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Queen of France

Surname update page

Updated 2017, July. with recent surnames, quite a few names are not yet listed here.

The older surnames include their full names, which helps with look-ups.

After the Rollo group and Capet group, there are many lines that precede for centuries more, such as The Holy Roman Emperors. My Grandmother & Grandfather 's lines meet at Richard I The Fearless Duke Of Normandy.

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My Grandfather's line: My Vaux Heredity is from: Scotland, England, France, Spain, Italy & Hungary

*a "blason" alteration and artisan update,is the gold and black crest, the one with the 3 bears, because it states animal cruelity.

Lines of the kings are inner-spersed with other names, (so far, the king's and queens are found thru either vaux-uchtred mcdowell-kennedy to the scottish kings, or vaux-rochette-mary may abernathy to england and france, etc.)

There are 3 de Vaux lines, that I've found so far, leading into Hubert seigneur de Vallibus de Vaux, 1035. However, only my particular surnames are listed below.

~gen. 5: Vaux, Shuttlesworth,

~gen. 6: Elizabeth Rockett,

~gen. 7: Brank, rockett, abernathy,

~gen. 8: Colville, carothers, 1725/1732,

~gen. 9: Hogue or Hoge, Landals, Ware, Abernathy III, Harwell, abernathy II,

~gen. 10: John Of Coagh, Vance, , Williamson, Hoge, Adams, Abernathy II, Tillman,

~gen. 11: Dr. Lancelot Francis Vance Vans, Euphemia Agnes Reiney or Bainey or Murray, Code Or Coode, Abernathy I, Cubisha/Coppage/Cabbage, Tilghman, Tilghman Austin, Berry Line to left,

~gen. 12: Sir John Vance, Shaw or Williams, Stevens, Code, Badcock, Abernathy Debarrie, Cabbage, Bell, Devonshire,

~gen. 13: Sir John Vans of Barnbarroch, Knight , Margaret Macdowell of Garthland, Drywood, Bligh, Copsey, Angers, Saunders, Blount, Devereaux Rich,

~gen. 14: Sir Patrick Vans of Barnbarroch, Laird of Barnbarroch, Kennedy, Uchtred MacDowall of Garthland, 10th Lord of Garthland, Margaret Stewart of Methven, Standon, Stewart, Cabbage, Benson, Leigh, Devereaux, Knollys, Pendreth,

~gen. 15: Sir John Vans of Barnbarroch, McCulloch, John MacDowall of Garthland, Campbell, Henry Stewart, 1st Lord of Methven, Janet Stewart, Countess Dowager of Sutherland, Keith, Perkyns Or Willougby, Hastings, Wheatonhall,

~gen. 16: Sir Patrick Vans of Barnbarroch, Laird of Barnbarroch, Kennedy, Uchtred MacDowall of Garthland, 8th Lord of Garthland, Marion Stewart of Garlies, Andrew Stewart, 1st Lord Avandale, Margaret Kennedy, Hay Of Erroll, Gray, Kebler, Sanders, Mackerness, Berkeley,

~gen. 17: Kennedy, Thomas MacDowall, younger of Garthland , Isobell Stewart of Garlies, Walter Stewart of Morphie, Elizabeth Arnot, John Kennedy, 2nd Lord Kennedy , Elizabeth Gordon, Lyon, Douglas, Berkeley, Saunders, Neville,

~gen. 18: Sir Blaise Vans of Barnbarroch, Laird of Barnbarroch, Shaw, Uchtred MacDowall of Garthland, 7th Lord of Garthland, Isobell Gordon of Lochinvar, Sir Walter Stewart of Lennox, Master of Fife, Janet Erskine, Gilbert Kennedy of Dunure, 1st Lord Kennedy, Catherine Maxwell of Glamis, Ogilvy, Gordon, Byron, Joan De Carew, Holt, De Neville, Fenne,

~gen. 19: Robert Vaux, Graham, Thomas MacDowall of Garthland, Murdoch Stewart, Duke Of Albany, Isabella, Countess of Lennox, Sir James Kennedy of Dunure the Younger, Mary of Scotland, Countess of Angus, Dundonald Castle, Dundonald, Ayrshire,, Dundonald Castle, Dundonald, Ayrshire,, Wylie, De Carew, Hayton, Fitzhugh, Edward Neville, 5th Lord Abergavenny, Beauchamps,

~gen. 20: John or Johannis de Vans, Kennedy of Dunure, Uchtred MacDowall of Garthland, 5th Lord of Garhland, Daughter of Robert Vans, Robert Stewart, 1st Duke of Albany , Countess of Menteith Margaret Menteith Stewart, Sir Gilbert Kennedy of Dunure, Agnes Maxwell of Pollok, King Of Scotland Robert Stewart III, Drummond, Abernathy, Borthwick, Fraser, Betteshorne, De Neville, De Beaufort Countess of Westmoreland,

