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Queen of France

The Capetti Chateaus

Capetti - Capet - Capetian
Castles, Palaces and Chateaus

beaumont de richard
Beaumont de Richard
written in France and the USA, (Soon most of the castles will be linked to their history or vineyard page. The new Versaille-looking castles are ok, all amenities and dining, but I still prefer the older castles architecturally, less of the Mansards also.)
The Vaux Kingdom's holdings include:
any castle named with inferences of Vaux, Beau, or Baux,*
and refer to the Vaux's and their newer surnames, that are direct-descendants  from the Capet Kings Line. Vaux was last in use in Scotland, as a Laird, before they became Vans and more recent versions, etc.
Listed on the bottom of this page is a large link list with regions: of old chateaus: ruins, private owns, hotels, vineyards, museums.
most are the phonetic spellings of my ancestors: (Some of my namesakes for the EU Castle Collective, ownership game (surname facet links are the the top right)
I begin with Castles my name-saked from Scotland & England and then France.
Vau (Bau, Beau, Vos)- Fon (Von) - Gui (Gue, Guy) & Roc (Roche)
names of the regions have not all been included, like the Roche-Guyon or Vosges, so it's incomplete, yet still a vast list.
The Capetti King Take-over:
French-surnamed persons with Chateaus, from the Capet Kings,
that ascended from King Edward 11 and 111 through Philippa and Isabela of France:
French Royal Property Holdings
This particular line, has 15 or so, reigns of French Kings.
With these 15 reigns, includes, the members of my French royalty.
The other surnames shared with my Capetian Line,
such as Berkeley, are direct descendants of the Capets.
Yet, they did not continue with their French connection,
and do not have any castles here, to my knowledge.
therefore they are not included as part of our royal property holdings here in France.
These properties of chateaus and museums, etc, that are part of the Royale Vaux's directly owned property holdings.
We can call them then "The Capetti's" for short.
It sounds like millions of people would have sprouted, from the French Capets, but due to several reasons the line was sparce: The Capetian Kings in general, had very few childen, and in later years of French Royalty and other Aristocracy it was made fashionable as to even have no children. Bringing the constant question: of who would inherit the throne? Leaving even Marie Antoinette in charge of France, to idle with the Kingdoms wealth.
Which brought the massive ousting of the Royals from France, with the French Revolution.
A history that is re-played, each year with the August celebration "Bastile Day". The day which still commemorates the peasant class away from Monarchy rule.
The Aristocracy with their less-to-no children, were even guillotined by the revolutionaries, abruptly ending their blood-line forever. Others who escaped, such as the Fontaines, were helped by declaring themselves as religiously persecuted Huguenauts, rather than Aristocracy, in order to avoid being be-headed. The name Fontaine changed here in America, quite quickly, as followers could have found them out even that far away from France.
I'm even going to including more, surnames, thusly people, from other french lines, through other grandparents, and certainly one of the first is that of the Fontaine family due to Fontainebleau, because as Capetti Kings we formerly lived and died there, several times.
With that pairing agreement over the years, many persons and other surnames, of persons would not be here, therefore as such an ancient names, we are forever inextricably linked as the keepers of france for at least another 500 years or so.

Typical Capetian Surnames

Back to the many French Capetti surnames, and their children, It seems like a monstrosity of a list, but not everyone is inclined to be as enthusiastic as I am, and presume they even wish to denounce several of our Vaux intentions as lessors.
In that old heat they build, if we choose to declare ourselves under their terms, we lose what is our inheritable rights of dominion. Please understand they are not all moving to France, so, perhaps they need to stay in America or wherever.
Why would they reject the offer? wimp, wimp, on the wimpa: Many reasons, estrangement types, and nationalistic clingers, of only these past 100 yrs.
It's evident that not all lines under the Capet kings line will be of persons who can, at anytime in their mind or adventure self-state, become a new royale family again. Due to weaker line input from non-political persons.
The "tell me when its over and completed" group of, "and I'll join then", are not included, and lists of those person will be written as a ruling that they lost, the inclusion for themselves to be on grounds of any Vaux Kingdom Royal family property.
If one of their young adult or adult-children has the gumption to travel the distance, then, ok, we have can include the young adult on the list.

