Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Queen of France

Mazes & Grassy Swirls: French Chateau's of France

Spelling Disaster: Fontainebleau

The Mazes of France

Before, I naturally dedicate my time and energy over the topic of Shofuso Japanese Gardens, with their design and structure. I'm afraid I have a few French Garden relics to swelter into my dis-enchantment of.
A long wait, for those trees to grow

Why so Atrocious,
Large and Empty?

Disappointment, begins, on the very sight of them. Mazes so vast, an airplane can land in their fields.
Gardens with swirled hedges like a wallpaper canvas, & very little topiary. They've been a real ecological plight for native and visiting wildlife.
Certainly not a preferred garden for this era of Climate Warming, rather a garden who's time really needs to end.
A Helipad Wannabee?
No longer are we playing court games with a free romp in the "maze", under petticoats and satin's.
Away from the "party" of courtiers, those times have past, and the mazes have become just a cheap & lazy garden blanket of hedges with shapes.
Large grounds adrift in surreal,
"Where are the roses, the chameleons, lilacs & honeysuckle for the birds & the bees?"
beau regard
Beauregard, too busy for life?
I'm all for a smaller maze,
then, there is intrigue and mystery.
The large mazes are just a blatent shock design to view from outer space.
The show of opulence for the excitable tourists can be accomplished even more so,
without the blight of another "fibonnaci" stuck into form.
An open wedding plan?
Well, it's gone too far.
The French maze-gardens are shouting the words,
"emptiness, too-wicked, and disheartening"
As, I list each of these Chateaus, there is hope, they can be modified. Gardens can flourish there again. & Visitors will be "pleased" with their visits.
Nature and natural places are our time now, instead of Hectares of devoid, unloved and sterile.
Hopefully, after my admonishment of their lazy indifference on offer, the Chateaus in question will make amends and jump into our 21rst Century.

Vaux Vicomte

The Vaux Le Vicomte's garden design is enough for anyone to hate politics forever, Helipads and mazes. What a concrete bore!
& to change those horrible gardens of tragic emptiness, one would have to re-locate the rich & famous EU participants into the reality of today.
Aonach: A beautiful change !

Today ! Look at Aonach!

Today brings the chance for aromas
of scented-florals,
birds nesting and chattering at dusk,
ducks swimming and devouring delicate grasses.
All the while,
gorgeous blooms proliferate,
instead of the decadent treaties
that forever fail.

Brought into the light

As an amendment to our times: I suggest 75% of the formal Maze* gardens (*they are practically from Mars) per Chateau, officially be turned into true gardens. Gardens that are intimate with nature; ... gardens with: trees, fruits, berries, flowers, billowing vines, pergolas, bridges, ponds and bushes.
eco responsable maze gardens
Charming... but, needs limits

Take Heed of my Critical Review?

the 14th Century
and King Louis' games
with the Bourgeosie have changed.
eco responsable maze gardens 2

"Dream Forests Only"

A dream forest and cottage gardens of blooms, that's what people want.
They want gardens of opportunity, because it states "survival", and the old regime of 5 HA's of mazes & grassy swirls has become just a kick in the teeth.

Addressing the chateau owners who are "history-locked" into placation

Massive door-keys, & gate-keys are real locks, but the key to a Garden is simply, "the choice of making a change".
& Yes, this applies to you also, "Decadent Castles of Austria." known for keeping gardens, without any love.
Castle Notes
The above castles, are from my Vaux line.