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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Queen of France

Royalty Books: Capetian Era

King and Queens of Europe
In the vast assortment of books available via amazon,
I've weeded through to make this collection of specific books, only on the topic of Capetians.
Monarchies, Sovereignties, and Royal families will have to wait for an easier affiliate program. Remember, one can't judge a book by the cover or title only, as some of them do have snazzier covers.
capet kings the capetians of france
    Others to seek out:
  • Sieges of the Middle Ages
  • *Kindle also

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Queen of France

In the Launch of Another

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

My New Blog

Well, it has begun, another chapter towards monetization.
My Queen of France site "here"; is starting to get hits, so I'm going to focus further on my blogs, I've neglected them and almost lost Tutu Ballerina off into the wind.
I just lost interest when dear old amazon took away some of their advertising feeds, a few yrs ago. This time I'm dedicated to using many more companies, in order to achieve results.
No champagne yet! I still have to procure the right advertisers for my "royalty site", (that's a monetary pun).
Thus far, royalty books and even ecological pet foods for my animal pages, could be advertised here.
I decided upon another blog, though, one with less government, & more fine arts and travel related. The domain I went with is ""
Next: to write blogs, html repair, and monetize.
It's kind of fun to write html again, after almost 20 yrs of being a non-techie. That first run up 1996-2003 almost killed me stress wise. This time it's more relaxing, & I've traveled to many countries and it's ok to go back to it.
It's like falling off your horse, and walking away from their online money scene, and getting back on the old horse yrs later. The html code is still the same for the most part, I added grid into my html rep. recently vs tables.
However, tables are sometimes amazing to use.
All the float right and left is too swervy sometimes, so hopefully grids will help out.
I did find a few ghostwriter travel sites, but I prefer to be a known blogger rather than a ghost.
So I prefer to publish my works, via my blogs; instead of sending out my writings of traveling leftovers.
In this afterlife of mine, of being away from so many things. Online publishing and success is so much about being in order and having organization, which can be a tedious chore of constance. Web careers are not for everybody, it's not a playful time, it just represents constant upkeep and adherance. It' a place that feeds on the efforts of workaholics until they become techie burnouts. The fine line is to not let that happen.
So, I'm going to post my travel list-of-places here, for curiosity sake, & Resume safe-keeping. One day I'll add links these to charming places.
*I've traveled extensively mostly in Europe,
& many of these countries I've also lived long-term:
Great Britain incl. Scotland
Former Yugoslavia
United States; States; California, Alaska, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Upstate New York & Manhattan, Connecticut. Cities & Regions; San Francisco Bay Area, Park City & Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Ruidoso, Anchorage, Los Angeles, El Paso

Monday, February 15, 2021

Queen of France

Tears for Fears

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

Tears for Fears

I'm not doing well on this internet of commercial links, here and there.
I've written about 3 blog-affiliate-style shops and no click-thrus!, meaning 0 money.
This time, perhaps another try that's all. Maybe poetry or travel with a click thru to a book. I think I'm reaching the end of ever remembering exhuberance, 55, and 25 yrs online have left me too penniless. I don't believe I fit into the pay-per-word writer sites, either.
Somehow, this last week my robots.txt blog file has even disrupted into a fail, and I didn't change it. So, I don't trust any chance of earning an income for me. No matter I traveled afar and lived abroad and learned 70 arias.
It appears what smattering of self I have on offer, is of no interest to earn any financial gain.
Youtube proved many years ago just how they could block my site from potential subscribers, and turn me into a talking mirror for over 5 yrs.
Along the same time they removed any chance of monetization due to my low subscribers, halted at around 70 fake subscribers. When they wanted to destroy a person they did, I have aged a hundred yrs, from the anxiety they put on me, I am old now, not 55. The agonies from constant refusal, have killed me inside.
Forcing me with my only breaths left, to just be a bitchy complainer, when it wasn't ever my original nature.
It was too important for someone to stop me from expressing myself, and make me feel so low, that each day I wake, I can only wince at that hurtful chance, that I'm still alive. Why am I given a life to breathe as thus? what hell was I born for? The meaning of life will not be found through me, only the beg for death to take me away sooner. The people are fake, trendy and superficial, expressing the same mechanism taught to them on this machine.
No matter, that's what my life has become. Yet, somehow a lady who bakes cakes, can afford a thousand dollar camera, that doen't require the brightest of snow in order to take a picture. No, apparently, she earns a living out here.
It's a lose for me, the computer era has sent me into an early go-away. I don't want to compromise myself and link to more garbage that hurts the world either, so I guess I'll just lose, unless I try again, fighting though the smidgeon of limited options available for survival.
I'm tired of the machine, that keeps telling me; my words, ideas, and efforts are worthless.
Anyhoo, I guess I'll write another blog or two or three, away from "my indulgent self" here, that wanted a change.
Don't bother to Wish me Luck.
Should of, should of, should of, stayed with counter mania or the big whois, should of. But there was godaddy, eating up all the others, and stupid business decisions from me back in 1996. I just continue to lose and the smiley ones win.
I'm just a consciousness against: their religions, their compromised selves, & their diligence to turn this internet into a constant sell-anything machine.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Queen of France and the Devil Shake Hands

