Monday, January 13, 2014

Queen of France


Lets talk about this relegative easy give back into the planets soils.

In this day and age, when we have so many disturbants injuring the soils, as to leave them barren and devoid of casual activity from its normal grubs, nematodes, frogs, worms, etc. The soils must be reactivated into a fresh new beginning again, or the foods raised there and then in the fields or gardens are weak and do not hold the full properties of nutrients as they are supposed to.

Grassy lawns are thieves, of any soils past known nutrients,
as they hardily claim the want for only certain goodies
to draw up from the base substructure,
and do not re-stir the old nutrients back into being. 

Opening up a garden where a grassy surface was planted is not a mistake, yet it will require a huge influx of new organics. It is an extreme disappointment to assume the fertile looking grass, will also continue on in that spot as fertile vegetables. It is not so.

To return a garden soil back to its fertile nutrients,
several things need to entertain the decomposition process to amend
and revigor the new life that is going to be there underneath your vegetables. 

quantities of :
leaves, straw or other dried grasses, a little bit of green grass only,
a manure, urine, and old unwanted vegetables and foods, avoiding too many sulphurs such as onions,

All of which combined can make that black gold of a gardeners wants,
yet the composting process needs bins, or large heaps which need upkeep to rotate and breakdown the substances, so the interior of the bin area is shared with all the compostable ingredients.

Without the bins,
large heaps need to be stirred and rotated with a rake of some sort.

The unfortunate dealing with humanure is with the rake, oddly.
As you need the rake, yet it does have a spearic attitude, spearing the occassional upset on view. And omg, at is shocking and extra embarassing to deal with, even after it has been covered and composted a bit, it tends to still look like "little dungs".

Not really a visiter entertainer item, one wants on display at ones abode.

The possibility of infectants go away once it becomes composted,
it is always better to try and keep it stirred as much as possible
so it breaks down quicker and as much as possible.

Here are some ridiculous effects from the humanure soil:
At this point it loves tomatoes, excessively,

and yes, other vegetables such as squash,
pumpkins and zucchini's, along with potatoes and beets also.

It works, wonderfully as a fertilizer, yet, I am not happy about using only the heap and rake method,
as it is too exhausting for me to fully accomplish,
especially through the wintertime.

Yet it is absolutely a preference to any farmed cow or sheep manures, as cow manures may contain barbituates and other chemicals such as inoculations of antibiotics from flu shots, steroids, etc.
Humanure from humans who have abstained from prescriptive drugs
and innoculations, has become the only "for sure" bio-organic fertilizer method to amend soils, as it's known exactly what is going into to it.

It does upgrade the inference into personal gardens, as a necessity more so, as sharing with strangers this type of unique soil, is a bit too demanding... as a possible. 

Its been so many years, of being a humanurarian,
I guess I am an expert, so I will go on.

One of the drawbacks, is that you always have to go outside, even during the night, unless you required an indoor version. I personally defer from that option,
as I prefer to immediately compost it, away from myself and outdoors. Outdoors you do have the option of a regular seat with a bucket, yet I find that to be an uncomfortable portrayal of the have-to "lazy" version
invented in recent times.
With the seat version your legs are lazy and not actually proficient enough to squat, and have been actually trained that way after so many years of doing so.

It actually took a little practice even for me, and I'm in pretty good shape.
That was the first shock and idly the worst thing discovered
was that porcelin toilets, are a slobs life.

Back to the night!
It is always better to have a particular spot ... to return to.

Make a large pile of straw or leaves,
which subsequently are used as immediate compost matter.
Composters which deter any odors,
and use a small gardening trowel or similar as the collector device.

Then use that compost to also cover it up inside a plant container.
Later on, take the container to the larger compost heap,
where the other items such as old rotten vegetables and fruits, straw, leaves, etc. are composted. Try to fence the main compost area, as the chickens find it.
They help stir it up, but its too gross for them, and they later appear to have dirtier legs.

Back to the toileting location,
it is better to cover the bathroom with a tent or similar roofing item, because it could be raining typhoons, snowing or hailstorming, and it affords one privacy to have a few walls. A small tent works, placed in a corner somewhere,
remove the bottom of the tent, and lift it off the ground a few feet.

At or near the bathroom,
the preference is to be cleaner with a plant container or two holding fresh rain or pond water, with which you can use to rinse towelettes, and thusly avoid toilet paper. The plant containers for the towelettes, when they are filled with pond plants such as parrots feathers and duck weed, help keep the water cleaner for a longer time frame, before emptying it and refilling.

If the containers are almost frozen, its not a good idea to touch the frigid water, as it hurts your hands, wait until another time, and rinse and wash your towelettes indoors.

It is always better to have special "going" shoes, at the house door,
but if you become more successful with the physicality of squatting,
you will find...even that as an unnecessary..

Urine in the same location can be an overdo of wet,
so its better to trapse that elsewhere to a pile of leaves for the garden if the weather permits. 

The fecal exam process does go on, and well it can be upsetting to discover many foods undigesting, ...sesame and flax seeds unground, never seem to digest. Then there are other stool awarenesses, such as color, etc. that become a health guide.
sunflower and bee

On the brighter side of events,
going outside,is a kind of discipline which helps avoid over-eating.

The night actually isn't so terrible,
even heavy rainy weather or a single night star is better than any human friend in make.