Monday, October 12, 2020

Queen of France

Starting an Edible Garden for Desert Arroyos

My Hillside Arroyo

It's a small arroyo, but heading towards being a forest garden;
where many edible plants and fruit trees can survive.
The planting routine; which could be implemented on the many desert arroyos already within the city of El Paso; by creating tiers.
Tier planting has gone on for "Thousands of Years", & there's no reason why El Pasoan's couldn't join in like the centuries & centuries of others.
From Italy, to Portugal to Greece to Spain's heavily touristed desert islands, some of the most illylic places on this planet, boast their beautiful agriculture for the natives and visitors to gawk at.
The City of El Paso has no right to forgo such an obvious attraction.
Not only Pleasing to the eye, but a sustainable agriculture within it's own city.

The Technique

The original hillside rocks are moved away with a shovel and a small hand-held fork trowel; Making huge planters, the sticks & straw trap the soil and rocks; & then drip irrigation waters the trees.
On a large scale, buried piping, so the deers don't trip... could hold also the drip lines.

Creating the Food Forest

The Pines & Cedars are simply Innerspersed with the Fruit Trees, providing cover and lowering the under canopy temperatures.
My arroyo so far: eldarica pine, arizona cedar, cherry plum, pomegranate, variegated lemon, blood orange, olive, figs, & a non-edible oleander, all starting out with a some new soil and manure.
Work time: 3 Days of work for 1 vegan woman (me, myself & I).

What the "Non El Pasoan's" must be thinking by now!

It's completely embarrassing, that the citizens of El Paso & the El Paso City Government have not been able to accomplish this undeniable fact of beautification.
Greening the desert in an Arroyo town; not only provides a supply of local food. The native specialties such as olives & pomegranates from the El Paso Region could be admired from afar also. "Better hurry or Dumb Nums will be your names forever."