Thursday, October 1, 2020

Queen of France

Reducing the War Machine

war machine
This War Machine fellow
is to be avoided!

War Machine Reduction on an International Scale

Government Implementation:

(The Spreadsheet Chart shown below; contains the same info, yet may be easier to understand.)
To Eliminate the 3 types of International Wars;
1. Single Dictator Regime,
2. 2 leader-run groups w/internal fighting,
3. Indigenous "New Countries", primed for takeover by a neighboring regime.

The Answers to follow

#A.) 8 Country Vote by the "Global War Judiciary";
on the specific country (yes votes of 5-8, proceeds to #B)
#B.) The Stop Phase: Sanctions, No Trade or International Commerce,
no Financial Market participation.
#C.) 1, 2, 3 from above:
1. The Dictator
1.a. The vote of the 8 countries with a majority.
with the message of sanctions.
1.b. The Dictator accepts defeat, and turns the government over to a democratic vote for a new leader. In some case his imprisonment may be required.
1.c. After diplomacy and several months of sanctions has become exhausted, & The Dictator does not remove himself from office, refusing to comply. Then, if at his "kingdom headquarters"; a basic assassination* is required in order to oust the single tyrant leader; thus saving the many.
*The 8 countries will all take part in the official kill, due to the fact he refused to leave command , even after all the International pressure.
Regarding "Rulers in hiding", they will just lose their rule anyway,
so, simply put in a basic government in their "kingdom headquarters", as the tyrant has already effectually left office and is on the run. At some point he may be found, and would then be imprisoned.
2. Dual Regimes fighting within a country.
a. 8 Country Vote by the "Global War Judiciary";
on the specific country (yes vote of 5-8, proceeds to b)
b. The Stop Phase: Sanctions, No Trade or Intl. Commerce, no stock market participation.
Sanctions also go towards any country taking a preference to either regime, esp. if supplying weapons.
Since a block is on them to proceed, the block will be lifted when a fair democratic vote votes in another leader, a leader not from the original two. Advertising costs of the new democratic candidates will have to be paid for.
If it's a monarch under attack by a guerilla war-fare type, we will have to side with the monarch, if the monarch proves to be fair and just. Otherwise the monarch will also lose his/her rule and the country falls into democracy. Therefore, in most cases the 2 in the scuffle, will back away from being new leaders, and some leader-wannabees will need to be imprisoned.
3. Indigenous "New Countries", primed for takeover by a neighboring regime.
a. The takeover country is voted on by the "Global War Judiciary". If a "Yes", then proceed to b.
b. The Sanctions Blast"; (Intl. commerce, trade, financial market ) is applied to the takeover country, until they remove themselves & cease and desist.
If they're saying they offer better provisions for the people, that's still classed as a takeover and not allowed as their "new" business in keeping or concern. In this way the "indigenous country" does not have to build an army, the country is already protected by the 8-Country "Global War Judiciary".
War Reduction Chart via xls. (The same as shown in the above 3 images, yet downloadable.)