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Fukushima, saving species, and water-radioactivity theory :

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It is a shock actually, as although I henced something was amiss years ago, I was unaware of the fukushima reactor disaster.

Oddly I have been more connected to france as a disturbia nuclear zone,
from enormous eggs, to no eggs, to a few months of nose bleeds,
to sudden sharp acid scalp feeling of burns a few times through the last few years, only relieved by severely oiling the hair.
I presumed I have been living in a nuke wave, during those times more heavily.
and it has been an unknown as to when or which power plant reactor was the actual obligate causer, as there are so many.

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So apologies for not knowing about the particular japanese incident sooner, as the reaction state now is too delayed to quicken efforts of saving many species.

Species saving: 
Methods to save the species would be either dna versions
or keeping pacific ocean and other oceans and seas,  fish, and other sea mammals, specifically at various points in the world.
So, one area hit too hard by a nuclear fallout or melt event, then other regions would have the species alive and viable in their zoos or aquariums.

In this example, we have polar bears in brazil, I believe in zoos, so we can now focus on where they are, and hope that have not been hard hit.
Are they safe there?
The demand is where are the healthiest polars bears? ,
and am I too late to even excite into the topic.

As the healthiest, bears and other mammals need ...
besides an animal egg donor bank, an animal specie dna saving bank,
so that someday...
humans can attempt to restore areas of the planet
back to its natural flora and fauna.

Unfortunately the bears have been out at the first and continual waves from the nuclear event, and as they live outside, most of the time, radiation damage to them has already been going on, as seen in barrow, alaska. with hair loss, and lesions.

Water and and radioactivity inception theory :
I need to discuss why the ocean creatures are being hit extremely
by to seemingly low amounts of water dumped into the ocean in Japan.
I have a theory, that beyond radiation there is an additional reaction with the radioactive ingredients that when in the ocean, are conducting an electrical charge to one another.
Meaning when a radioactive isotope goes a great distance from another radioactive isotope they actually conduct an agreement as a fenceline,
to eachother and through other metal organics.
Those other metal organics specifically are eased into those invisible hot communication fencelines as lessers, then receive a mild update, and become radioactive also.... into a mesh or grid formation of the many fences,
that expanded further.

O = radioactive , .= metal normal
o= metal normal that become mildly activated. 
O         .......   O   becomes
O    ooooooo  O as helpers to the heat chain.

This explains the faster carry to the coastline mammals of the US.


This latest vlog is pretty much about the fukushima,
nuclear meltdowns and waste disposal,
and avoidance methods for humans, from a holocaust from those events:

though the first 5 minutes or so,
begin with my last airplane experience,

here's the vlog blurb, of its content:
My 2008 airplane travel experience, prior SF to Paris,
I think I was poisoned by something 24 hrs. before the flight, leaving SF.
It could of been a type of rat poison, due to some sort of pcp-like derivative with a massive blood pressure rise and intense alert wide-eyed anxiety & an immediate hair-color change to a dark black-brown.
I remember sitting in the airport with very dark hair, almost black.
Later that night, because the flight left the next day, at the hotel, the shower-water was acid-like and burned my skin at an intense red with welts. and I did feel like it was some sort of jumping out of a high window, or off a bridge, suicidal drug.
At the hotel, I called the EMT's over the instant rashes, and they didn't really help. I allowed the female EMT to look me over, because I was also in a severe anxiety state against men during the poisoning.
It was a Sheraton with a massive tv, on the third to 5th level. I called my husband for hours, because I felt so near-death & suicidal. The hallucinations made my body feel riddled with holes with every orafice falsely abused. Like the drug seeped into dark areas of imagination to only bring pain.
Oddly, the next morning, before the shuttle arrived, a man from the Federal Government with a federal government cap was parked out underneath my window in an alley, with a large suburban sports utility vehicle.
All I wanted was to go back to France, where I felt safe, at home, back to my husband, painting and my animals on our small farm-stead.
& yet, other oddities continued to happen, during that flight, w/the ozone,
furthering into muscle loss in my upper body, so much so, I was too "normal*" (non-athletic dancer). Tv screen hallucinations, on all the Tv's on the plane, went on for hours. A man across from my seat, yelled out at me several times and called me a heretic. The flight attendent eventually moved him to another seat. I did not take any drugs either, since for over 25 yrs, so this 48+ hour event was a tremendous shock.
"*Normal body" is like a career killer to ballet dancers, young or old,
which meant no fouettes,  or pirouettes, and a constant dizzy.
Back muscles wimping out like an old woman. It was a god-damn hell. By the time I arrived back in France my hair was returning to its red-toned color again.

vlogging on..
Towards my experience with matter waves,
Possibly either positronic or megatronic waves assoc..
~ Matter wave displacements, heaviest activity approx.2009-2010,
intermittently 2011,2012,2013.
Also it could be construed as a matter quake.
I was also outside, when the event of the tile table displacement happened,
The bring-to of the displacement, was a loud rolling event (like really fast clouds) of transparent matter, just like a massive tsunami ocean wave, that was bending matter. Matter of the forests to the mountains themselves, and it rolled over the mountains from eastern Corsica to the west.
To futher explain it, imagine a massive invisible egg (or planet) with transparent yet very strong sides; that rolled over the land, like a giant egg touching & melding with the planet earth.
The distance of the wave event was as far as the eye could see. Furthermore, as it approached, it literally raised the tiles of the tile table into a wave-roll, as well as through my own body.
Oddly the other matter bending hallucination-like instances here, at later dates in Northern France:
were similar to "Go ask Alice"in feeling, yet not as pronouced as in Corsica.
However it was also tile, with even the tile-flooring being matter-quake displaced, just out of the blue.
So, it's possible that matter waves are attracted to ceramic to create the quake-like movements.
Daydrive by the Mozelle Nuclear plants I experienced an extremely salty metallic taste in my mouth: either yr 2005 or 2006,
website that used to be a helper:
sorry but the data points to a new & gross, gov. supported electric company maps now.
Not really handing out the power plants w/radiation leaks (incidences) anymore.
Hush hush. What happened to that website? Did your rich brother in-law w/Nuclear invested stock infringements take over?
Back to the vlog today,
I include the new current re-design of nuclear waste containment zones
and regions thereof.,

The new humans we have to stop from being conceived,
mutant children from the nuclear fallout propagators, and their progeny.

Nuclear fallout and meltdown economic disturbances- TEC.
Detailing the conspiracy theory of the property market, w/loan disappearance reasoning of Japan and its banking sector, as a main bulk loan keeper.

Population refugees
Moving all nuclear waste, and contents radioactive,
away from their current disposal sites, across the entire world,
into only 3 strict locations, for each country that has or had nuclear facilities:
The locations to use as nuclear waste dumps fo the next 1000-10000 years are:
outer regions of china, algeria and middle canada.
"Meaning The irish sea and other erroneous dumps are not any longer an option.
and the old sites, are heisted, uncovered and their contents moved to these new 3 locations. Preferably by trains,
Just like sweeping your house, clean up to only 3 spots, instead of 1000's."

Cancellation of foods and packages delivered from the west coast to europe,
and other radio-active fallout zones.
Determining fallout safe locations. with...
Quick fallout shelter talk,
and then long range...
Starting with architectural new-builds for the nuclear generations.....
Some of my funny designs for the future and new living habitations.
including my old
energy ideas, such as weight displacement day/night houses: converted into underground.