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Queen of France

Energy Ideas from Therese

Designs by Therese de la Fontaine, (username zayvra)
is a failed link of The printable book version w/70 images. The photo-bucket site kept shrinking their free image service, so they eventually blocked me,
so, the print per page version with 68 pages is at :
Google shared directory: with energy images listed one at a time.
energy ideas
I made these energy designs in full innocence of helping the planet survive. Some of my drawings may appear kindish, and over inked & some difficult to see, I had lightened them, but I can't find those images anymore.
The place in my brain where I was, when inventing the designs, I was very fast to deliver the ideas, yet with sloppy text & images.
They are still my "DaVinci drawings" though, complete and original, no one elses ideas or inventions were used.
Over about 2-3 weeks I wrote them all, almost in a trance-like state, while living in France.
It was a creative mind-place, not announced to by rigid scientific standards.
The Downhill racer & Wheels that Spin cities are fails, but are kept in the book anyway as a reminder that sometimes belief is stronger than truth.
Not every information to each title is given here, on this page as
many of the images, often supply the details.
In a perfect life, I would have the time to anchor each "design info" to its image, in the meantime....either open the photo album in another window or print out this page, as it may help to quicker understand the designs.
Acorn Tree Business, part 1
One tree, its salvaged wood berry nuts, each growing into subsequent trees, and those trees with their wood nut berries are thusly harvested on a yearly scale for hundreds of years. each tree / each year / approx. 385.00 in euro value / so, one trees harvested yearly acorn value is 7700 over each 20 yrs, and the group of planted 1200 trees each 20 yrs earns 9240000, (from the seeds of the one tree) also known as, 462000, each yr. in income .............The final product of wood nut berries can be used for wood floors also.
Acorn Tree Business, part 2
Here are the infos, about acorn and other wood berry uses, as the bottoms of shoes, etc. All the wood berry nuts are collected with nets.
A Resin Tree Business
Gardening year-round planting clock
It is a manual clock reminder system. When the daffodils begin to sprout the daffodil arm is raised, when they fall to the ground, begin at the first *notch to begin the planting guide. Each notch expresses a month. each 30 days or so, ...each 30 days move the fanned-piece (*wedge) over to the next notch... The fanned-piece (*wedge) holds the details of the vegetables to plant during that notches time. 3 various clocks can be available, for the different planting zones. average, warmer, tropic. *color-coded.
Indoor vegetable rotator
Longevity machine
Date card
This is a date card, to use as a comfortable age limit of a person to go out on a date with., it also insures no horrible direct inbreeding goes on., if you were an orphan. .....The card would be plastic in a credit card shape design, for a wallet or satchel. The silver arrow points to either..... the younger or older stop age.
Dog cookies fulfillment center
No fail plumbing
Its the design of... consecutive tubes larger than the last.
Recycled building blocks
Fresnel kiln oven
Fresnel kiln to oven
Warm air garden
This is a heated tank, via glass magnifying and the hotter released air is filtered out into a garden and or greenhouse. In climates where sunshine is available, yet the winters are cold, with snow, the tank will bring a balmy environment where before there was no chance in growing exotics.
Warm air oven device
Not necessarily a solar device, but a brightened spinning star device, with the reflective inner tubing; If the main star spinner is spun by another mechanism non-solar, then the device can be used indoors without a need for sunshine. The attempt is to be as bright as the normal incoming sunshine, with the spinning star. The hot air created spins the device and its subsequent tinier spinners twirl little reflective stars that create a wider lit area, on the initial heated sand zone. It could be a freznel and or bevel magnifying glass initially, and under there are drawn-off areas for baking slowly, curing or drying items. There is an outlet also, available that can spin and become some kind of electric or free heating device. I initially wanted lava to reheat, again and again, but other high source rocks or hot sand could work. If it overheats by being overlit, either by a conjunction of the sunshine and the star mimicker, it can be quieted with a tinted or painted window effect. I was also thinking to collect starshine from space via tiny reflecta scopes, and those incoming collected lights would power a spaceship also.
Constant light source
a satellite reflection collector,with 3-4 orbiting satellites that agree its decision of receipt of brightness. those bright star satellites verse to the planets grounds. ................. this version is also in effect for 2 planets; planet one, can be a satellite or objects on the ground that sconced to receive sunlight in constant,, then 3 to 4 satellites around the second planet receive it, they reflect to eachother receiving the first planets light source, and thusly they then react to create mirrored reflection hype onto the second planet. causing constant light, even when the planet is rotating into nighttime. ..............This chain reaction can be a continuum that goes for eons into more and more lit up space where before only darkness was known. bling can also be collected.
Fresnel whirlpool
Sun tracker
Sun tracker balloon
Because hot air rises...The sun tracker slowly moves (rocks) as the hot cavities are heat energy tapped at various time of the day, and the vapours of heat rising cause the shift of the balanced device. It is all on a small balancing wheel.
House design
Popcorn house
In conjunction with the inflatable tree and cube, it is inflatable via a car or other heavy parked item, to retain its buoyancy. Its a cheap house, one large room in the top of the kernel corn that supports the weight of a few people and their lifestyle. A tough inflatable exterior would be used, and you mountain climb, up the side of the puffs, as an ice climber or cliff climber person. It can float on a lake or be moored along quiet waters. It does require a water system to the main room and from there, the grey or black water is sent through an internal tube, and released into something... hopefully compostable, at the bottom side of the house.
Stage house
Using the main tree branch as a tent, wire or glassframe holder, the upper left hand side holds the workings of the house, sleeping and cooking, and the main room lies exposed, awaiting possibles follie... while enduring non-paranoiac momentiontialism.
Tree house on the ground
Under ocean cave living
There are 2 elevators, the second elevator is either sand or water. and does not go to the bottom. Water is filtered in the shallow above pond, that freshens the below lake and garden,...
the pond powers-in a pressure flow for energy. The garden supplies food and the above pond could be clear, so as to view the weather. thru the bottom lens, the pond and then the top lens.. those confines hold filtered air and water within its lens bubble.../
The outlet of the lake from overflow exits w/the incoming elevator visits[]. (if stairs out exist.) and exits when the character climbs the mangrove wall area for exercise. each foot press while climbing air compressor pushes excess water out of the bottom of the cave,...
When the other character climbs into the tree, a rising stair stepper is used, and he can raise the overloaded sand from the elevator trips into the cave.../
If the cave moves along the ocean floor, and leaves the shoreline, one way is from, a sealed scoop of water in a track action underneath the cave, releasing the water out the back.
*Other energy sources, not the surface-only turbine, but a small upright water/air wheel, that fills at the ocean surface, that heavies each water tank and then rises w/air bubbles from the cave. extra cave air is from a surface to cave tube. Sand-timer elevator info is on its own page.