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

My Advice To Never Buy Into

Well, hello, they are looking to rob you 59+ dollars, based upon criteria too stringent for most to comply with.
They have an annual renewal fee, and I asked them "NOT to renew for the next year of services", less than 24 hours after the renewal fee had been charged.
I asked for a downgrade, as I didn't have the money to pay for their services. Instead they kept stating like robotic thieves, "Our terms state that if a renewal was processed you are not eligible for a refund. We processed the renewal on the 18th and you emailed us on the 19th after the renewal already went through. We emailed with a renewal notice on August 11th from to let you know the renewal was going to happen on the 18th. As you did not disable the renewal, the charge was processed. As per our terms you are not eligible for a refund."
After today, I simply wrote to make sure they would never charge me again, and employee "Dillon" who works for pushed the issue into closing my account: because I told him to "get off his high horse" and "understand people don't have the money to pay."
Instead, he threw some kind of company intimidation email back at me, stating, that I had harassed him with discrediting language, (of the high horse), when the company had just outright tried* to steal my money.
"Your account has now been banned and will not be unbanned."
So, High Horse Dillon who prefers to kick the impoverished, has run to the Mommie system of and banned me. Meaning, not only did they attempt to steal my 59+ dollars, they also have closed my account, and removed my photography images.

Naming some Devils as... Bad Companies like...

"Your account has now been banned and will not be unbanned."
I believe is operating outside the US, somewhere in Asia, and the policy to not refund, or even offer a pro-rated refund is an unfair business practice.
There apparently isn't any safeguard in place to stop consumers from being robbed online, by these type of automated renewals, aside from issuing chargebacks.
Persons from this sort of company are apparently given no authority to refund money, and this particular company was very ready with that hateful answer of "NO", you will not ever be refunded.
*I did issue a chargeback many months ago, but that's not a way to conduct business. People should not have to go through that channel for being less than 24 hrs to cancel.
The fact that is operating without the ability to offer refunds is just unethical.
Pretty photos? Well they're not worth it. Be careful dealing with money-hungry
It's been a wierd new year for me. Someone removed my online art gallery website with hundreds of images of my artwork, that I can never replace. & Now, Dillon of feels he has the priority to kick me in the proverbial alley of this cras internet, and ban what meagar photographic images I had on offer.
A rose, is a rose, is a rose, and now mine are all gone. (I might have a few on shutterstock, so go ahead and try to remove all of those images also, big meanies.)
It's kind of like a being dead already and living only as a ghost, my uploaded art and images all gone, only past memories.
The event of online data removal, will happen to each of us when we die. It's just not supposed to be a "kill the artist Therese", prior that time.
What a win for Dillon and the staff of today.
It's time for the haunting of Ghost Therese; "No, she's not dead yet, so sorry she's still alive, she can still bleed, cry and feel pain."