~gen. 21: William de Vans, Douglas, Sir Thomas MacDowall of Garochloyne , Wallace of Auchinbothy, Robert II, king of Scots, Elizabeth Mure of Rowallan, Sir John Kennedy of Dunure, Mary Montgomery, De Keith, Heiress Of Troupe, Clivedon, Percy, John Of Gaunt, Swynford De Roet,

~gen. 22: Johannis de Vaux, Dominus de Dirleton, Fergus MacDowall of Garochloyne, 3rd Lord of Garochloyne, King Of Scotland Robert Stewart II, Mure, Sir Gilbert de Carrick (Kennedy), Agnes Maxwell of Pollok, Abernathy Debarrie, Fraser, Malemaynes, Eve De La Zouche, Baroness, King Of England 3, Hainhault,

~gen. 23: De Vaux, Dougall MacDowall of Garochloyne, 2nd Lord of Garochloyne, Bruce, Gilbert de Carrick , Mary de Carrick, Synton, De Ferrers, De La Zouche, Of Haryngworth, De Cantelou, King Of England 2, Isabele Of England Et France, William De Hainaut, Joan Of Valois,

~gen. 24: Johannes de Vallibus, Of Strathearn, Dougal (Dubhghall) MacDowall of Garochloyne, 2nd Laird of Garochloyne, De Burgh, Roland de Carrick, of Carrick, Mathilda de Levington, Seton, Tuitt, Isabel Fitzrichard, William De Ferrers 5th Earl Of Derby, Margaret De Quincy, De La Zouche, Biset, King Of England 1, Eleanor of Castile, King Philip IV Of France “The Fair”, Joan I Of Navarre, De Hainhault, Philippa De Luxembourg, Charles Of Valois, Margaret Countess Of Anjou,

~gen. 25: Comyn, Fitzrobert, Donald MacDowall of Garochloyne, 1st Lord of Garochloyne, Macrory, Niall mac Dhonnchad, 2nd Earl of Carrick, Margaret Stewart, Countess of Carrick, Marshall, De Berkeleyns, Joan De Somery, William De Ferrers 4th Earl Of Derby, Lady Agnes De Keveliock, Le Meschines, De Belmeis, Henry III of England, Eleanor of Provence, Ferdinand III Of Castile, Joan Countess Of Ponthieu, King Philip III Of France “The Bold”, Isabella Of Aragon, John I Of Avenes, Adelaide Of Holland, Henry V of Luxembourg, Margaret of Bar, King Philip III Of France “The Bold”, Isabella Of Aragon, Charles II Of Naples, Mary Of Hungary,

~gen. 26: Randulph de Vaux, of Tremayne, De Graham, Dougal MacDowall, Fitzalan, De Angus, Donnchadh I mac Gilbert, 1st Earl of Carrick, Avelina (FitzAlan) mac Gilbert, De Courcy, Maurice Fitzrobert Fitzharding, Alice De Berkeley, William De Ferrers 3rd Earl Of Derby, Sybil De Braose, Hugh de Kevelioc, 5th Earl of Chester, Bertrade De Montfort, De La Zouche De Porhoet And Rohan, De Bretagne, John, King of England, Isabella, Countess of Angoulême, Alfonso IX Of Leon, Berangaria Of Castile, King Louis IX Of France, Margaret Of Provence, Bouchard Iv Of Avesnes, Margaret Ii Of Flanders, Floris IV Count Of Holland, Matilda Of Brabant, Waleran III, Duke of Limburg, Joan Of Valois, Charles I Of Naples, Beatrice of Provence, Stephen V Of Hungary, Elizabeth The Cuman,

~gen. 27: "Hubert de Vallibus", "Lord of Gilsland", "baron of gillesland", De Vallibus De Vaux, Grecia (Grace) of CUMBERLAND, Uchtred mac Fergus, Lord of Galloway , Gunhild, of Allerdale, Fitzwalter, Marr, Gilbert mac Fergus, Lord of Galloway, Aufrica of Fife, Fitz De Carew, Robert Fitzrobert Fitzharding, Fitzestmond, Robert De Ferrers Earl Of Derby, Margaret Peverel, Ranulf de Gernon, 4th Earl of Chester, Fitzrobert, De La Zouche De Porhoet, Anne De Leon, Alain Iv Fergant, Duc De Bretagne, Ermangarde D'anjou, Henry II, King of England, Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine, Ferdinand II Of Leon, Urraca Of Portugal, King Louis VIII Of France “the Lion”, Blanche Of Castile, Nicholas D'oisy Lord Of Avesnes, Matida De La Roche, William I Of Holland, Adelaide Of Guelders, Henry III of Limburg, King Louis VIII Of France “the Lion”, Blanche Of Castile, Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Provence and Forcalquier, Beatrice of Savoy, Bela IV Of Hungary, Maria Laskarina, Gertrude Of Merania,