Some Castles styled as Resthomes

If after a time, what!!
we have set-up rest-homes at a few chateaus, for a few relatives, and some decide its "ok", to be in with Vaux Kingdom.
Well, they still have to pay, for the services of the castle rest-homes. However some would be suited, like the Fontainebleau frontage view, with ground level, entrances.
Luckily, as plans are fortunate in "begin" here.
The extra payment to participate as a resthome member, would be paid into Surname Family-Trust. Assuming they were also castle owners within the *EU Castle Collective ownership, including the new specific amount for their group care.

* EU Castle Collective

Castle living-time (shared ownership) for a lifetime purchase for Castles eligible to your surnames. ie. 1000 Fontaines, purchase-sharing either 1 Fon castle as all theirs 365 days a yr., or several Fon castles due to their group charter (summer at this castle and a summer next at another: ie., tipee camping etc, with other people of "Fons" surnames: All Collective members with the possibility to create a business venture from the castle itself).
Not really a quick Vaux Castle list
Detailing peerage ownerships, of castles such as de Carew.
(the de carew's are not with the King Edward III line. though they are of castle surname importance,
as the original builder-owner.)

The Berry territory: Cher, Indre, and parts of Viennes.

Interjecting surnamed persons of each European castle,
named by that surname, as the correct original deeded proprietor with rights to claim.

The Vaux Kingdoms acceptance of Beaux castles and territories that are without ownerships,
formerly held by the governments of the old EU. under the names of national trusts and heritage society holdings.

Habloid testing of the surnames from King Edward the III.
(the castle time keeper of europe's royal families.)

Dysfunctioning Wales as a border territory within Great Britain.
(helping to remove county to county hatreds.)

The introduction of the Spain into my bloodline,
through the Vaux's of King Edward I.
to Ferdinand from Eleanor of Castile.
"On demand are Horse parades for the Spanish castles. (All painted in Blue chalk Paint, S'il vous Plait.)"

English and Scottish Castles:

where my: Royal Ancestors were born, lived-in and died, over the centuries:
(Not all of these British and Scottish castles am I surnamed-after. Many were more so, kept as Royal residences and inhabited by the Royals of the time.)

Falkland castle
Saltoun Hall
Westmoreland, Scarborough
Kenilworth Castle
Kenilworth, painted by JW Turner
Kenilworth Castle with John of Gaunt's Great Hall
Leicester Castle (death of: Prince, John of Gaunt, son of King Edward the III.)
Northam & Werke
Beaumont Palace
Buckingham (Bingham)
Carew (Carreu)
Stirling Castle (taken by siege King Edward I.)
Windsor Castle (birth of: King Edward III.)
Sheen Palace (Death of King Edward III.)

Surnamed Departments of France (cantons of France)

Vaucluse (namesake Vau)

Chateaus in France:

Newer Chateaus, are still applicable to claim or share ownership rights, as long as the ancient surname is in-use..
Roquetaillade Castle

Clairavaux (Puyravaux)
Château de Gombervaux
Chinon castle
Beaumont le Vieux (Vaucluse)
Baux de Provence
Beauregard (2)
Gavaudun (Gevaudan)
Le château de Vaux-sur-Seine
Château des Vaux au Puy-en-Velay
Le Rivau
la Guyonnière
La Roche-Guyon
Vaux Vicomte
Vaux Vicomte, Paris
and any others such as  Roche, font, and guy*
within the name held under the heritage councils.
such as:
La Roche-Jagu
La Rochepot
La Rochefoucauld
La Rochecourbon
La Roche
La Roche-sur-Foron

