Friday, September 20, 2013

Queen of France

Duck Updates


News updates on the ducks.

  1. Lettuce diet changes.
The ducks I watch after, since 7-8 years now, are true tenders of a wild meadow.
They have drawn back their efforts in pathway constructions, 
since the lettuce feeding has stopped.
Which is strange, as one would think the opposite, 
with more tending to wild grasses without the lettuce.

As of now they have changed their habits back to the water 
from the change in diet. Over a years time with no extra lettuce feeding.

They are swimming more often now, and thusly keeping themselves cleaner also.

  1. Night calls to frogs and toads.
As I also sleep in the same quarters as the ducks, 
I have the opportunity to listen intently to their extravagances in speech.
For several years, the ducks "ribbit" call to the frogs in the very early morning, 
around 4 to 5 o'clock, one to two hours before sunrise.
The calls are as if they are swimming on or near a pond 
and frog cooing to secure their breakfast.
Total frog calls.

This frog singing-to happens once every 3 weeks, that I have awaken too. They may be ribbitting on other mornings, while I am sleeping, and I missed the event.
Certainly this is an incredible information, 
for duck and frog specialists out there. 
That they lure their prey to friendship and or mating calls, to eat them.
Perhaps this duck call was witnessed and/or heard by indians and indigenous persons eons ago, as a method to hunt for prey. 

   3. Indoor Cleanliness.

They respond to potty training overnight, if the following conditions are met.

a. They sleep on a clean non-smelling straw base.
(Over-covering their accidents with straw, works on the odd nights they foul their bedding.)

b. No loud aggressive noises or loud physical actions nearby from humans.
Even fast walking can disturb them.

If the bedding is not cleaned they regress, 
and they quickly give up from having clean bedding, fouling it.
Perhaps their bodies are too bizarre to maintain in a small nightly confine,
if it is dirty.

The straw bedding is fouled it if 'smells' dirty 
or their past fertilization events were there.

Straw can be from bales or racked from the wild meadow grasses, 
which is softer and more of a floss straw.

I have also witnessed the catching of a large fish, which was unusual,
as to be pelicans all of a sudden,

The chickens cannot seem to stop defouling during the night, though. 
Only the ducks.

**Warning though on keeping them near the chickens at night,
as they are territorial,
they may kill a hen who takes their chosen bedding location.
Always give the chickens a higher ground to perch on.