Friday, January 10, 2014

Queen of France

Coastal Evacuations

Fukushima and evacuations of north americas' western coastal areas:

The reason coastal areas specifically are mentioned is the regain access from the mists and rain, as being the closest proximity to the pacific ocean and therefore negative health contents from radioactivity.

human and animal evacuation routes:

The direct route is pointing southerly and to the east,
even south to belize.

Persons can also use the drive on ships from the tampa region of fl.
and go to mexico that way,
not sure about the money system working there though,
during this disconnect from the many businesses.

The hardest hit areas thus far appear to be the cold alaskan north,
it is closest to japan via waterway distances.
However water shifts during year may edit
that area away from being a sump zone, into further south.

It is advised as usual to not panic, and realize that the entire western coastline population of the united states can fit into the eastern coastline.

1 person on the west coast + 1 person on the east coast = (becomes)
2 people on the east coast.  and the same for dogs and cats, etc.

So the population update to the east coast doubles.
1 person in one apartment or house, becomes a residence for 2 persons.

It is better if you know someone offering a share abode situation,
then under those circumstances arriving on the eastcoast,
and not being in a restless situation of living in crowded and expensive hotels.

If you are a craftsperson or skilled with tools, bring them,
as cars repairs, and other types of businesses from the westcoast
will still be needed, yet moved to the eastcoast.

Try to include, as many dogs cats or other animals with you,
as persons may have left them behind,
and chances are they will be destroyed and/or
eaten by the persons remaining on the west coast.

Don't ask me why, they seem to run for meat, and of any animal, but food provisions will be scarcer and scarcer, and even the alligators from steinhart aquarium will become someones dinner.

It's an odd reaction,

personally I am lucky to be near over-prolific apple trees,
(shared with a few roaming birds.),
and eat 5-6- apples a day, w/various grains and corn,
and have a few pumpkins from my summer garden.
Vegetable plants still grow, though differently.
So they really only need a few large sacks of rice, other grains or corn
and to either live nearer to orchards of fallen fruit, or have a few old fruit trees.
In sync adding in the green gathering of persils, nettles and even boiling grass, for healthy green drinks. In winter, those greens unavailable were dried
and in bouquets, ready to cook with. 

A good Coffee beverage substitute is:
cracked or raw wheat, pan roasted, til brown, then milled into a finer grind.
No filters are needed and it is as good as to forget coffee.
If you have headaches switching,
go half and half, coffee to the wheat grain drink for a while.

The persons staying behind:
Many will need to work as the olde style migrant workers from mexico,
and continue to grow the large pumpkins, and artichokes and other large field crops as usual.
Private and smaller cooperative gardens will also need to include humanure,
as fertilizer supply company shipments will be limited and more costly.  
If large bovines are handling the radiation,
then it would be helpful to have several at each of the larger agricultural fields,
as fertilizer helpers and tiller tenders during the quiet season.

Steinhart and others:
If the alligators aren't taken east, and workers have left with other animals, hopefully a group of the staying persons with shoulder holster guns,
will run the major aquarium park/tank facilities,
and I guess there will be a few remaining zoo animals who died,
normal or otherwise, available to feed hungry alligators and crocodiles remaining behind.

It is probably better to transport easterly even the unrare sharks.

Remaining businesses and shopping:
As businesses condense, 5 to 1 on average,
people may panic a bit, in the ghost town extreme scenario,
although there is no reason why the local californians (in example)
cannot be food supplied from californias food supplies
from 1 store instead of 5.

Shipping, trains and truckline companies may stop
supplying the coast as workers moved elsewhere.
Remaining, jobfree californians can continue to supply the northwest also,
especially during winter that would be appreciated.

There is no reason for that olde style food provisional hand-out routine to endure, unless the banking stops, and the people do not have a provisional back-up bank-barter system.
If institutional banking stops or is halted,  
presumably computer data is interrupted also. 
So the cool electronic handheld game versions, such as... adding sand to an lcd-style fish tank... for a 50 purchase or a fancy goldfish as a 250 purchase, with a completed tank of 20000, or other various types of scene fills, that are automatically added-into at the checkouts from stores, doesn't get to happen.

The switchover to identifiable locality giftcards (of 20000 to each person per yr.) with punch-holes or fill-ins for a barter trade system is the quickest and safest answer. Which provides provisions to persons, known to exist in a respective location, or if unknown, a voucher of that persons existence would be written 
on the easy to use printed-out card., where workers-pay for businesses, 
and cards are stamped by suppliers on the back of their cards, 
which triggers profits to the workers from the business, to build a savings.

