Sunday, March 23, 2014

Queen of France

Retirement Stipend Chart

Here's my latest "writ of chart" :  

You only have to complete the yellow boxes,
to find the current answer for each year, allocated for 20+ years.
which also includes the unspent money re-allocated from the previous years.

The link to the actual retirement chart calculator:

Screenshots of the monthly & yearly savings stipend amounts, 5,000-25,000,000:


2 bank accounts, 
one primary account holding the 20+ yr balance and the stipend account, 
the stipend account which is paid into as an automatic bill-pay every month, 
options for year-end swoop-outs for an interest savings or 
keeping the unspent amounts with the smaller account over the entire time-frame.

The bill-pay method can be used as only one monthly amount, for 20+ yrs from a primary account to a stipend account, though the monthly amounts will be too high at the end years. So, it is better to have the higher monthly stipends at the beginning of the time frame. That's what my retirement chart calculator does, is give you those precise numerations.

It can also be used for person(s),  not just retirement.

are fixed monthly amounts, in addition to any other retirement savings, such as the old style government social security.

 They help to retire a parent(s) from financial predicaments, where most of their savings and assets are gift or settlement allocated to heirs before death, while providing that parent(s) a long term fixed savings.
useful reasons:
To not overspend the savings.
Retire from financial concerns.
Avoid inheritance taxations, if using the old style government.

It works w/the new world government* also, with the 2 account version, where the primary account is setup as a business account, kept by a group of persons, and the stipend account is as the persons personal savings.
 *which is non-taxable,
(unless its a property sold, 25% from a property sale.)

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