additional castles names are at:

other Vaux lookups are :
La Lorraine (bleu) et le comté de Vaudémont (orange) vers 1250.
This is a page Re-organization area under-construction:
with newly found chateaus and town names, mixed-in with some of the previously found chateaus yet including their updated town names:
A database crew, could help coalesce, this EU castle collection business model. Further helping to release the EU and it's individual countries of their obligations, especially the older ruins; by returning them to their name-saked heirs and descendants for repairs and keeping.
"Descendants of these Castles have an obligation to rebuild their historical sites. They are not for the EU, nor the EU taxpayers responsibility to claim. The Journey into the question of wonder, will finally be answered, and the "Vacancy of their Keepers" will be resolved, by restoring their native owners as their charge."
Château de la Baume, in Lozere
Château de Ribaute, in Lieuran-lès-Béziers
Château de Vauguenige, Saint Pardoux
Château de Longwy in Longwy, (Ruine) now the Citadelle Vauban
Château de Vaucouleurs in Vaucouleurs
Château de Beaufremont (Ruine) in Beaufremont
Château de Fontenoy-le-Château (Ruine)
Château de la Rochotte in Pierre-la-Treiche
Domaine Rochemontes
Domaine Rochemontes
Château de Fourquevaux, in Fourquevaux
Château de Fontanges in Onet-le-Château
Château de Fonbeauzard in Fonbeauzard
Château de Fontauda, (tower view remains) at Montcuq
Château d'Aiguefonde at Aiguefonde
Château Lafont in Bagnères-de-Luchon (City-central, looks like a normal building)
Château de Guizard in Villecomtal (Vineyard only)
Château de Rochemontès in Seilh (Orangerie, Weddings & Entertainment)
Château de Peyrusse-le-Roc, in Peyrusse-le-Roc (ruined)
Château de Rocamadour, at Rocamadour
Château de Saint-Roch in Le Pin
Château de Beaulieu in Busnes (hotel, vineyard)
Château de Beaulieu in Busnes (museum, entertainment)
Château de Beaulieu in Pécy(vineyard)
Chateau de Beaulieu, Busnes
Chateau de Beaulieu, Pecy: Vineyard
Château de la Bien-Assise in Guînes
Château de Guise in Guise
Château d'Aubry du Hainaut in Aubry-du-Hainaut, (hotel, marriages)Hainaut surname
Manoir de Vauville and its botanical gardens in Vauville, private, open to visitors
Château de La Fresnaye in La Fresnaye-au-Sauvage. Birthplace of Nicolas Vauquelin Des Yveteaux (1567–1649), French poet.
Château du Vaudroc in Limpiville
Hôtel de Beaumont (town residence) in Valognes, private, open to visitors
Château de Beaumesnil in Beaumesnil
Château de Beaumont-le-Richard in Englesqueville-la-Percée private
Château de Beaumont-le-Richard, ruins, farm Château de Vascœuil in Vascœuil
Château de Fontaine-Henry in Fontaine-Henry
Château de Guernon-Ranville in Ranville
Château de la Madeleine in Pressagny-l'Orgueilleux
Château de la Roche-Tesson in La Colombe, ruined, private
Château de Rochemont in Saussemesnil, private
Pays de la Loire
Château de Courtanvaux, in Bessé-sur-Braye, XVe Gothique
Château de Vaulogé, in Fercé-sur-Sarthe
Château de Saint-Denis-la-Chevasse, in Saint-Denis-la-Chevasse
Château d'Aillières-Beauvoir, in Aillières-Beauvoir
Château de Baugé, Maine-et-Loire
Château de Château-Thébaud, Château-Thébaud
Château du Bois Thibault, in Lassay-les-Châteaux
Château de la Roche-Pichemer, in Saint-Ouën-des-Vallons
Château de La Roche-sur-Yon Destroyed during rebuilding the napoleonic era.
Château du Rocher, in Mézangers
Château de la Guibourgère, in Teillé
Château de la Guignardière, in Avrillé
Château de Sillé, in Sillé le Guillaume, XVe
Villages and Cities with Chateaus
*Château d'Angers, Angers
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Château des Baux
Château de Beaumont le Vieux
Vaucluse, Avignon
Château de Roquebrune-Cap-Martin
Château de Roquefort, Roquefort-les-Pins, ruine, Château de Roquefort, Rochefort-en-Valdaine,ruine,
Vau Villages and Cities with Chateaus:
Château de la Tour , in Orvault
Château du Breuil, in Saint-Denis-la-Chevasse
Château de Grésillon, in Baugé 18th century
Fon Villages and Cities and Countries with Chateaus:
Château de Terre Neuve, in Fontenay-le-Comte
Gui Villages and Cities and Countries with Chateaus:
Château de Vimer in Guerquesalles
Château du Bucheron, Bosmie-l'Aiguille
Château d'Helfedange in Guinglange
Château du Bosc Théroulde in Bosc-Guérard-Saint-Adrien, "gue" is debatable
French Guiana, British Guiana , Dutch Guiana, Guyane, South America
The Guianas, Guyanas, South America
Roc Villages and Cities and Countries with Chateaus:
Château de la Gane, 15th to 16th century, Saint-Exupéry-les-Roches
Chateaus officially built by Ancestors:
Château Gaillard, 1196. Richard the Lionheart, Built in 2 years by Richard the Lionheart, early concentric castle of advanced design.
Château de Caen, 11-15th century, restored, Built c.1060 by William the Conqueror, keep pulled down 1793, damaged by bombs during World War II.
*the original surnames back to Vau, Roche, Guy, and Fon(t), Ber, were originally clans of France. Variable endings parting ways and moving onto other districts.
"I am named Rochefort, of the Roche Clan and declare these new lands as "Rochefort", as mine thus. Regards, "Therese"