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Queen of France

Creating Government-Run Central Banks for Property Ownership

A Chance for Governments to finally Offer 0-Interest Mortgages
& even for the governments to purchase property for free along the way.
The Property Goal: is for citizens to buy a primary property only once, which could be sold & then the sellers voucher is ready to purchase another primary property. Similarly to cash, however...
Eventually, due to the 0-Rated Interest & after the Property Vouchers were inherited away, the property owner and later on their beneficiaries would be free from the tedious chore of earning an excessive living, to pay a mortgage. Meaning only the parents would buy a house, & their children would receive separate vouchers as inheritance, ready to use only for property. In the current secondary banking system, beneficiaries do not always use the cash gains for a primary property. Which often leaves them in further debt, to the point of home equity loans & reversed mortgages. Therefore, those in-debt agers, have nothing to leave their children, aside from a table lamp they picked up at a garage sale.
In the old days of ideally the father said: "You keep this house for your children and your children's children, and you will never be poor." Sad though because the father had 5 children, and they had to sell and split the proceeds, some went to pay off a car loan, others went to pay off tuition, and a few may have actually gone towards principal on their high interest mortgages. The reality is..."When you're feeding a high interest mortgage system, you cannot keep up with the beast, he is always hungry for that high interest again."
My cutsie voucher system, will always have the option for a parent to credit their children with "property-only notes". In this way they can't ever be homeless. Even if the property note "Voucher" is very small.
You see, the priorities of economic consumption at this point does not have any purchasing discipline. It's been selling, "Buy what you want without any thought to towards your future!"
The discipline can be found in having a "for sure" home. Yet, because we are a "democracy", so is the democracy of the consumer-purchasing cycle. So, the required guidance cannot officially be forced on the populace, even though we have so many with, "No roof over their heads", or "No chance to own".
To bring discipline where there is None, it can be found by forcing the inherited meal ticket, to be "only transferrable towards a property purchase" (*which could also be the same house of course). Then, the un-disciplined and/or person's frauded cannot destroy a countries economy, due to increased policing, foreclosures, property bubble crashes, and just an increase in degenerate persons.
Scenario: *5 Children inherit a 1,000,000 dollar parental home. The house value holds the final voucher, minus the final voucher tax of 5%, split between the children, during the sale only. Reducing its final voucher to $960,000 Which becomes, $192,000 each (incl. their portion of the closing fee paid to the buyer) from the million dollar home.
The $192,000 each, is split 50-50, $96,000 in cash & $96,000 as a property voucher. In this way, the parents and government are all content that the children are provided for. Only at this time can such a large sum of money of 50%, be sent from a voucher.
They can each either use their new Net Worth, & Voucher to buy their first primary home, or upgrade to another. If they already have a voucher mortgage, they can add-on the new voucher, and hopefully reduce their mortgage to zero.
The final tax is a non-issue, as its replaced by the buyers payment of the seller's fee.
Let's say, a "little rich kid" has a million dollar house, & his parents paid $250,000 without any interest rate via the voucher system. His only concern left, is to pay the property tax, home insurance, his food & utility bills and retire at 45.
The little Rich Kid", decides to downsize several yrs after owning the home. Note: during this time, he has only been transferred as the new owner, not given any cash.
In this scenario, upon the sale; he gets 50% of the million dollar house in cash, "$480,000" added into his Net Worth, and a huge voucher of $480,000. This split includes, the final voucher tax of $50,000, the sellers payment of $50,000, and the closing fee of $40,000 ($960,000).
He buys a house worth $300,000, pays about $27,000 in cash for seller and closing cost fees, leaving him with approx. $453,000 in Net Worth, and a property voucher of $180,000. Which is saved in his Voucher Account.
An Ecological Solution Also?
Absolutely, the world would have a chance to offer us cleaner air again, from the reduced pollution. Due to the fact, people would not need to busy the roads, and work more, as they've had to, during the past centuries. The truth here is interest-rated loans cause pollution and higher resource usage.
This would not be a future economic stop, though, as the future children and grandchildren may want to modify the house, which might require a builders mortgage. However, the tedious chore of paying a mortgage each, would finally go away. The persons could use their earnings in other ways, and those with limited earnings would no longer be a drain on the governments worth.
As most people would eventually become home owners without a mortgage held. A different wealth and purpose would elevate the people towards bettering themselves, to entertain furthering their education, attempt artistic endeavours, etc. Whereas before, this habit of bettering oneself, has only been able to occur for the hyper-rich & retirees, at a time too late for many to actually challenge themselves further.
Likewise, the citizens would all be housed, and the government could be proud of the property ownership ratio held by its citizens, bringing a new prosperity to the country on a world-wide scale.

