Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Queen of France

Non-FBA Amazon Calculator Tool for Sellers: Prices, Costs & Earnings

Determine Profit Potential!

Media Cateogory, but can be edited for other fee cateogories.
  • You do need to know your fee category and usually there are 3 fees: referral, item, other
  • The top row place the prices of products you're offering.
  • List the products cost as a %.
  • Under the 2nd shipping fee, try to include misc: like packaging tape, boxes & envelope cost into the actual shipping.
  • Then... there's the answer for your profit potential.
  • The helpful bulk purchasing tool is at the bottom, for earnings potential on purchasing 1000 items, ie., were sold per price & purchase level, etc.
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Friday, September 1, 2023

Queen of France

Expenses and Net Worth Calculator

A Great Version

The benefit of this sheet is that it helps determine:
  • Up to 2 Properties: Selling stats, that help figure out your profit from the sale.
  • Equity of Properties if not selling.
  • Optional Savings inclusion: Ira, Savings, Brokerage: that can go towards Net Worth.
  • Easy Expense Handler for each Month, including Credit Cards, Utilities, Mortgage, etc: Each week providing the correct amount for your Checking Account.
  • Which cards to move an old Balance Transfer balance from, because their reduced % is almost over (within 3 months).
  • Which other cards and how much space is available on each of them, for the transfer(s).
  • Obviously, you will still need to keep a few details, like each Credit Card's Balance. Some banks offer link data of all card balances and that could help to maintain it, instead of visiting 5-7 websites. & if the Old Balance Transfer Amount has dropped, that would need to be updated occasionally for more exacting numbers.
  • Any extra amount after expenses that can go towards Credit Card Purchases, Balance Transfers, Mortgage, etc.
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One Drive or Google Drive

Monday, August 29, 2022

Queen of France

Climate Coalition Companies: Global Disasters & New City Building

global disaster planning
Avoiding The End of the World

Creation of the
"Coalition of Companies"

Formation of a bundled group of Major Companies, (publically traded companies)
that participate as New City-Building Sponsors offering Donations (overstocks, etc)
& those companies are given a Government Tax-Reduction Incentive for their participation, from the value of amounts donated.

Basic Plan to Start ASAP:

  • #1.) Emergency Tax-Reduction Incentive ruling, from Governments*, supplying the incentives to companies participating in the Disaster Coalition.
  • #2.) Then, Companies can rally into participation. "Add our Company to the list".
  • #3.) Begin use of the Fulfillment center, and Design planning offices described below.

"New City-Building" Task-Force Companies for the Coalition:

  • Delivery
  • Airlines.
  • Clothing
  • Tools (esp. buckets, shovels in the beginning)
  • Computers
  • Eco Utilities
  • Filtration
  • Geo Mapping Companies; for best locations
  • City Design & Building (software companies, etc.)
  • etc.
Likewise: Personal donations to the Climate Disaster Coalition will be direct, a sure "donation" rather than an unsure.
The Coalition of companies, 1 from each country & their major markets: US, CAC, FTSE, DAX,
Indirectly, people will invest in these companies, which will help the companies revenue power & strengthen World Markets.
"Diverting Economic Instability."
*Governments will actually be fine monetarily, from the tax-reduction incentive,
because, normal disaster work has been way too costly to taxpayers already.
Instead of Gov. money from the tax-payers, being spent on all these new disasters,
New money is routed via investors... towards the coalition companies,
bringing less expensive work for the governments.

The Coalition companies are supported by:

  • #1.) The Public (donations),
  • #2.) Investors (investments)
  • #3.) Government (incentives) for their participation.

To Start: Similar to the Salvation Army: Yet, Enhanced with Ecological City-Building

  • A large Fullfillment Center warehouse for supplies & goods to be received: & then items shipped to each "New Build" City zone.
  • Office group of the Fullfillment Center: keeps track of amounts donated per company. ie.

    Items donanted in monetary valuations: ie., Month: Oct, 2022
  • ie., 6 sewing machines (for clothing & tents): value $800 to JOAN.
  • ie., 30 solar panels & batteries (complete equip.): value: $10800 to TSLA.
  • ie., 600 used books (for schools): value: $3000 to AMZN (from unclaimed owner inventories).
  • Another office group that's staffed as the "Coalition Center", which keeps track of current planning and logistics per city. (work-at-homes also). New Exodus regions and map plotting for safe city grounds.

    "City Design"
  • Forms of habitation (homes & buildings),
  • Shopping venues,
  • Pedestrian paths,
  • Gardens,
  • Nearby fruit, vegetable & legume food sources,
  • & Transportation devices.

Environmental Benefits

Aside from just building a new city from donations, there is the new chance to be "ecological" enough, to attempt to stop the further increases of global warming.
Therese Vaux de la Fontaine
"The Queen of france"