If no printers are working, the following business structure is the same, 
yet, the yearly amount is reduced, and they would then use old credit cards 
(each as an amount of 1000) with their name and make small scissor cuts or tiny punch-holes to represent the payment(s) to the large food or clothes stores. 
Those cards are registered at the major working food store, 
w/up to 3000 a year, as a limit per person. 
The excess cards people have, can be given to persons who have no credit cards as the new faux payment, until something cooler is printed, with more identity of localities associated.  

workers support the refilling of those food and clothes stores, by using their credit cards as a once a year or so, turn into the boss. Then the owner of the store, uses their cards to purchase in bulk,  with several of the employees cards at once, with his/her supplier. which hole punches each as payment...
and then onto that supplier, with their extra large bulk purchase, using their employees cards for purchases from their supplier(s).

With that method a voucher is inclusive as a savings to the worker from any profits over and above, the hole-punches, that the boss paid for the items.
The boss keeps a book and numerates, how many times each worker paid into the business, to represent his savings, and the help determine business profits.
So yes, a banking system does still exist, 
which avoids martial law and all those ridiculous scenarios.  

The old cash money is not a choice, as that evokes, immediate, 
guns and hoodlordships, and martial law into play.

The people have to have and use their own bank design, or fret with the remaining army to maintain them as non-criminal persons.

Flora helpers:
I presume any type of varietal plants also that are your favorites need to be taken on the journey, to survive on the eastcoast.
The make-up of the eastcoast will change,
and the traditional plants or trees will domesticate with california poppies, etc.

Fauna helpers:
If the old hammerhead shark is unwanted as an easy move,
then the local tv's persons need to make public requests,
finding persons who have large trucks and available space, to transport east. The monteray aquarium also, and seattle have quite a few rare species, even including reptiles, that can be re-located in aquatic parks,
and zoos, and certain public or private saltwater lakes without viewage windows, if those large aquarium spaces on the eastern coastline are at a high population rate already.

Fish traveling:
When moving fish or amphibians, ie. frogs, turtles, fish, eels, etc.
from your house or apt, long distances,
try to travel during the night, in hot desert regions,
as the water can overheat and ice can be quirky, and have chlorinated contents.
1/2 filled for the tanks, and packaging bubble sleeves can be used
inside the tank to avoid the fish from hitting the glass aquarium walls.
If you have an inside the car electrical plug, run the filter and air bubbles,
when driving only, as it robs the battery tank too quickly. 

Caretakers remaining on the westcoast:
If you have friends staying in the region, and your house or apartment is better,  let them freely caretake the property, to avoid intruders.

The travel don't forget list:

1. As closet spaces will be smaller,
only your favorite clothes, along with your work clothes.
2. Any bettering of a craft or workmanship tools, that you use.
as re-purchasing these items as new, may be no longer an option,
due to company closures and yes,
the asian pacific companies will not be a suppliers of goods as cheaply or available as it once was.
3. If you have a car or truck, only take the one that is your favorite,
as car space will be at a minimum,
and take extra cans of motor oil, and fuel enhancers that you may require during the journey, as those products may be sold out along the way.
4. If you know of someone without a vehicle, and you have an extra,
invite them, and perhaps they could drive another of your wanted cars,
and let them keep it for the towing service if you also have a trailer to tow.
5. A few bulk provisional food items, in case of car breakdowns,
as the middle of america, canada and mexico can be quite empty
with no help available from anyone for a while.
fresh water, seeds, nuts, raisins, easy foods, dried food also,
that can be rehydrated without the need of hot water.
6. Not to forget your animals, and their dried and/or canned food,
with can openers.
Take them as they are always welcome on the eastcoast,
and many motels and hotels allow them to stay in the rooms also.
7. Take your utensils, as yes,
they are not always available as spares in peoples houses and apartment.
8. Take your bedding, pillows and duvets.
9. Computers, the newest, and treat them well,
as platforms rig down to less computer businesses worldwide,
from china and japan, the latest computer specifications before fukushima will reside as mainstream, due to incapacities to create, build and offer newer technological creations.   

I think that's all, for the moment.

Try not to panic into carlsbad caverns or other famous deep caves
as a  shelter, as the sulpher content is dangerous to breathe
for extended times anyway.

It sounds like that escape from... movie style, doesn't it.

Boaters and yachters, you can try and outrun the wind and ocean flows, and go south to argentina and around to brazil, but that would be for a consumate sailor, as the waters can be treacherous as usual, anytime the pacific ocean is concerned.

odd ending to this blog.

This document can be also used in reverse, 
if it happens from the easterly direction in the future, 
even worse,  then the route is east to west.