Water supplied tree house or skyscraper
This little cutie, he receives an elevator ride up and down the treehouse. When the elevator is lowering with him, the other elevator (lifting only) on the opposite side, ... lifts fresh water close to his weight. That water was from a pond or a river source., When he wants to go back home, the tanks switch from the fresh one that was newly stored up there to now lower the grey water. The grey water lowers and his elevator rises. The little bit of extra water is needed for the greywater lowering lift., The house itself can rainwater collect, and even include a fishtank, but, there is also an internal pressure pad in the kitchen area, that lifts small amounts of water, similar to the old hand crank pump action of a dug well, that loaded the extra water while you were using the kitchen.  
raise and lower the tank(s) on slide rails........

3 tank version:
If only1 tank to rise and fall at a time is wanted, it is the fresh or the grey.
the storage tank stays in the treehouse.
[storage refiller], [fresh]+[grey],

a. In the treehouse;
In the treehouse, when the fresh tank arrived it was slightly higher
than the storage refiller, then, when emptied, 
it lowers slightly below the storage refiller to become the grey tank, using gravity flow.

In the treehouse, you live with the storage and the grey tank being filled.

at the bottom of the treehouse,
\only 1 tank = [the old emptied grey tank = new fresh]
it is rinsed with circulated fresh water,
and then the new fresh tank is pond filled and then waits to rise.

b. leaving the treehouse;
the treehouse the storage and 1 filled grey tank stays.
\while 1 fresh tank rises to the top.
while away, the treehouse holds
[storage], the emptied fresh and filled grey tank.

c. returning into the treehouse;
[the filled grey goes to the bottom],
and on arrival the emptied fresh becomes the grey.

then a. begins again and at the bottom...
\only 1 tank = the grey that became fresh, waits to rise.