~gen. 28: Lord Harold de Vaux of Normandy, Miss De Munchensy, Fergus, Lord of Galloway, Elizabeth FitzRoy, Fitzwilliam De Carew, De Courcy, Harding, Lividia, Robert Iii De Ferrers Earl Of Derby, Hawsie De Vitre, Ranulf le Meschin, 3rd Earl of Chester, Lucia Of Mercia, Robert De Caen; Robert Fitzroy, 1st Earl of Gloucester, Maud Fitz Hamon, Hoel V De Cornouille, Hawise De Bretagne, Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou, Empress Matilda, Alfonso VII Of Leon And Castile, Berenguela Of Barcelona, King Phillip II Of France, Isabelle Of Hainaut, Alfonso VIII Of Castile & Toledo, Eleanor of England, Walter I Lord Of Avesnes, Ada Of Tournai, Floris III Of Holland, Ada Of Huntingdon, Henry II, Matilda of Saffenberg, Alfonso II, Count of Provence, Garsenda, Countess of Forcalquier, Thomas I of Savoy, Margaret of Geneva, Andrew II Of Hungary, Gertrude Of Merania,

~gen. 29: De Vaux III, Fitzgerald , Fitzrichard Or Fitztancred, Eadnoth, Henry De Ferrers, Earl Of Derby, Bertha De L'aigle, Ranulph,”De Briquessart” , Ranulf the Viscount, Margaret Goz, Henry I 'Beauclerc', King Of England, Elizabeth De Bellomont, Fitz Hamon, Allarum, Alain Caqniart De Bretagne, Judith De Nantes, Alain Iii Of Bretagne, Bertha De Blois, Fulk, King of Jerusalem, Ermengarde, Countess of Maine, Raymond Of Burgandy, Urraca Of Leon And Castile, King Louis VII Of France, Adele Of Champagne, Sansho III, Blanche of Navarre, Dirk VI Of Holland, Sophia Of Rheineck, Sophie of Salm, Countess of Bentheim, Henry Of Scotland Earl Of Huntingdon, Ada Of Warenne, Waleran, Duke of Lower Lorraine, Joan Of Valois, Alfonso II King of Aragon, Sancha of Castile, Umberto III Count of Savoy “The Blessed”, Bela III Of Hungary, Agnes Of Antioch,

~gen. 30: De Vaux , De Carew, Marrio Fitz Gerald De Carew (de Montgomery), Walchelin De Ferrieres, Seigneur De Ferrers & Chambrais, Mahaut De Durbury, Guillaume (William) I “The Conquerer”, De Normandie, King Of England, Matilda De Flanders, Queen Of England, Geoffroi I Of Bretagne, Hawisa (hedweg) De Bretagne, Fulk IV of Anjou , Bertrade de Montfort, William I “The Great”, Count of Burgundy, Stephanie, King Louis VI Of France “le Gros”, Adelaide Of Maurienne, Floris II Of Holand, Petronilla Of Lorraine, Otto I, Count of Salm, Mother Gertrud Of Northeim, David I King Of Scotland, Maud Of Northumbria Countess Of Huntingdon, William De Warenne 2nd Earl Of Surrey, Elizabeth De Vermandois, Henry, Duke of Lower Lorraine, Adelheid von Botenstein, Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona, Petronilla, Queen of Aragon, Amadeus III of Savoy, Mahaut of Albon, Geza II Of Hungary, Euphrosyne Of Kiev,

~gen. 31: De Vaux III, Fitz-Walters, De Munchensi, De Munchensi, Gerald Fitzwalter De Windsor, Nesta Frech Rhys, Princess Of Deheubarth, Henry De Ferrieres, Duc Robert “The Magnificent” De Normandy, Herleve De Falaise, De Bretagne, Allarum, Richard I “san Peur” De Normandy, Un-Named Mistress, Geoffrey II, Count of Gâtinais, Ermengarde of Anjou, Duchess of Burgundy, Renaud I (Reginald) Count Of Burgandy, Alice Of Normandy, King Philip I Of France “the Amorous”, Bertha Of Holland, Dirk V Count Of Holland, Othelhilde, Theodoric II, Duke of Lorraine, Hedwige of Formbach, Hermann of Salm, Sophia of Formbach, Malcolm III King Of Scotland, Margaret Of England, Waltheof Earl Of Northumbria, Judith Of Lens, William De Warenne 1st Earl Of Surrey, Gundred, Hugh Of France Count Of Vermandois, Adela Of Vermandois, Waleran I of Limburg, Jutta of Lower Lorraine, Ramon Berenguer III The Great, Count of: Barcelona, Girona & Ausona, Beysalu, Cerdanya, Provence & Holy Roman Empire, Douce I, Countess of Provence, Humbert II of Savoy, Gisela of Burgundy, Bela II Of Hungary, Helena Of Rascia,

