Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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Personality consequences of heavy metals

The recent vlog:
personality consequences of heavy metals (oxides) and associations of events.


My uncle wanted to not go to war, so claimed insanity as the out,
and they experimented on him, not the head operation, only the shocks,
and consequently for 25 more years with unnatural prescriptive drugs,
and other chemical weapons such as agent orange....

Returning to the heavy metal prescription drug user,
who died in his forties and reduced lifespan of 40 years.
He spent 25 years on the us armies experimental prescribed drug
regimes and treatments, without a choice, or go awol.
they caused severe personality disorders, and mood swings,
where I was told by my mother and grandmother,
his original mild biligerance and cocky attitude was originally
a chihuahua durango mexico personality character trait...
of loud and boisterous persons.
Bringing that particular personality type back to...
a planet source location, which creates attitudes and personalities
due to elemental metal organics and content variations of elements
in those soils and subsequently foods grown in them.

After the treatments,
he sometimes became an aggressive biligerance, to an overly-kingly attitude,
even womanly effeminate at times, then reverting back into regressive states
of a dull nothing of a person state, depending on the variable dosages.
I witnessed those reaction states, because as children we spent summers at
grandmas house, where he also lived. He never scared or leered after us as
children though, mainly the aggressions were with his parents and siblings,
probably due to their helping to recommit him as he wasn't quiet enough
to go to the mormon church or go on international duties with the us army,
as his younger brother did.

So, he was my non-warring uncle, and he did stop taking their medication, sometimes, due to stomach pains, although he had to re-return to the army hospital often the remainder of his life intermittently for updates and adjustments to the pills, usually he was under at least 10-20 variable pills per day, by their guidelines of allows, of a dishonorable soldier originally admitted into their care.
They never dismissed him from the army ever, and his parade suit
was cleaned and at the ready hanging in the closet, for the duration of his life.

In the earlier years, after the extensive treatments,
he was a soldier of theirs and wore his normal army outfit,
and even folded his canvas army hat, ritually.

Along with the duties to the american flag, of folding that material specifically also. He did become for a time, the us armies good soldier, who never went to war and took what they prescribed. His army suits were confusing, as they did hold a few distinct regimen pins and he kept a medal, perhaps it was his or a guy from the hospital gave it to him.  

At some point he was sent to Oakland California,
to be in one of their halfway house army mental health affiliate centers
and lived there for a short time. Yet, the majority of his life was in the southwest living with his parents, and going to treatments. He never really had legality to drive a civilian car, and was essentially a prisoner of the prescriptions and regimented rule states.

Prior to the have-to draft enlistment into the army,
his older brother had died terribly,
which had sent him into his original anger state anyway.  

When he went off his given meds,
he was an avid financial trader, from mail-in buys and sells, to later, calling his broker from the house phone requisitioned into grandmas kitchen, which he used as his office.

The old phone, and its extension cord, a rhetoric disgruntlement from my great grandmother who also lived there, as she had to move her stand up walker over the telephone line, to get to the refridgerator. A ridiculous situation, but by then he was not really aggressive, merely casually discomforted, as they didn't understand, the importance of his doings involving the market.

As their lives revolved around being mormon, church services, family home
evenings, relief society, choir practice and caring for others in the ward.
This blog, really is for the family, my brothers, and other remaining relatives
of his, to pursue a financial commitment settlement obligation to be paid
to the family for the experimentations from their US Army mental facilities
during the 60's, 70's and 80's.

Perhaps, this information can assist others though,
with the obvious that prescriptions involving salt metals,
oxides and other mineral combinations reduce a persons lifetime.

Oddly, the quieter of lithium*, can also become radioactive.
*it was or may still be entered into the water supply in the southwest.