5 tank version: 5 if the grey is *not rinsed to fresh.
An empty grey rises now with the filled fresh tank.
when you are lowering from the house, at the bottom,
a [filled fresh + empty grey] raises.
and raising into the house, at the top, an [empty fresh + filled grey] descends.
*2 ponds are used, 1 grey and 1 fresh.

3 tank version recap: 3 if the grey is rinsed to fresh.
when you are lowering from the house, at the bottom,
the filled fresh raises.
and raising into the house, at the top, the filled grey descends.
the pond brings in fresh water and the grey becomes rinsed that way.

It works for any 2 story or higher habitable building type, and includes major skyscrapers with no limit in height., as long as there is a water source to help recalibrate the weights. It is a free power source for the elevator and water redistribution, that also solves the gardens of Babylon... and the kitchens pressure pad can be a plank system that lowers slowly for the duration of time spent in the kitchen, 30 minutes that are calibrated to pump in water, at that particular time, could bring in 5 - 100 gallons of water, the new input water received when the plank rises and you leave the kitchen, depending on the system., as a giant that slowly lowers down a water crank for 30 minutes, you would be in that action also.
Weight displacement house
The house powers itself, day use/night use areas that exchange level. the internal floor can be level and kept balanced, while the house is sinking on one side at a time......and the car ramp that lowers in the upper right hand corner, keeps the inflated cube and tree with air. .....The air from the inflatable tree and cube are for storage only, when a large power energy boost is required, such as a torque wrench or heavy duty drill.
Balewall housing group
This housing design is for a group of dancers, 9-18 persons. The outside walls are bales, with inner apt. spaces. The outside periphery wall is also one wall for each apt. The condos, each have a private space, not viewing the others. The inner court has a large covered stage for dancing, as this is a retirement style group, no longer performing. only staying in shape. The condos can be bale construction, but with small rooftop gardens as an option. There is a repel launch and ride pulley to a distance tree for exercise. Larger domestic animals are herded on the outside, and no other persons are allowed therein, so it remains completed private to the persons of the group. 3000-4000 euros per person for the walls, and if glass is used, 10000,each. Each apt. space is for one person only., no shared condo space. If the persons have children. they live at one end of the community.
Mind space house
The entrance is an open front room with a few garden trees, and not everyone is allowed further inside. Its a mind space surrealistic approach,...... ...of mind entry infascinatas, the open mind, while keeping the exhumation priviledges of faulty logic removals.
Opera house grounds
This design is the city blocks around the opera house and the opera house owned and operated by the opera house employees, former and present, with their living accomodations therein also. (updated into curvy apt. walls also). the businesses are all run by the former performers and opera house workers. no vehicles, and includes summer business income also. as well as a performing artists art gallery,... all income, restaurant, cafes, and new haut mode designs, etc., are retained by the group organization, as a cooperative savings. In conjunction with the Sovereignty of 50 Opera Houses... coalition world grouping....
The outside of the performing artists city block area, has carriage rides and certain cities will have the tajikastan performing horsemen on guard.....also, some theaters will carouse the summertimes with global theatre outdoor Shakespearean events in conjunction with Renaissance fair dress-up days or weeks.
The travel office, run by the former performers, will be of selected tours around the world to performing events, especially. ...There is also a small petting zoo, with various dog parks. It is possible to orient it to such an excellence that access via the public into the inner street areas are by a paid access pass only.....
If the olde governments give the Opera house buildings to the organization, Sovereignty of 50 Opera Houses, (in order to disinherit the debt of restorations, etc.,) then the onus of maintaining the buildings and supplying showings switches to the organization and those persons to qualify it yet again into its high caliber, or higher. .........The bonus to owning the jurisdictional rights to the area also, means the anti-performing groups of anti-culture will no longer prey upon the money flow, a money flow given by the olde governments via taxations to their person.
Breathing universe
The guilt cell
Fear and resonance attack
Remember, memory game
A game to list all types of things from names of int. cities, planetary ocean names, onto rock elements. use with either a timer, or a calligraphy pen. An odd empty feeling when the knowledge runs out on a particular list.
The sound cycle cell