~gen. 32: De Vaux , Munchensi, Fitzotho, Engenulf De Ferrieres, Richard II “Le Bon” De Normandie , Duke Of., Judith De Rennes, De Bretagne, Hugues du Perche, Count of Gâtinais, Béatrice de Mâcon, Otto-Wiliam Count Of Burgandy, Ermentrude Of Reims And Roucy, King Henry I Of France, Anne Of Kiev, Floris I Of Holland, Gertude Of Saxony, Gérard, Duke of Lorraine, Hedwige of Namur, Giselbert of Luxembourg, Duncan I, King of Alba, Frederick, Duke of Lower Lorraine, Gerberga, Ramon Berenguer II, Count of Barcelona, Matilda of Apulia, Amadeus II of Savoy, Joan of Geneva, Almos Of Hungary, Predslava Of Kiev,

~gen. 33: Munchensi, Sonstable Otheus De Stanwell, Saxon Baron Of England, Richard I “Sans Peur” De Normandie, Gonner D'arques, Fulcois, the Count of Perche, Melisende, Adalbert Of Ivrea (Italy), Gerberga Of Macon, King Robert II Of France “the Pious”, Constance Of Arles, Dirk III, Count of Holland, Othelindis, Bernard II, Duke of Saxony, Eilika of Schweinfurt, Gérard de Bouzonville, Gisela, Frederick of Luxembourg, Crínán of Dunkeld, Ermentrude, Countess of Gleiberg, Ramon Berenguer I, Count of Barcelona, Almodis de La Marche, Otto, Count of Savoy, Adelaide, Margravine of Turin; of Suza, Geza I Of Hungary, Sofia,

~gen. 34: Baron Otterus Gherardini, Wiliam I “longsword” De Normandie, Sprota De Vermandois, Fulcuich, Count of Mortagne, Melisende, Viscountess of Châteaudun, Berengar Of Ivrea “King Otto”, Willa Of Tuscany, Hugh Capet, Adelaide Of Aquitaine, Arnulf, Luitgard of Luxemburg, Bernard I, Duke of Saxony, Hildegard, Henry of Schweinfurt, Gerberga of Gleiberg, Siegfried of Luxembourg, Count of the Ardennes, Hedwig of Nordgau, Berenguer Ramon I the Crooked, Sancha Sanchez, Humbert I of Savoy, Ancilla of Lenzburg, Bela I Of Hungary, Richeza or Adelaide Of Poland, Richeza was Queen of Hungary, King Mieszko II Lambert ,

~gen. 35: Gange-Hrólfr 'Rollo' of Normandy, Poppa of Bayeaux, Rotrou, Seigneur de Nogen, Adalbert I King Of Italy (Ivrea), Gisela Of Friuli, Hugh The Great, Hedwige Of Saxony, Dirk II, Hildegarde of Flanders, Siegfried of Luxembourg, Count of the Ardennes, Hedwig of Nordgau, Herman, Oda, Berthold of Schweinfurt, Eilika of Walbeck, Ramon Borrell, Count of Barcelona, Ermesinde of Carcassonne, Amadeus, Count of Belley, Vazul, Lady Of The Clan Tatony, Adelaides father, Casimir II The Just, Helen of Znojmo,

~gen. 36: Ragnvald Eysteinsson, Earl of Møre, Anscar I of Ivrea, Margrave of Ivrea, Willa Of Tuscany, Dirk I, Geva, Wigeric of Lotharingia, Cunigunda, Count Billung von Stubenskorn, Ermengarde of Nantes, Popponids, Borrell II Count of Barcelona, Letgarda de Rouergue, Michael,

~gen. 37: Eystein Ivarsson the Noisy Glumra , Ásdís (Ascrida) Ragnvaldsdóttir, House of Billung, Sunyar Count of Barcelona, Taksony,

~gen. 38: Ivar Halfdansson, Opplendingejarl , House of Barcelona, Zoltan, Menumoruts, Un-Named Daughter,

~gen. 39: Arpad,


Mother's side: My Grandfather's Mother's Line: from England, Germany, France, & Switzerland


~gen. 5: Easterly,

~gen. 6: Davis, Farmer,

~gen. 7: Kyle, Berry, Fudge, Pankey,

~gen. 8: Isbell, Temple Kyle, Harpine, Burkhalter, Smith,

~gen. 9: Thomas , Isbell Sr., Callaway, Taylor Calloway, Taylor, Lewis, Zirkle, Gregory, Burkhalter Ii, Denzler, Panky Panetier, Hampton, Bryant,

~gen. 10: Mann, Pope Or Crudup, Isbell, Cox, Calloway, Woodson, Gray, Burkhalter I, Sr, Walthers, Wettstein, Neilsen, Panetierre, Mrs. John Panetierre, Bayley,

~gen. 11: Lewis, Cary, Hooker, William De Berry, Herbeine, Feeld, Schenkel, Panetier, Stokes, Bailey,

