time for generations to grab hold of this new allowed freedom though.
Due to years of inherited & taught conditioning from "ruled" perspectives.
My Quick list of...
Motivational & Philosophical
Although as empty and vast, it can feel to each person by being online,
One day though, I do believe many people will be true "Free-thought thinkers",
"Creators", where their mind-sight is enriched from having the new ability to draw their own conclusions, gained by their discovered insight and experiences.
Where personal satisfaction grows-up,
and looks forward to the new daily expansion;
of free participation to share and continue formatting ones own belief systems.
Where like a brook, that rarely new the rain, the expanded mind now has the chance to flow.
beautiful pond
Therefore to be online, is not just the first flippant extreme held for years as "this is my funny gag".
Oh no, we definitely have the opportunity each to go past those moments of sheer stupid human tricks,
or idle non-caring.
Towards a future, rich into the philosphical aspects of self, where maturity becomes a true satisfaction.

A Pool of free-thought?

As time goes on, we will not be just a pool of chorinated toxics, but rather a beautiful thought pond: an ideal gathering of life's constructs;
where frogs, dragonflies, birds & fish inhabit along a flowing river surrounded by willows & pines, with cool water perfect to step into during the days heat.
Do we resent online? Yes, especially when it's turned into a media glitch of non-discovery. All in good time, the ads will not be so required, companies will be appropriated for their efforts, in other ways, and we can finally be able to live within the game of our thoughts and expression.
Our compelling worries & woes, our new creates, and our expressions of love and joy will be never be leashed again.