Formation of A Central Bank for Property Ownership

It's a pretty simple system actually.
Ready to be implemented via my excel spreadsheet. Specifically for use as each citizen's primary home mortgage, with a minimum age of 18. Sellers with a current non-voucher held mortgage cannot qualify, they first have to pay-off their property loan as normal, or sell, then use the proceeds towards their Net Worth to qualify.

Zero-Rated Interest

The Central Bank of each country offers mortgages at Zero interest for the life of each 20-yr loan, for its own citizens.
There is very little cost to each of these country-specific Central Banks to utilize this system. The costs would be hiring staff to determine Net Worth, then also having facilities to keep track of the current vouchers held, and by whom, and for which property. Lastly, to cover a "few" closing costs for the homeless.
An actual monetary benefit to the government occurs,... from bundled final vouchers, supplied from a 5% final voucher tax, in which the goverment can use to purchase it's own property.

Impoverished Persons Buying Property

When a seller sells a property of a value $50,000 or less; the payment to the seller is given as a voucher just exactly like the normal voucher sales or higher priced properties. After the sale, the seller can use his or her voucher on another property, or save it for later.
However, as the low-income individual will not often have the $1250 - 4999 amount for the down payment, to afford the sellers's fee and closing costs, the government has to cover that upfront expenditure during closing.
Likewise, any person could also donate the amount to help the person purchase sooner.
After which time the monthly mortgage for the impoverished person is quite minimal at only $187-203 dollars per month, for 20 yrs.

The Property Voucher Itself

It's a carry-all voucher that's used just the same as cash, specifically to only: Purchase Property.
The voucher (account) is given to each seller, so, he or she can purchase another home with part or all of its value. A person can use 1-5 vouchers or even more during their lifetime.

The Final Voucher

If one has decided to not purchase property any longer, the voucher is transferred to heir(s) or a non-profit. At this time of the property sale the final amount of the voucher to transfer away to beneficiaries, has a 5% reduction. The 5% "final voucher tax" is not in cash, rather a reduction of the voucher's total. Thusly, the government is then given a small voucher, that the government can later bundle with other final tax vouchers to buy property also. In this way the taxable event does not injure the beneficiaries nor cause a need for extensive title & probate services. There is no rush by the beneficiaries to use the final voucher once received, it can be stored as a savings.

Net Worth: Cash

The buyer finds a house or condo, with the property value amount, based upon Net Worth.
Once the Net Worth has been determined, from savings, and associated market equities; a range of house prices becomes available for the buyer to choose from.
The buyer then pays out up to 75% of their Net Worth in real money, or real money & a former property voucher, to Purchase the property. The 75% of Net Worth includes some down payment, the Seller's fee and Closing Costs. Buyers pay from cash only; or cash & a former voucher.
Previous vouchers are included with the Down Payment number! However, the requirement of a certain amount of cash still remains, in order to cover the seller's fees and closing costs. So, a hefty 50,000 down payment could be reduced to only $25,000 in cash when there is a voucher with $25,000 or more. Meaning the buyer could keep $25,000 in their normal savings and not spend all of the cash $50,000 on the house.
The voucher is very powerful, and can be used as a constant savings tool.
It can reduce a mortgage to zero, when the voucher is higher than the cost of the property.
& as long as seller's fees & closing fees are covered, many vouchers will act just as a property buying "Note", with no mortgage ever required.
In the event, there's a larger voucher denomination than the property value, the person will receive a smaller voucher during the sale. The smaller voucher can then be kept as ones savings, to bundle later for a higher value property or gift it away to another or a non-profit.