Perpetual green desert living
This is a perpetual ramp system for a herded pasture group of animals. The tunnel is on a hill on one side, weighted to balance at the top entry. when it is loaded heavy enough the tunnel tilts to let them into the new lower pasture. The tunnel always heavies on return to the top hillside. Exiting is also from a hill balanced tunnel into a lower valley area. The action of the tunnel movement, brings water up a hill into a passive greenhouse desalination plant, that fresh water then waters the desert near it and perhaps eventually makes a river. A 500 yr. plan, without human involvement.
Perpetual powered spaceship
The day weighted side is activated by the persons onboard, with them all being present and heavy together, night they move to the night side, and the night wing lowers slowly. while the day side rises. In the morning the persons enter the day side when the wing is high again. As each wing lowers, the airboat propellers, in the center, propel the ship thru space (or underwater also). Other energies, are the *star magnifiers to trickle power the batteries. *also known as star collective energy.
Perpetual twister
The day weighted side is activated by the persons onboard, with them all being present and heavy together, night they move to the night side, and the night wing lowers slowly. while the day side rises. In the morning the persons enter the day side when the wing is high again. As each wing lowers, the airboat propellers, in the center, propel the ship thru space (or underwater also). Other energies, are the *star magnifiers to trickle power the batteries. *also known as star collective energy.
Compost heated hot tubs
Babylon gardens
its a pulley swing that a person uses to go to a lower level, during the action, similar water weight raises, to empty at the top, delivering trickle down theory to the rest of the garden area.
Passive energy rain collector
This is the quickest best for ireland and rainy areas. Originally a light mesh design hanging on the side of a house,[:::;:::] that is droplet activated, adding weight into that row of mesh, causing a spring action, on the side rail bungees or the top taut bungee the sting bounces, either from water or wind activity, the combative string pulley action is implemented, creating energy.........The bouncy leaf, is rain collected and its weight bounces on a spring, that offkilter bounce (not totally strict springs) continues because, a) the water escapes after a certain fill area. b) because it continues to rain. The spring and/or water released can activate electric from there.... on the lower left hand side a large water weight pressure used as the old dynamite tnt cartoons of push action., and that pressure runs a turbine wheel.
Raising water
If you want to quickly raise the level of water; add air pocketed items..... and also if there is pressure available, to push at a storage of water, its effect will be able to spin rotors within another water area and make electricity, on the way up. The amount of water pressure needed to rise the water level is also greatly reduced.
Tidal energy
Tidal energy, the bell looking tongles, are similar to a talking doll action, where the string pulls with the tide and retracts with the tide, making one type of energy. ..The second energy here is... the wavy material, similar to a kelp bed... when the kelp mimicked cloth moves,... the belt area is an energy collector area, also a tug and pull action. ...The top level of the costume is the same action yet on the water surface, so its energy has a higher tempestuousness in movement. ...The hand of the mer-nymph boy collects rain water, fresh and not salt, and the fresh water feeds the small bubble house in the belly of the nymph boy that has a pasture filled with sheep and goats living as normal, also, supporting underwater housing for humans. ...The string pullies, in its rotator harnesses, have have a lower elbow that creates a motion, that bounces the spooled harness with the waves current, bouncing away and toward a group of hotpoints on an inner wall area, creating the on-off, needed to variate electrical power.... other variations of the pulley; 1.) when it retracts to a certain point, a prong is released to activate a button event.,...2.) when it retracts; the spools r.-outer cog, accesses its own cog lift,(bike chain) that winds w/others that are in retract, into 1 large spool, (when the waves pause in direction, the elbow releases that spool from the lift, though the lifter may continue to minimally move from the others in retract.), When the waves go out, the spools L-outer cog accesses its own cog lift, which sends all of the subside group actions together into its large winding spool. so, the skirt now has 2 major spool winders, at various speeds and tensions. ......No string pulley method, is to only have the belt of the skirt move right or left, with the ocean waves creating a twist action, the twist direction ...sponsored by the majority of the kelp materials...
Water vator
...please also see the water supplied treehouse.
Bike scythe
Grain smasher
Heavy ball displacements
Luggage conveyor
