Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Queen of France

Sole Proprietors Wives

Hah! This was a funny time spent.

Years and years, working for a business coalesced together,
yet the taxation complications on the second partner working,
being so tedious to maintain, she listed herself as a wife.
A non earner of income.

As listing as an earner, was then to be as an employee or partnership.
An employee or partner, required more paperwork, more taxation rules,
an impossible when running a small partnership business.

So the wife, has gained no social security from those working years.

In my case, stupidly as the older one,
I should have listed myself as the main sole proprietor,
to earn that social security sooner.
However the rant of my graduating classes time-frame has been,
"there is no social security for any of you anyway."

Also one small excessive penalty of irs overdue in earlier years,
was enough to keep me out of the irs picture forever.
The picture of earning in the tax world as a sole proprietor,
as sole proprietors were the supposed quickening into an audit over anyone else.

When running a small business, an audit is an impossible occurance,
or there would be no income at all, due to its extensive time consumption.

So, I personally had to list as wife, a non-earner, though I worked extensively,
created websites, graphics, billing, updated virtual server files,
created new businesses in the online race of cheaper and cheaper web services,
all sorts of businesses online for over 10 years.
All non-accountable to me as a work effort, in any of the old retirement schemes.

The new world government does alleviate this from ever happening again,
as each adult person receives their yearly prepaid wage,
separately from a marriage consequence.

It also removes the strain of money earner who?
Leaving time to supply ones life with an alternative energy,
away from a negative focus, and into a life lived without feeling as a victim of financial circumstances.