Properties Prices Available to Buyers

I created the system to have a minimum and maximum property price.
Whether, a minimum or maximum price-ranged property, both offer reduced monthly mortgage amounts due to the 0-rated interest.
Also, more expensive properties than a secondary bank could offer,
can be purchased due to ones Net Worth valuation.
So it's a win situation, for both the buyer & seller as an upgrade process.
Bare in mind, the purchase price holds 75% of one's Net Worth. So, basic home owners ins. has to be held by each home owner.
The buyers pre-determined price range, is provided on the worksheet calculator, where the small % of the properties value, towards the seller's fee & closing costs is included.
*Used homes only, new builds are not included.

At Each Property Sale: The Seller's Fee & The Closing Fee

A % of the property value, in cash (wire or eft), goes to the Seller from the Buyer. (approx. 5%*)
& A % of the property value, in cash (wire or eft), goes to cover closing costs, for real estate agents, title company, etc. (approx. 5%)
If a seller wants more cash upon the sale, it's possible the particular house will not qualify for the buyer.
An additional calculator lookup, with the seller's preferred % fee; would be required for the buyer to proceed. Hopefully, that info could be run via an online chat room, or webpage.
"See if the Seller's % is too high for you!"
& the Seller's % fee would need to be listed with the property listing for "All to See".
During the sale, the Seller receives the cash & a voucher for the remaining 70-95 % of the properties value.
Repeating: If the Seller holds a secondary bank Mortgage on their primary Property: he or she would "Not" be able to participate in the program.
The Seller has to sell his house to someone who is using a secondary bank mortgage system or paying in cash; in order to pay the secondary bank off. Then the seller could buy a house with a "Zero-Rated Mortgage" from those proceeds.
All because the received Government Voucher is not transferrable as cash, to the secondary banks.

Mortgage Payments

Simple mortgage payments, are assigned to the buyer, for the life of the loan of 240 months, during the sale.

Savings Opportunity

There are many moments when the vouchers are not paying for property. During those times, it would necessitate a voucher savings account to be constructed. That option is for others to create as an add-on.

Considerations of Non-Payment

In these situations, the entire voucher that has been paid thus far, would be given to the non-payer of the mortgage, minus a loss-of-mortgage tax. (tax of 5% from the accrued voucher, in order to limit mortgage failures). Also the house would be sold to a new voucher buyer without any chance of the seller earning a seller fee.
No derogatories would be put on their voucher account, as they already would have been penalized with the loss-of-mortgage tax, along with losing the cash seller fee upon the sale.
Rephrasing, so lawyers don't need to be hired; The persons who lose their home, would lose 5% of their voucher money, which goes to pay the loss-of-mortgage tax.. Also, as the need for a buyer would be quite soon, rather than a sale at leisure, the non-payer would not receive any cash as a seller fee; only a slightly reduced voucher due to the loss-of-mortgage tax, for what they had previously paid.
Since it would be a disadvantage for the non-payer of the mortgage, to lose their seller fee and have a voucher tax; it would be better for them to attempt a house share, and split the mortgage payments with the new house share person.
To bring interest to the new house share person, the process would be to settle your current voucher into your voucher account; and then any new money spent into the mortage further, would be split into 2 vouchers, a voucher for the old non-payer who now house shares, and a voucher for the new house share person.

Government Freedom of Banking

Each government has full rights to offer Zero-rated Mortgages, regardless their current secondary banking institutions.
The vouchers themselves, are simply "property note accounts per person", that go with each person no matter the current property chosen. A transferrable note; away from the older style of property notes that were based upon a sole property only.
It's also advised for those secondary banks to reduce their interest rates to 2 % across the board, so there would not be too many property sales into the voucher system all at once. Bare in mind; Second & Third homes do not qualify, the voucher system is only for each primary home of a citizen. Therefore, for those other non-primary mortgages, one would have to go through a secondary bank as normal.


This tactic brings economic stability; creating a wealthier populace, and is available for any country in the world to implement.
Furthermore, there's no strain put on a government financially, by offering the 0-rated mortgages, and it also removes inequities such as homelessness while allowing for the chance to raise the level of persons; persons who are classed as a countries citizens.

