Friday, September 1, 2023

Queen of France

Expenses and Net Worth Calculator

A Great Version

The benefit of this sheet is that it helps determine:
  • Up to 2 Properties: Selling stats, that help figure out your profit from the sale.
  • Equity of Properties if not selling.
  • Optional Savings inclusion: Ira, Savings, Brokerage: that can go towards Net Worth.
  • Easy Expense Handler for each Month, including Credit Cards, Utilities, Mortgage, etc: Each week providing the correct amount for your Checking Account.
  • Which cards to move an old Balance Transfer balance from, because their reduced % is almost over (within 3 months).
  • Which other cards and how much space is available on each of them, for the transfer(s).
  • Obviously, you will still need to keep a few details, like each Credit Card's Balance. Some banks offer link data of all card balances and that could help to maintain it, instead of visiting 5-7 websites. & if the Old Balance Transfer Amount has dropped, that would need to be updated occasionally for more exacting numbers.
  • Any extra amount after expenses that can go towards Credit Card Purchases, Balance Transfers, Mortgage, etc.
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