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"Llywelyn The Great" & His Not So Good

llywellan the great
Llywelyn The Great

I wanted Better for "The Great"

Disappointed, with the "Great Llywelyn": "Llywelyn Fawr", "Llywelyn ab Iorwerth", "Prince of Wales" & "Llewelyn Mawr". He was a man brought to anger and hatreds too fierce.
A jealousy enough, great enough to destroy any reputation he had from winning battles and conquering Kingdoms.
It's a sorrowful place and time back then 1199 when men killed in battle often. Nearly each warrior had murdered another.
Imagine going to the market, and the men around you had all killed someone. It was a terrible historical age of passion, impatience and no-stop to the ego of conquering.

What Happened?

His wife, daughter of King John (already deceased) cheated on him with a man named, either "Gwilym Brewys" or "William de Braose". In Llywellans mind, his defense of a cheated-heart, ... he had the man hung, and his wife "Lady Joan of England & Snowdon" spent 1 yr imprisoned. All for having an affair.
Dolwyddelan Castle
Dolwyddelan Castle of his Birth


Today, this king action would have been a crime, yet back then they were allowed to rule in wicked ways. Including using morality from the religion of the given time, to rule over the life and death of man.
Llywellan was a great conqueror and did quest many lands, some with King John, as his ally, and some not.
Meanwhile, his character did not prove anything but to be spiteful, enforced by his puritanical mindset.
Using "the purity" issue as his best defense, giving him rights to be "righteous". Only proves he was only a follower of the era... and not a changer of the human character, for the better.
Way too aggressive to hang the man, and too aggressive to jail her for 1 yr.
Morality is morality, and he could have cast her aside, and found another more honest wife, like other Kings. Instead, he lived in his bitter, and made her a "moral war" on the home front of Wales.
Imagine the tension, where all must live in a near-church environment, no chance of "eyes to another","no flirting allowed". Adultery, equaling a dead man.
A Jealousy that went too Far


Where I see his actions as that of a coward, the ruling church would have gone along with him. Leaving him as being: "In the Right" to kill, with their moral-reasoning.
True, that by keeping her imprisoned for 1 yr he insured that any child she bore, would not be his. ...&... There's no mention of a birth while she was in prison. However, chances are with this strict "fashion of morality", any infant she bore would have been killed, as an objection to the King.
As much, and as "exciting" it is, to find the former Kings, thus far about 25 Welsh King Crowns, (from my lines). It bodes the question of their temperance, their devout organization of self and reason.
It was a brutal response, not thought-out, merely proving that Llywelyan was on edge, and would kill others for various reasons, & not only reasons of battle.
Respect is lost on him, not a judge-wise, not a thinker of human frailty and misdemeanors. Instead, just a thug reaction. Too impassioned into vengeance. "Nobody ever wrongs me". An attitude of a weak-ruler, a ruler who required the "negative example", to bring fear to all others.
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