The Central Banks Property Ownership Worksheet

The Excel spreadsheet does all the work for the keepers of these simple mortgage property deals.
It tells how much the buyer can afford & their price range, & their monthly payments;
then, how much the seller is actually paid in cash & the voucher amount given upon the sale.
I also included a min/middle/max amount that will tell right away if the amount of the property in question is too low in price to qualify or too high in price to qualify.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Queen of France

The Great Gardens of El Paso

Mountain Herding Guard Dog


Imagination is free, it's cheap to dream, just as hope is another idea, fraught without a profit near.
Yes, Today we can live in imagine, and think like the pirates; ready to savour the constant supply of edibles, from our own island of delectible fruit and nut trees.
It's all just a walk away for many; a walk out their front door as they slip into an arroyo, instead of a car seat, to tend the gardens of the present and the future.
Where is this wonder of the world? Is it a dream? "El Paso" destined into a property crammed outlay, has persisted as a wretch for the world to see. Another badly planned city, one that has no consciousness other than selling land to profiteers. Profiteers that build monstrocities so grand, that the mountains themselves look pitious next to them.
As man shows off his riches, burying his fortuned self within millions of years of barren rock, called Trans-Mountain; the others can only wait for another rich token of a male, to gesture them into work.
Little by little, the beautiful opportunity to make a gorgeous El Paso, has piffled into just houses.
A trance over the people, that the houses with very little amounts of land; are going to supply them with a life purpose.
As they lay their heads down each night on their pillows, with new bills acquired, knowing they can only continue on tommorrow; as the drones they've always been. Festooned, to survive their mortgage and carry themselves into retirement, hopefully with at least a hint of a smile.
Meanwhile, a garden dream is brewing. A collossal dream of a garden, so vast; that the barren desert itself, is pushed away from infiltrating our minds, with a fresh sting from the sight of another cactus.
A garden rich with fruits, nuts and dreamy flowers, a garden that tames us into the oblivion, of success.
How now? When all we see are houses?
There still are a few nooks and crannies, a few possibles where a giant pine can rise from the depths of an arroyo. A pine so tall, that the houses finally shadow away under it's shade.
"Plant more, you bastards!" yells a woman, as she quickly drives away from El Paso, forever. "What a lazy bunch of people, who didn't green their mountains!"

Possibility Lurking

"I see an arroyo over there, with no house slabbed into it! Perhaps it could be ours, another space for the garden."
How sporadic this garden placement must become, with each little desert alley, "demanded into the job", of bearing fruit for a kingdom of people, here and beyond.
When 5000+ sq. ft. houses have been built just for a woman to click around in her high heels with puffy feathers.
"What peasants out there," she thinks to herself, "to even want a garden."
As her ridge house just took up the destiny, of at least: 30 Olive Trees, 20 Apricots Trees, 50 Pines, 50 Grape Vines, 40 Fig Trees and 10 Date Trees.
Tear down those houses! I say, as another, "sot of an ideal", runs through my head. Of course! We could just tear them down, and make those "designed by a famous architect" builds go away forever.
Let's take back our mountains! Take them away from the filthy rich that waste away their idle hours; just thinking of how rich they are, ready to point their noses up, even higher.
"What drivelling swine", the house mistress says, "Clamouring for a garden arroyo, under her pedicured feet."

