Saturday, January 11, 2014

Queen of France

Saving Pacific Ocean life: from Fukushima

ocean life evacuations with underwater music radios,
with wifi/(solar panel or tidal energy) antenna links above water on buoys,
the loud talk radio or music hopefully turns the sealife away
from the worst radiation trails,

the antennas are various short to long term ranges,
already known to be active up to 100-300 kilometers,
depending on which antennas, and used as underwater
music/talk  radio buoys, the loud unusual sounds and music:,
will keep-away schools of migrating fish and whales
into the nuclear waters:

1. At first a circumference of these antennas/buoys, (1500 of them),
encircles japan, beginning at the main outspew of fukushima,
then in a continued expanding circular pattern,
the swirl eventually expands to the west coast of north america then to south america, and on the eastern coastline ...the coast of china and to the australian coast.
(as the fish are inedible anyway, we prefer to save the species, and have them route elsewhere to recouperate their populations of fish.)
,       ,      ,            ,           ,           nome region, alaska
  japan      ,      ,      ,       ,       ,       kodiak island, alaska
,      ,     ,       ,        ,     ,       ,        ,     west coast
         ,       ,         ,      ,       ,       ,        ,   west coast
      ,         ,             ,        ,        ,        ,        , sf region
  ,            ,               hawaii   ,       ,           ,          , west coast
,                                      ,          ,         ,
               ,                           ,           ,          ,        ,       , mexico

, eventually australia             ,            ,        ,        ,       , then south america,
flying buoy drop-off pattern, with japan in the center.
...the eyelash pattern works,
north to south,
japan to the northwest coast then the last of the pattern to australia, with each return flight beginning a new eyelash line back to japan.
australia is last because the tidal flows are sent there later.
2. After the underwater music/talk sound wifi buoys
are spread out further and further into larger circular arcs,...
the hope is to also stop migrating schools of fish, and whales
from routing back into the pacific from the atlantic ocean, indian ocean, and northern seas.

The only over-hearing casualties of this quickened action are the non-escapers, such as...sea anenomes, sea slugs, clam species, barnacles, and other shellfish,  along with seafloor animal and plant life that cannot get away.
These wifi lan/wan devices, are sent through a network router, that is specifically programmed as long range, and my husband at one time in the past wrote a group of programs for the hardware device using atmel chips and a specific lan/wan router, and purchased long range antennas from a company in poland,  to be a network provider, offering long range wifi at individual campgrounds, so, I know they work. 
*fish are 4 times more resilient...
than humans and other mammals,
to nuclear radiation.

Therefore, inadvisable to eat,
as China has stated to its populous at the beginning of last year.

Hopefully, the sealife, seals, whales and fish,
survive the event if they go in the correct directions.