The moving character on the pressure spring constantly loads the conveyor, several ways... either pushing a spring to spool to wind up the conveyor or the under action of a spring to spool to wind down. As the conveyor belt has 2 sides one side rises and the under side rolls to the bottom underneath the rising side................................[]
 the empty column rising becomes the pull action, as a spool tightener. pulling the luggage in a direction.
[]and the opposite column with the character push winds a spool that is similar to rolling down a car door window action.  that action can also pull the conveyor from the top into a tighter spool.
 I am trying to avoiding the air pressure pumps on this design., that version shown below.
The easiest is spool tightener by a giant spring into cog crank action, that winds the ramp into a roll, ....another is or a torque winder, (versions are, swiveled inner threads that push a spring to access click a cog to continue its rolling action.)
or a bike pedal pressure winder, that is 2 wheels and 4 pedals. -easier to push at, rather than the awkward 1 wheel to 180. As one wheel is pressured to 180 degrees. then the top pedal of the other wheel is pressure pushed to its 180 degrees.  (releasing at 180, diverted by a large pin, locked-in at that column area that pushes the stilt pusher away, to regroup into its spring action, retracting to the top again, to repush.). The 2 wheels used are a direct pressure downward from the characters location. , as the bike action happens the winding  keeps rolling the rope or belt of the spool around. as if it is a giant bicycle chain.
After he is at the bottom of his columned spring to spool winder,
his pressure requirement is to switch workareas.
Then the empty column at its bottom location, has its spring retract to its normal height, and that tension of the spring itself, as its released, helps to roll the ramp along also.
There can be workers in one small standing working area, or a larger area where the weight change of a group of persons (500 pounds to a 1000 pounds back to 500 pounds again), that are waiting for luggage, pressure spring winds or air pressure pump the conveyors. As those persons waiting for luggage, on a hinge plank flooring that weight lowers and raises, so as not to be a curb problem.
If air pressure is used, the ramp is a winder roll action, as its inner turbines act like 2 propellers on the air release, that roll the ramps from the inside
[o.......................o]. The 2 propeller turbines are extremely torque pressured to roll, as the only place the air can escape, actually becoming rolling wheels than carry weight also, rather than a simple propeller.
Rock/water compressor
This is a favorite wierdo idea., the rock is slowed down not only by its odd little ...heavy spring... with a push plunge shaft and wheel... rolling on the other wheel, .... but its slowed down by the water in the tube next to it, and that water creates a power of water constant pressure flow released on the other side to create energy there also. The crank arm seems to be a tight wind, but on less steep angles it will keep the rock from falling quickly and the and the crank rolling. ..........This combo rock/water is needed when the rock is too heavy for the piston action device under it. ....The heavy spring inside the rock holders tube, helps retrieve it to the top again..../ .The plie hinge with the water tube, is an easier one to envision though, but without the crank arm to spin the wheels there is no double energy collected...making it only a safe rock holder......../ ....also., the water tube itself can hold tiny turbine propellers directly under the roof area of the lid. ....that when they rotate are an underwater prop. if the shaft of the turbine was also sent out from the lid, it brings the spin action into another wheel or twist device. In place of the bent angle crank action is the bicycle pedal pressure from above, beginning at the top pedal, releasing its claim, at its bottom length and then the second pedal is activated in the downward push action.
Weight action pulley
this one is a timing game, i completely forgot, but on look, the 2 legs seem to pressure release also.
Heating a hot air balloon
Sand timer elevator
Torque winder
Tree string collector
Upstairs composting toilet
see the other designs to raise the leaves,.... but the lower left hand corner shows the best detail, 2 gears, with the exit drawer that with one pull it extends out of the house, then after second gear, it is rotated into empty via a shoot, addition, on return of the exit drawer, the leaf fill box can trip the upper lever to lower new leaves to a certain point. .....alternatively a drop hinge to open the bottom-of-the-box can happen and thusly, no rotational warrants on the brains of the persons operating it, they merely pull the lever back and it reloads like a slot machine. .....*the overhead leafery fill was a little too close in the drawing.
Weight avator- 2nd 
This one is easy. at the top of the lift, for one person, you order your person number, 1, as the return extra weight, (if it is a big shopping it would be 2) and from across the ravine, that weight of cued on the righthand side for your return, it slides over easily ready for use, it is a minimal effort from the top placement area.
When you descend in the elevator... you are a [1] therefore, at the same cantilever moment a little less than the 1 weight [.95] rises from the bottom and it is added into the weight cue area.