~gen. 12: Cocke, Bolitho, Cary, Milner, Turner, Wetzstein, Binderin, Claveau,

~gen. 13: Pearce, Pascoe, Taylor, Ball, Pantier Or Panetier, Garnier Or Lavillan,

~gen. 14: Phillip, Avies, Harry, Hobson, Bergerat,

~gen. 15: Pears, Johen, Florence, Constance, Goodall, Hargrave,

~gen. 16: Edwards, Dennis,

~gen. 17: Herle,

~gen. 18: Huddy,

~gen. 19: Paulet,

~gen. 20: Orchard,

~gen. 21: Hankeford,

~gen. 22: Holloway,

~gen. 23:

~gen. 24: L'arckendeke,


My Mother's side: My Grandmother's Father's line: from England & Ireland & Norway


~gen. 5: Thomas,

~gen. 6: Libby,

~gen. 7: Grove, Knowles,

~gen. 8: Blake, Berry,

~gen. 9: Bennett, Knowles,

~gen. 10: Wallace Or Wallis, Drake, Wallis,

~gen. 11: Mrs Jane Drake, Goddard, Locke Hermin,

~gen. 12: Lybbye, Jane Drake, Welthen, Thaddeus John Hermins, Locke,

~gen. 13: Zevie, Baron, Merrylls, Christopher Locke Of Pensfeld, Anne Sackville,

~gen. 14: Browne, Everard, Matthew Locke Of Pensfeld, Catherine Seymour,

~gen. 15: Butler (Boteler), Lok, Anne, Edward Seymour, 1st Duke Of Somerset Brother To: Jane Seymour Queen Consort Of England Wife Of King Henry VIII, Lady Anne Seymour, Duchess Of Somerset (entombed In Westminster Abbey-Father Is Stanhope),

~gen. 16: Sewy, Sir John Boteler Kt., Locke, Cooke, Sir John Seymour Of Wulfhall, Margery Wentworth, Sir Edward Stanhope, Of Rampton & Houghton, Kt, Elizabeth Bourchier Page,

~gen. 17: Boteler, Wilcocke, Sir John Seymour, Darrell, Thomas Stanhope, Margaret Mary Jernegan, Fulk Bourchier, 10th Lord Fitzwarin, Elizabeth Dynham,

~gen. 18: Langston, Bulstrode, John Seymour, Sheriff Of Wiltshire; , Coker, Sir John Stanhope, Sheriff Of Nottingham And Stanhope, Elizabeth Talbot, William Bourchier, 9th Baron Fitzwarin , Thomasine Bourchier, Heiress, 9th Baroness Fitzwarin,

~gen. 19: Sir Ralph Butler Of Badminton, De Berwyk, John Langston, III, Margaret Danvers, John Locke, Sheriff Of London , Elizabeth Valdrian Or Dame Yorke, Lady / Baroness Isabel Seymour Macwilliam, Richard Stanhope, II, Of Rampton, Elizabeth 'Isabella' Markham, William Bourchier, 1st Count Of Eu , Anne Of Gloucester, Countess Of Stafford,

~gen. 20: Nicolas Drake II, Grenville, James Butler 3rd Earl Of Ormond, Anne Butler Countess Of Ormond, John Langston Jr, Denton, John De Brancestre Danvers-"John D'anvers"- Lord Of Ipswell & Oxfordshire And Earl Of Waterstock, Joan Mauntell (Bruley), Locke, Roger Seymour, Of Hatch Beauchamp , Maud Esturmy, Sir Richard Stanhope, Kt., Mp, Joanna De Staveley, Sir William De Bourchier , Eleanor De Louvain, Countess Of Essex, Thomas Of Woodstock, 1st Duke Of Gloucester, Lady Eleanor De Bohun,

~gen. 21: Nicolas Drake I, James Butler 2nd Earl Of Ormond, Elizabeth Hereford Countess Of Ormond, Grimsby, John Langston Sr, Grimsby, Webb, Richard Danvers, De Brancestor, Sir John Bruley Of Broncroft Castle , Quartermain, William Seymour Mp, Brockbury, John Stanhope, Sir, Elizabeth Maulovel, Robert De Bourchier, 1st Baron Bourchier, Lord Chancellor Of England, Baroness Margaret De Prayers, Countess Of Essex, Sir John De Lovaine, Of Little Easton, Margaret De Louvaine (de Weston), Edward III Of England , Philippa Of Hainault, Queen Consort Of England, Humphrey De Bohun, 7th Earl Of Hereford, Joan Fitzalan, Countess Of Hereford,

~gen. 22: Roger Drake, James Butler (Boteler) 1st Earl Of Ormond, Eleanor De Bohun Countess Of Ormonde, Langston, John D'anvers Of Bourton & Ipswell , Isabel De La Lee, Sir John De Brancestor, Knight, Russell, Roger Seymour De St Maur, Beauchamps, Richard Stanhope, Alice Stanhope (Houghton), Sir John Bourchier, Kt. , Helen De Colchester, Sir Thomas De Prayers (de Praers), Knight, Margaret De Essex, Thomas Fitz Matthew De Louvaine, Knight, Joan De Basing, Sir Thomas Weston, Kinght, William De Bohun, 1st Earl Of Northampton, Elizabeth De Badlesmere, Countess Of Northampton,