Taking Back Our Mountains

Well, the hope lays heavy, that at least one of the opulent is going to heed the warnings of the global call. That at least one of the 650 Billionares has heard of El Paso; and is ready to sway opinion, towards this city rejuvenating into a new "Garden Forested City".
A place where every inch of city property, along the mountains and the arroyos of its volcanic creation, become the "rightful belongings" of the citizens, known further as their "Gardens of El Paso."
Decades ago, there was a chance for a "fertile velt" that would have wrapped around the mountain, snuggled with it's own delicacies. However, now, we can only settle for a few inner-city desertified arroyos, and pray the land above the houses can still become "Ours".
Yes, and "Ours it is", the land belongs to the people of the city.
A takeover this grand is not only in our imagination anymore; it has a budget sheet of 4,000,000 trees (sd/sm/md & lg), 20,000 acres, with only $160 Million as the start-up. $32 Million each year, thereafter.
If more than 3000 people are hired in the first year, it means a requirement for a few more million. Dependant upon: the ability of El Pasoan's growing 1.2 Million of their own trees from tiny young seedlings, like the suppliers. Saving 3 Million dollars for more gardeners.
Then, 1000+ gardeners are hired in the years thereafter, for ever more. Obviously, for the first 160 Million, we could ask suppliers from afar... for a longer term pay-off of 3 -10 yrs.
No! Not so fast, a Bio-Diversity & Sustainability project is interesting, but will there be something charismatic also?
Yes! Draft Horses will live within the gardens, and be our helpers, as the trees are planted. Later on, the horses will pull our harvested fruits and nuts to their storage barns.
Yes! Large Mountain Herding Guard Dogs will watch over the gardens, as they tend a few exotic Brebis sheep from Corsica, while watching the hens as they also will be roaming free.
The Brebis will even nibble away the weeds & the lower branches of some of the trees; so you won't even need to prune those. Is this heaven? As their Fertile Dung, freely finds the soil.
Imagine, the bees & hummingbirds as they dart around gathering pollen and nectar, from Organic and NON-GMO fruit and nut trees.
Imagine, the birds building a nest, with a chance to test the delicious fruits. Yes of course, "we share", that's our Utopia; to share the pleasures, that our fruited & forested earth has to offer.
Hurry, and seek out a hidden arroyo, or a mound of a mountain, and claim your find, for "The Gardens of El Paso". For you, Mr and Mrs. El Pasoan, are the keepers of your own garden destiny, and no one else.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Queen of France

Starting an Edible Garden for Desert Arroyos

My Hillside Arroyo

It's a small arroyo, but heading towards being a forest garden; where many edible plants and fruit trees can survive.
The planting routine; which could be implemented on the many desert arroyos already within the city of El Paso; by creating tiers.
Tier planting has gone on for "Thousands of Years", & there's no reason why El Pasoan's couldn't join in like the centuries & centuries of others.
From Italy, to Portugal to Greece to Spain's heavily touristed desert islands, some of the most illylic places on this planet, boast their beautiful agriculture for the natives and visitors to gawk at.
The City of El Paso has no right to forgo such an obvious attraction.
Not only Pleasing to the eye, but a sustainable agriculture within it's own city.

The Technique

The original hillside rocks are moved away with a shovel and a small hand-held fork trowel; Making huge planters, the sticks & straw trap the soil and rocks; & then drip irrigation waters the trees.
On a large scale, buried piping, so the deers don't trip... could hold also the drip lines.

Creating the Food Forest

The Pines & Cedars are simply Innerspersed with the Fruit Trees, providing cover and lowering the under canopy temperatures.
My arroyo so far: eldarica pine, arizona cedar, cherry plum, pomegranate, variegated lemon, blood orange, olive, figs, & a non-edible oleander, all starting out with a some new soil and manure.
Work time: 3 Days of work for 1 vegan woman (me, myself & I).

What the "Non El Pasoan's" must be thinking by now!

It's completely embarrassing, that the citizens of El Paso & the El Paso City Government have not been able to accomplish this undeniable fact of beautification.
Greening the desert in an Arroyo town; not only provides a supply of local food. The native specialties such as olives & pomegranates from the El Paso Region could be admired from afar also. "Better hurry or Dumb Nums will be your names forever."

Friday, October 2, 2020

Queen of France

Reducing the War Machine

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

War Machine Reduction on an International Scale

Government Implementation:

(The Spreadsheet Chart shown below; contains the same info, yet may be easier to understand.)
To Eliminate the 3 types of International Wars;
1. Single Dictator Regime,
2. 2 leader-run groups w/internal fighting,
3. Indigenous "New Countries", primed for takeover by a neighboring regime.