The Monopoly Business of Keeping Chateaus:

The Non-Capetti (Non-Capet, Non-Capetian) Personal Surnamed Chateaus:
One quick way to dismantle the confusion of "It's my castle",
as says one surnamed person, adamantly, to a person who shares his surname.
One method is.... with a large surname family, then let it be a massive group purchase:
All the "surname persons of "Roche - such and such" pay 1,000 each,
and the castle is thereby the families, and they have a place to stay on holiday.
With higher amounts going for the longer stay persons.
Free rents going to the surnamed castles, builder workers and estate keepers, during major reconstructions, later after the rebuilds, keeping a few of the free rent estate keepers for basic duties, gardens, greet and meets, etc.
That is a case that works,
when no one has any idea who really is the direct line
to the original seats of the region, or locality at the
time the chateaus was built. Yet, they hold namesake value.
The original seats were normally held by the Dukes, Counts, Earls, Kings and Queens,  and even the Marquisse'. Whereas siblings of these chateaus were not always given such elaborately political obligations
In this reason, not all persons of a surname can be treated equally,
because if one has an ancestor that held a high position, such as Duke, rather than a cousin with the same surname, they were not actually a legitimate blood-line from the keeper of the castle and region(s) itself..only the Duke's line is.
If the answer of the original castle seated owners is known, then
we have help further, as those descendants have the more rights over the
deed, under the Kingdom itself.
Such as with Treverez, (if it is a non-capet) ie:
all the original seat descendants of that small castle,
are able to purchase it directly,
therefore, it's not fair for one to buy the property-out over the others,
because many they inherited the blood-line equally.
In the Treverez situation if the Treverez family is found,
they have to share the property.
Bank Loan:
Many grouped families of these surnamed castles may still require a bank loan,
if from the Vaux Kingdom (if it materialized) expressly for this purpose, I am setting it at 5%. Otherwise a regular bank loan or an EU assistance loan.