~gen. 23: Joan Butler Countess Carrick, Simon D'anvers Of Bourton & Tetworth , Alice Opswell, William De La Lee, Isabel, John Or William De Brancestre, The Goldsmith, Sybill De Brancestre, Catherine, Roger Seymour De St Maur (II), Damarell, Ellota De Longvilliers, Sir Richard De Hoghton, Mp, Sybil De Lea, Lady Of Mollington, Robert De Bourchier, Knight, Emma, Walter De Colchester, Joan De Colchester (Munchensy), Richard De Praers, Johanna Crewe, Matthew II De Louvaine, Maud De Louvaine, Sir John De Weston Of Weston And Newton, Lady Isabella De Bromley, Humphrey VIII De Bohun, 4th Earl Of Herford, Elizabeth Of Rhuddlan, Countess Of Hereford,

~gen. 24: Theobald Le Botiller 4th Chief Butler Of Ireland, Joan Fitzgeoffrey, Robert D'anvers Of Bourton, Ipswell & Chiselhampton, Nn D’anvers, Agnes, Alan De Brancestre , Imania De Brancestre, William Quartermain II, Maude Quartermaine, Guy De Bretton*, Jon De Bretton, William De St Maur Boyvill, Walter De Stanhope, Margaret De Longvilliers, William De Longvilliers, Bertha Markham, Sir Adam De Houghton III, Knight, Avicia / Aurelia Howick De Hoghton, Robert De Clifford, Mariota De Wytewell, Roger Munchensy, Agatha Munchensy, Randle Praers, Amiceia De Galtha, De Crewe, Avice De Crewe, Matthew I De Lovaine (van Leuven), Knight, Muriel (Amy) De Lovaine/De Grey, Hugh De Weston, Sir, Agnes De Weston, Humphrey VII De Bohun, Maude De Fiennes,

~gen. 25: Sir Adam De Houghton, II, Mabille De Clifford, Roger De Wytewell, Hubert De Munchensy, Muriel De Munchensy (De Valoines), Margaret De Prayers, Amice Cheshire, Sir Godfrey De Lovaine, Of Little Easton , Alice De Louvain Heir (Fitzwilliam De Hastings) , Sir Hugh De Weston, Sarah De Weston, Humphrey Vi De Bohun, Earl Of Hereford And Essex, Eleanor De Bohun (de Braose),

~gen. 26: Adam De Hocton, I , Agnes Hocton, I De Bussell, Page, Roger Of Stanstead De Munchensy, Of Stanstead, Matilda De Vaux, Count Godfrey Lll Of Leuven, Landgrave Of Brabant, Imagina Van Leuven, I, Sir Hugh ' The Palmer' De Weston, Matilda De Brereton, Humphrey V De Bohun, Earl Of Hereford & Essex, Mahaut De Lusignan, Countess Of Hereford,

~gen. 27: Wilus Alias Richard De Hoghton, Widow Favarre, Robert De Vallibus, Baron Dalton, Agnes Fitzwalter, Count Godfrey II Of Lorraine, Landgrave Of Brabant, Marquis Of Antwerp, Duke Of Lower Lorraine, Lutgardis Von Sulzbach, Duchess Of Lower Lorraine, Sir John De Weston, Isolda De Weston, Henry De Bohun, Fifth Baron, Surety For The Magna Carta, Maud Fitzgeoffrey De Mandeville, Countess Of Essex,

~gen. 28: Hamo Pincerna, Le Botelier, Maud De Bussell, Seigneur Robert (Harold) De Vallibus De Vaux, Beatrice De Munchensy, Ralph Fitzwalter, Matilda De Langetot, Henry II Of Louvain, Count Of Louvain, Adela Van Leuven In De Betuwe, Sir Hamon De Weston, Agnes De Orreby, Lady, Humphrey Iv (III) De Bohun, Constable Of England, Earl Of Hereford, Margaret De Huntingdon, Princess Of Scotland,

~gen. 29: Hervey Walter II Of Weeton, Matilda Walter, Robert De Vaux, Treyermayne And Ada De Vaux, Ada De Vaux, Hubert De Munchensy, II, 1st Wife Of Hubert Montchesnes (granddaughter Of Aslac) , Walter Fitzponce, Ralph De Langetot I, Lambert II 'the Belted', Count Of Leuven, Brussels And Ada (Oda) De Lorraine, Robert Fitzralph De Weston, Sibyl De Landa, Humphrey III (II) De Bohun, Lord Of Hereford, Margaret De Hereford, Henry Of Scotland, Ada De Warenne, Countess Of Huntingdon,

