Monday, August 26, 2013

Queen of France

Message to casual foragers;

There is a problem with those who dabble in the take of free roadside fruits;
 blackberries, apples, figs, pears, apricots, plums, etc.

Those persons who run-in for the sport of forage, are very often negating a winters food supply, from the true foragers.

In this moment of casual takings,
it is as a crime committed...
against the true foragers,
therefore, aggressions may arise,
as foraging is their only incoming food source.

Please do not plunge into this habit, as a greedy spectator chance of making a quick preserve. If you are often store-supplied with the wealth luxuries of modernizations,then do not overstep the supplies of others, who are not availed with those luxuries.

I have woven black-berry bushes specifically for winter, so please do not take those berries.  I will survive either way, however I didn't weave those blackberry bushes for tens of folds of persons to take from. 

If I board off the territory with a ribbon, how horrible to look at, 
just eat your store bought marmalades and jams as usual, 
as the stores provide 365 days a yr., 
...and avert your eyes from the bounty of those woven bushes, 
and I will attempt to collect the berries before they look too over-delicious. 

If it is a fat camp, for overlarge little children to enjoy their summer,
to lose weight... wandering the countryside,
then, I expect payment for the duration of their visit.