Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Queen of France

Mushroom poisoned

Caution to mushroom gatherers;

As there fewer foods available to forage as thought, on approach one finds,

  1. blackberries
  2. *rose hips
  3. poisonous tree variety mushrooms (clumped and a light orange in look, they taste alright cooked, but are beyond wretched later.) 
Please avoid those mushrooms as beyond being a purgative,
they have the propensity to cause death to certain
weaken or fragile persons.

If they were upgraded to this death potential because of pesticide use,
as a coakaroach plant... that desires to remain no matter,
therefore deviate into a worse character due to the poisons attack,
then humans have brought this nefarious mushroom into play,
and it is out there and not going away.

Chances are an update into its removal will create a stronger
quicker-to-death varietal, that will kill humans on intake, sooner.

3 items on site, 'a la ferme', and only 2 are readily edible.

other oddities... such as , the large blueish chokeberries can be eaten,
but they are not user friendly either, very tart.
perhaps as a wild pectin, if wild can ever be stated anymore.

occasional chestnuts (any variety) can be found, and acorns...
but they often require patience and cooking skills beyond
to decifer the nuts from the casings and remove acidic tannins.

There are other plants, greens, etc.  if knowledged in those finds,
however on first witness to agri-france,
edible vegetation within hedgerows and treerows are limited.


Back to the success approach of planting edible nuts and other foods,
where the death sort of mushrooms find competition to the growing sites.


*rose hips success is to use a juicer (don't kill your juicer on my advice)
and then add the juice into foods as a vitamin rich c.
 because they have so many seeds. or dry roast them and use as a tea.
They are similar in taste to a tree tomato,
and are found sweet to eat if they are bright red when picked,
only the excess seeds sadden the find and chore the discovery.


When I retrieve my energy again,
I will write a how-to
create waste food recycling drop-off areas for large neighborhoods,
so that persons unable to receive government funding,
as poor or indigenous,
are able to survive as best as possible
without detering to... the begging-for-food factor.
still advising over dis-advising even after facing the adversities
from the overt rich in greed disgives.

Wouldn't live this life again ever. No re-entry birth-self is asked for,
to live again on this planet in these conditions is a no-reason,
other than a provant onto suffrage again.

the satire of the day..
"Stop the bitch from yelling, I can't count my money."