~gen. 30: Hervey Walter De Clare, I, N.N. De Caen, Harold De Vaux Of Normandy, Hubert De Munchensy, I, Piers (Peter) De Valognes, I, Albreda De Rie, Guillaume De Normandy, Lambert I, Count Of Louvain, Gerberge, Ralph Fitzurnoi De Weston, Margaret De Weston, Humphrey II "The Great" De Bohun, 1st Baron Of Trowbridge; 2nd B.Of Tatterford, Maud (Matilda) D'evreux, Of Salisbury, David I, King Of Scots, Maud /Matilda De Senlis, Countess Of Huntingdon,

~gen. 31: Lord Gilbert Fitz Richard De Clare, Lord Of Clare, Tonbridge, And Cardigan , Adeliza De Claremont, Robert De Vaux, Treyermayne; Ranulf De Vaux, Aitard De Vaux, Norfolk, Hubert De Monte Caniso , Enguerrand De Ponthieu, II Comte De Montreuil Et De Ponthieu, Adelaide Of Normandy, Countess Of Aumale, Hubert De Rie, Steward Of Normandy, Albreda De Harcourt, Régnier III, Comte De Hainaut, Adele Comtesse D'equisheim, Urnoi "The Saxon" Weston, Agatha De Weston, Lady, Humphrey "The Bearded" Or "The Old" De Bohun I, Margaret De Hereford, Malcolm III, 'Canmore', King Of Scots, Saint Margaret, Queen Of Scots,

~gen. 32: Richard Fitzgilbert De Bienfaite, Lord Of Clare And Of Tonbridge, Rohese Giffard De Longueville, Humbert Monte Caniso , Hugues II, Comte De Ponthieu, Berthe D'aumale, Dame D'aumale, Robert I "the Magnificent", Duke Of Normandy, Herleva Of Falaise, Eudes Fitz Geoffroi De Ries, Honfroi, Seigneur De Vieilles , Auberee De La Haye, Dame De Brothoune, Reginar II, Count Of Hainaut, Adélaïde Of Burgundy, Kadielpuus De Weston, Agatha De Weston, Richard De Meri De Meri, (de Bohon), Billeheude De Saint Sauveur, Duncan I, King Of Scots,

~gen. 33: Gilbert De Brionne Comte D'eu, N.N., Enguerrand I "Isembart", Comte De Ponthieu, Adelina Of Holland, Guerinfrey D'aumale, Seigneur D'aumale, Emergarde D'auvergne, Richard II "the Good", Duke Of Normandy, Judith Of Brittany, Thorold, Seigneur De Pont-Audemer, Wevia De Crépon, Routot De La Hay, Eva De La Haye, Reginar I "Longneck", Duke Of Lorraine And Count Of Hainault, Alberade De Mons, Duchesse De Basse Lorraine, Crínán Of Dunkeld, Bethóc Ingen Maíl Coluim Meic Cináeda,

~gen. 34: Geoffrey De Brionne, Count Of Eu & Brionne , N.N. Brione, Hugo I Van Ponthieu, Gisèle De France, Arnulf "Gandensis" Van Holland, Luitgard Of Luxembourg, Hugues Capet, Roi Des Francs, Adélaïde D'aquitaine, Reine Des Francs, Richard I, 'The Fearless', Duke Of Normandy, Gunnor, Duchess Of Normandy, Conan I Le Fort De Bretagne, Ermengarde (Anjou) De Bretagne, Torfe "the Rich" De Harcourt, Eremberge, Dame De Briquebec, Giselbert I, Count Of Maasgau, Princess Ermengarde De Lorraine, Duncan Of Atholl, Mormaer Of Atholl,

~gen. 35: Richard I, 'The Fearless', Duke Of Normandy, Concubine, Hilduinus (Hildouin III) Van Ponthieu, Hersende La Pieuse Van Ponthieu, Countess Of Arcis, Hugues Capet, Roi Des Francs, Adélaïde D'aquitaine, Reine Des Francs, Dirk II, Count In Holland, Hildegarde, Countess Of Ghent, Siegfried I, Count Of Luxembourg, Hedwig Of Nordgau, Hugh The Great, Hedwige Of Saxony, Judicaël De Bayeux, Comte De Rennes, Anslec De Bastembourg, Seigneur De Briquebec, Gilette 'the Dane' De Beaumont, Giselbert Van De Bidgouw, Duncan Mac Donachadh, Abthane Of Dule,

~gen. 36: "William I Longsword" Fitzrobert, Sprota De Vermandois, Hugh The Great, Hedwige Of Saxony, Dirk I, Graaf In Holland , Gerberge, Heiress Of Friesland, Arnulf I The Great, Count Of Flanders, Adele Of Vermandois, Héribert II, Count Of Vermandois , Adèle De France, Wigerich, Pfalzgraf Von Lothringen, Cunigunda, Countess Of Trèves & Ardennes, Pascweten II Comte De Rennes, Rollo Thurstan Hrollagersson, "Brico", Gerlotte De Blois, Duncan Of Strathearn, Priest Of Dule,