The Answers to follow

#A.) 8 Country Vote by the "Global War Judiciary";
on the specific country (yes votes of 5-8, proceeds to #B)
#B.) The Stop Phase: Sanctions, No Trade or International Commerce,
no Financial Market participation.
#C.) 1, 2, 3 from above:
1. The Dictator
1.a. The vote of the 8 countries with a majority.
with the message of sanctions.
1.b. The Dictator accepts defeat, and turns the government over to a democratic vote for a new leader. In some case his imprisonment may be required.
1.c. After diplomacy and several months of sanctions has become exhausted, & The Dictator does not remove himself from office, refusing to comply. Then, if at his "kingdom headquarters"; a basic assassination* is required in order to oust the single tyrant leader; thus saving the many.
*The 8 countries will all take part in the official kill, due to the fact he refused to leave command , even after all the International pressure.
Regarding "Rulers in hiding", they will just lose their rule anyway,
so, simply put in a basic government in their "kingdom headquarters", as the tyrant has already effectually left office and is on the run. At some point he may be found, and would then be imprisoned.
2. Dual Regimes fighting within a country.
a. 8 Country Vote by the "Global War Judiciary";
on the specific country (yes vote of 5-8, proceeds to b)
b. The Stop Phase: Sanctions, No Trade or Intl. Commerce, no stock market participation.
Sanctions also go towards any country taking a preference to either regime, esp. if supplying weapons.
Since a block is on them to proceed, the block will be lifted when a fair democratic vote votes in another leader, a leader not from the original two. Advertising costs of the new democratic candidates will have to be paid for.
If it's a monarch under attack by a guerilla war-fare type, we will have to side with the monarch, if the monarch proves to be fair and just. Otherwise the monarch will also lose his/her rule and the country falls into democracy. Therefore, in most cases the 2 in the scuffle, will back away from being new leaders, and some leader-wannabees will need to be imprisoned.
3. Indigenous "New Countries", primed for takeover by a neighboring regime.
a. The takeover country is voted on by the "Global War Judiciary". If a "Yes", then proceed to b.
b. The Sanctions Blast"; (Intl. commerce, trade, financial market ) is applied to the takeover country, until they remove themselves & cease and desist.
If they're saying they offer better provisions for the people, that's still classed as a takeover and not allowed as their "new" business in keeping or concern. In this way the "indigenous country" does not have to build an army, the country is already protected by the 8-Country "Global War Judiciary".
War Reduction Chart via xls. (The same as shown in the above 3 images, yet downloadable.)

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Queen of France

Carbon Reduction; A Simple Way to Start Powering Down Our Houses

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

Heavy Duty Window Insulation

Pillows and Puffs

One way to start reducing your carbon footprint is to insulate. In this way Summer's are cooler indoors, while Winter's are warmer.
This blog is really only pertaining to windows that are not for day to day use. Rather about the windows in your home, condo, or apartment that are simply excessive.


For Centuries Tapestries have hung over a Castle's Windows, and this time is not any different. Area Rugs can be quite thick, which is key to increasing the r-values.
A single pane of .90 R (1/4 inch) can go as high as 3 with carpeting. (r-value .7-2.1 for carpets).


Cardboard is another method; covered by batting and fabric similar to a pillow. The r-value of cardboard is stated around 3-3.4, so with a typical thin quilt batting at approx 2 r-value; when rolled over 3-4 times. The r-value is closer to 5-5.4.


So, you will get a higher r-factor from the cardboard method, however the carpet method is quicker and easier. (if you double the carpet, then you could increase the value to 6, the same or more than the cardboard pillows.)

Bonus Factors

Sound proofing from the outdoors is another plus, esp. for shy singers.
Another bonus factor to consider is... the reduction of ozone-free light, light direct from the sun itself; which can be very dangerous. Bringing UV radiation, skin damage, cataracts, skin cancer, weakened immune systems etc.

Instructions for The Carpet Method:

Second Hand Carpet:
1.) Cut to specs, (be careful with the carpet shears or knife), leaving at least an inch extra on the top or botton
If the carpet slips or buckles, double the carpet and/or use a wooden stick diagonally to prop it up.

Instructions for The Cardboard Method:

Window pillows in effect, though slightly thinner than a normal pillow.
The No-Sew Method:
1.) Tape the carboard together, then wrap the batting and tie with a string,
2.) Cover with fabric and tie the fabric with a string.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Queen of France

Global Warming Footprint

windsor castle
Windsor Castle, from my ancestors.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

2 Metric Tons each per person per year is the ideal, in order to Stop Global Warming.
That reduction means:
All solar electricity including heating,
Limited car usage to none,
Self sufficient gardening with very limited to no grocery shopping,
No flights
No Mortgage or other loans
Reducing Insurance Costs to none.

Good Luck in your Tally...