Monday, September 16, 2013

Queen of France

Passport checks

Debating away much of border control reasoning;

passport queries in the past, were seeking:
  1. overstay tourists
  2. under the table workers or barter workers
  3. tax-evaders

the overstay tourist, with funds from elsewhere,
a consumer, which evidently has enough money to stay,
as they support businesses locally and regionally.
Intimidating with requeries this group of persons, is foolhearty,
as they are major economy helpers.

the under-the-table for less or no money workers,
the onus of retaining this group of persons is
on the one who hired them and not the workers,

The one who had hired them to work was the fault.
That type of person was taking advantage of those persons of lesser means,
and used them as an extra quick income, and or avoid olde taxations.
In the past the only one to fault in that situation was the hirer,
and never the under the table worker.

If the hirer, barters work with the workers, 

other than money, to food and housing,
then they are as the wulfers organization, receiving something for the work efforts.

That barter deal is up to those persons working, who want to, however they also need some travel money, if they are unhappy with that kind of work event.

and still these are not passport checking reasons either.
 The barter worker is working in the economy, therefore not a problem.

In these examples of the underpaid or barter workers,
it can become too easy an ethics issue,
of certain nationalities being taken advantage of. 

As the hirer's may simply be using them to avoid taxations.
so it does point at the business again, as the only one to question,
and not the individual workers.

Other reasons of under the table work are,
moonlighting, as they cannot be legal workerselsewhere
or else lose thier main career or work efforts.

There is no reason to apprehend these individuals either,
as they only needed the extra income for some purpose,
normally to pay debts, 

debt pay-offs that resink back into the olde economy anyway.

The third reasoning slowly became to catch the tax-evader from elsewhere.
so, the french ie.,
have overtried to query a dude who made money in another place of the world
and even though it is not theirs to claim, as he didn't earn it there.
Chances are extremely high that he paid taxes elsewere on it 

or was scalped-out via the low wage employer there already, 
so they are tediating the process into nosiness.
Confusing themselves into the possibles of having some of it,
and/or reselling the dudes paperwork dilemnas,
as a possible evader, back to his originating work region.

then... they (the old gov.) have attempted to use passports

locality knowledge to claim savings %'s of persons, 
which is a corruption, trying to retax persons 
who were already previously taxed.

If taxable-dividends or taxable interest was paid out to a bank,
then that was a new income yes,
and that info was with the banks as "new income here'
and never required passports as an identity supplier to their wealth.

The olde system only needed to tax at the savings source that originally went into the bank, and nowhere else. 

As certainly persons cannot keep track of this many rules, 
these over rulants have turned us all into a criminal 
or dejectified us financially, somehow or another.

An additional warning goes out to incorrect usage via stores delivering items.
As that would be a database they are collecting to sell.
and that database can be hooked up to religious input databases, maligning persons, at their home, into racial and nationalistic portfolios of inequalities.

Also which can easily be sold as a war round ups against certain types of persons, via one country practicing war, to another, database determinations,
determining the persons locations with religions, sexual preferences, nationalities etc.

All the while the company earns money from the list to sell. Putting you to work also without payment, while you go to find your passport somewhere in your house or apt. if you oblige them their new income choice.


In conclusion the passports were used as a government gain income source, which was unnecessary as the businesses already reported and took out the taxes there as listed on the work income reports.
Sole proprietor businesses, never needed to be car or truck business reprehended and checked for taxes either.
That would be at the work address listed on the businesses tax report.

The only reason ever was as a manifest list of passengers who may have died in an accident aboard a ship or other public transport.

The within the eu passport checks,
such as ship from france to england is unjust, as it is not international.
However, as a register to board element, used for the booking it is understandable to use. After landing in Britain though, asking for the data is unjust and unnecessary, as the passenger list is already there, port to port.

Passport checks into the eu,  is only the border countries:
such as africa to spain via ship, or middle east to a drive-in border of the eu.

As I noticed in person, checks are going on inner eu, and after ship travel,
ireland, britain, hungary, slovenia, and spain.
All unfair and subject to fines to stop the practice.
Car counts and person counts can occur at the outer borders,
to acknowledge an influx, of 50000 persons all of a sudden arriving from a non european country.