~gen. 37: Gange-Hrólfr 'Rollo' Of Normandy, Poppa Of Bayeaux, Baldwin II "the Bald", Count Of Flanders , Ælfthryth, Countess Of Flanders, Lietgardis De Troyes, King Alan I King Of Brittany, Hrollager Rognvaldsson, Emina D'ávranches, Thibaud L'ancien, Comte De Blois, Richilde Of Bourges,

~gen. 38: Ragnvald Eysteinsson, Earl Of Møre, Baldwin I "Iron-Arm", Count Of Flanders , Judith, Countess Of Flanders, Alfred The Great, King Of The Anglo-Saxons, Ealhswith, Pepin II Seigneur De Senlis, De Peronne & De Saint-Quentin, Possible Cunegonde De Senlis De Valois, Count Redoredh Berenger, Of Nantes, Aremburge D"Ancenes, Eremberge, Dame De Briquebec, Baldwin I "Iron-Arm", Count Of Flanders , Judith, Countess Of Flanders, Gerlotte De Blois, Hugues II, Count Of Bourges, Rothilde Of The Franks,

~gen. 39: Eystein Ivarsson The Noisy Glumra , Ásdís (Ascrida) Ragnvaldsdóttir, Charles II "the Bald", Western Emperor, Ermentrude Of Orléans, Queen Of The Franks, Aethelwulf, King Of Wessex , Osburga, Queen Consort Of Wessex, Bernard, King Of Lombardy, Cunigundis, Erispoe II Duke Of Brittany De Poher, Marmoec De Poher, Mistress Of Ragnvald, Étienne (Stephen), Count Of Bourges, Richilde,

~gen. 40: Ivar Halfdansson, Opplendingejarl , Louis I, The Pious, Judith Of Bavaria, Odo I, Count Of Orléans , Ingeltrude Of The Franks Of Orleans, Egbert, King Of Wessex, Rædburh, Queen Consort Of Wessex, "Pépin" Carloman, King Of Italy, Mistress Of Pepin, Nominoe De Poher Bretagne King Of Brittany (Desposyni Line 300 Ad), Argentia Verch De Bretagne, Hugues I, Count Of Bourges, Bava Of De Bourges,


My Mother's side: My Grandmother's Mother's line: from England & Denmark


~gen. 5: Christensen,

~gen. 6: Friend, Thorwald Christensen,

~gen. 7: Standen, Crittenden, Thranum, Andersen,

~gen. 8: Latter, Barnes, Norris, Climset, Kjeldsen, Madsen, Christiansen, Pedersen, Christensen Kragh, Olesen,

~gen. 9: Dunck, Diplock, Jervois, Jarvis Or Jerrais, King, Cornes, Jensen, Jensen, Johandatter, Neilsen, Hansen, Andersen,

~gen. 10: Jensen, Parsons, Diplock Or Duplock, Durrant, Wilson, Bennett, Burtenshaw Or Birkenshaw, Christen Mrs Kjeldsen, Thomesen, Madsen, Kieldsen, Madsen, Kieldsen, Nielsen, Sorensen, Clausen, Svendsen,

~gen. 11: Turner, Jupp, Ollisen, Ollisen, Lyby, Simonsen, Berthelsen, Neilsen (plete), Jensdatter, Eriksen,

~gen. 12: Simon, Mrs. Simon, Berthel, Neils, (hiulmand) Jensen, Pedersdatter, Mr., Mrs., Plette Andersen, Mrs.Jens Andersen, Andersen,

~gen. 13: Jens, Plete Mrs.Anders


From my Father's Line:

*New Surnames from the northern Spain & Basque Regions; Guipuzcoa, & Aranaz, Navarre, Kingdom Of Castille

Thompson, Guyonne, Parra, Melendrez, Valle*, Del Carbajal, Sayre, Orcasitos, Colomo, Enrique, Rodriguez, Zubiate*, Sagardia*, De Llescas* , Ruiz*

Ovante de Jesus Perez, Jennings, de la Fontaine, de Ovante de Perez, Fausel

My Father's side: My Grandfather's Father's Line: from Spain


~gen. 6: Parra, Melendrez,

~gen. 7: Valle, Del Carbajal, Sayre, Orcasitos,

~gen. 8: De Aguirre, Colomo, Enrique

~gen. 9: Rodriguez,

~gen. 10: Zubiate,

~gen. 11: Sagardia, De Llescas

~gen. 12: Ruiz,

~gen. 4: Enriquez,


My Father's side: My Grandmother's Mother's Line: from France


~gen. 4: Guyonne, Jennings,

~gen. 5: Ovante De Jesus Perez,

~gen. 6: De La Fontaine, De Ovante De Perez,

~gen. 7: Fausel, De La Fontaine