Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Queen of France

Half life and performance

The relationship the half life radio-active cell and reduction of stamina, over generations of future sports-persons.
I already spoke of this in a recent vlog, however, I will try to help clarify any misunderstandings of the effects on a person stamina, energy and performance wise.

I believe half life effects from radiation will and are creating lesser dancers, and yes, I will use dancer of ballet as in example.

The reason being, as the 6 month healthy cell normally works til its end cycle,
that is affected and halved. I cannot say for all cells in the body, but the reduced life ones, destroy the former performance abilities from the past.

Meaning a 3 hour ballet danced can only be 1 1/2. And the training to get to that skill moment of dancing is lackened and lessor, and training not able to be as intense. Therefore muscles, are not as reminded into technical memory.

So it is a derogatory time for dance,
as I envision only a few extremely healthy bloodlines
of resilient persons that have enough stamina,
learning capabilities and skills away from the others,
whereas before choices of dancers were more available.