Sunday, January 19, 2014

Queen of France

Half life and radioactivity

Fukushima reactors 1, 2, and 3 were melted reactors,
according to cnn, back in march 2011. , 2 major plant zones,
11 miles or klm apart, a tsunami, an earthquake,
with live video of 4-5 heavy steamers chumping around during the quake,
a missing 2v battery,  and a 4th reactor possibly from another town region,
is often the newest one talked about.

I really did just find out, and i swear there was another major one in france
or germany going on at the similar time.

...and another type of energy matter displacement wave in corsica
around 2009-2010 from italy's direction,
which was when and where intensely negative inner visions and
pushed through where thoughts begin, as if a viorg computer state has viraled in. Perhaps I will forever be misunderstood, but it's as if the future has crashed.

Before the displacement wave, I was/am writing a futuristic novel,
with the school of vinquist, the year of 2389, vex an artist of music paintings, 
tianthor an old school friend who needed help with the hive raids...
some are good, though some are extremely bad, hive raids being:
[metalia air waves of alive datafed traveling reels of discussions and repeats...
that live off rust, titanium alloy paints of vehicles and other metals, 
causing many to remain indoors or be visored outside], 
the standard vehicle being the hovering heliothorpe 
and the desert incident with its failing blade,
his onboard discussion computer..philosophy...spent into any topic other...when that's too heavy, though philosophy still lurks there as a permanent hold, 
no matter what is the topic of discussion. 
The novel also included, the planet and other planetary extruded metals and asteroid contents of tecvidia and transvidium, and since then, 
the air mist driver ship and camera video eyes.  

After the matter wave, I lost it,
starting with email passwords, the future sometimes freaks me out,
as it appears to only be a trap... of all about a person being known,
it caused me to delete my websites, with my style sheets, twitter cgi 'peats',
and the sites of ultimadiva and others.

Beginning nextly, with my personal physical symptoms, 
observations, and laterly the technical cycle 
of a half-life decay, detecting and mini-meltdowns:

Yet here, the worst physical effects have occurred...
bloody noses and bowels (not from beets) for a few months 2011ish,
loosened teeth and jaw effect as if forced into a scream event,
that happened only once, from the east direction, 
I believe it was earlier in the night when it happened,

and then the current observances are...
very mild tear gas like..eye fluids,
that worsen to stings with tears and too much light, ...
causing inability to watch or work the computer as often,
higher blood pressure, looser inhibitions, apathetic muscles,
tremendous malaise and misfocus, inability to concentrate,

intensified hearing and chatty rain (occassionally since corsica 2009ish),
odd house sounds here and there, as if other planes of existence are present,
occasional acid scalp as if burning only quenched by a vegetable oil,
ice cold air as frozen even in summer,
dayglow sunlight seemingly destroyed by reflective fallout
...being a cause of the overbright light blue daylight,
ruining artwork, as it fades more rapidly, 

cleverer, more talkative and purposefully musical ducks and hens...
(though I do sing sometimes, so they may be contributing 
with longer songs, calls and vocalizations.)
2 yrs of overdone too touchy dominance from the cat,
a spaced-out indifferent to living sib-malamute husky dog,

an oddly melted lamp-clip (which twisted heavy plastic of 1/4-1/3 inch thick)
that I purchased from the store around that time.

from the east direction, a day that instantly burned only the tomatoes, 
in one area of the garden, like a laser gun hit them, 
and other tomatoes elsewhere where normal, that was the year before last.
And yes... a few odd notices of apples severely mis-shapen, 
and others growing a smaller second apple near the stem.

Yet, there also was a positive pulse wave that occured here,
very aurora borealis in feel, where it is as if... I am entering into an enlightenment zone of myself and the planet, which could bring similar differences as those listed above to the bodies newly enlivened self also.  

I am not trying to overhype the recent 2011 japan occurance,
yet, it is a major event in addition to our radioactive state
of predicaments though,  when combined with chernobyl,
other reactors, and the old days of nuclear testing all over the planet.


this info is mostly from wiki:
the radioactive isotopes represent unstable nuclei:

half life is listed as 50 percent decay, in such and such years.
then it goes on to 1/4 life which is 50 percent of a half life
from the original 100 percent, and so on.

100       1/2        1/4        1/8         1/16
[0]  ..... [o]  ..... [....] ..... [ .. ] ..... [ . ]

so, cesium in example: is not then over in 30 yrs, only the half life decay,
then it has its 1/4 life to live 15 years, then its 1/8 of 7.5 yrs, and so on.

and americum is listed as 1/2 life of a radionuclide of 432 yrs,
and uraniums' 1/2 life is ...246000 yrs. to 4.468 billion years, 
I guess the odd good is that because its unstable
it may be more detectable to filter out.

listen to it rattle or white noise to detect current amounts.
still unsure how to separate it though,
if it reattaches to other innocent metals and elements.
that's the other wierdo of it,
it reattaching and/or hotting new uranium, cobalt, etc.,
that it finds on the way.

Mini meltdowns:
That's where open pit mines are a havoc entry,
as equipping it with new heat attractive,
renders the elements with a new life of energy active,
causing mini-meltdowns to occur without anyone around,
or even wanting electricity from it.

alpha and beta and gamma. up for grabs.

a recommended video:
the map of all nuclear testing since 1945 to 1998
it starts around 2 minutes into the following video:

a nuclear testing global map time-sequenced video.