Now there is the 1.95 extra at the top, for you to ascend, only 1.05 is needed. leaving an extra .90 in weight at the top. The next time, you order 1 again, and the bottom regives .95 to the top when you descend...equaling another 1.95, the rise from there leaves another .90 extra. so now there is 1.80 extra for a bigger shopping trip available..and it keeps going on forever... counting and recounting and it is possible to never need to another way to balance the elevator, such as using stairs.
.....At the bottom toggles are pulled, the lowering of 1.05 begins and the character starts to  rise........
Even the overshoppers can be supplied a trip up, they only need to wait for a few heavier people to descend, it is balanceable..and does not require electricity, therefore the avator is more correct than the ele in elevator.
Weight displacement energy
Wolves to hike - training
Wolves, dog cart wheels, bouncy shocks
The cart wheels have a battery trickler, that dances on the tires as they round. The bouncy shocks from the carts movements, also connect to a current if needed. As dog cart traversing is often without electricity available.... The bouncy shocks can be used anywhere there is a movement zone, such as a car or truck seat, .., during journies, mattresses during sleeping, etc.,
High tech
Hand frequencies
Shade and light gage energy
Cloaking device
The device is worn as a hat, then it videos images from behind, as if you had eyes in the back of your head. Then there is a video splay in front of the hat that transjects the images from behind. The additions of the persons freq. totals are added to lessen any layering see-thrus that may occur. An entire video screen suit may be required, but I was hoping for a video splay effect.. that megaphones out the video in 3d, rather than a screen.....Buildings can also be cloaked, to one person or group of persons in an area, as long as the cameras are able to link recognition a person in the motion detection zone, Thusly the video screen represents the video direction required to the person, from that angle. and height location, similar to a movie theater seat location perspective. In that extreme, other video could be viewed, such as a cob building in the distance instead of a corporate business complex. ....back to the hat cloaking w/ video eyes, the eyes are used as a distance decision to the opponent, instead of only motion detection, the eyes notify a location on a tiny screen that yes, that last sight vision was the opponent., then the program reacts w/distance knowledge, of the opponents sight needs., (browser screen-to-eyes to mouse-over location recognition,... is that function). other eye info is on the sensor ping page.
Fussy logic video training
Missing painting
Sensor ping
Spaceship soft landing detection
After an object for landing is located., via camera ascertainment (or song splay written at the bottom), It pings out a sound, and on its return echo, which is microphoned in listen to, the distance is determined. Based upon the same distances. the incoming recordings are variable, because of frequency of the object it bounced from. minimal but enough to logic a softer landing zone, such as a mossy field , vs the other that could be a brutal as a magnitite rock formation. splay.. The point is to not damaging the ship. avoiding sonar, a radio song instead. .... The splay determines if an object is there, as the echo microphone retrieve will have gaps in the incoming sound where no land object is. and the time on retrieve determines the distance. Obviously the sound out, cannot crack an eggshell. Initially it was to be a color sensor. meaning when the color is sent, w/its freqs, the color stops at a wall, a ping event, the rebound reverb of freq. 462 normally at 500 ft, known because of a 462 interrupt, the echo recall 400 is then heard on a listening device, but I have been told we cannot hear colors. which seems impossible., if there is no color hearing, then cameras are used to identify the object. Alternatively to the other variations is ... a no bounce send, only a listen to the sounds of the objects, such as planet frequencies.
Star night healing

Profits; 1 percent of any proceeds over 1000. euros or other currency, goes username .zayvra at ...  … Thank You, zayvra

[author info]
I may update this page to add details. but somewhere along the way i have received an attempted brainwash, since 2008, away from my informational knowledge databank. I designed the energy ideas around 2010, after a dominate family person tried to reinstate me back to the united states.
Writing the designs and going technical helped. If you have a parent that has tried to pull you out of europe, perhaps we are in an odd group together, with these type of over-controlling persons. I am thought-injured as my brainpower, has been led by someone elses directive state. 
Directed belief systems all lined up, on the march toward social security, 
with no thoughts else, that we have options other, options that better the world also.
The career into social securities design was only a design of a work into a retirement system, written in 1900s.  Too many of the older parents on the receipt and precipace of receiving retirement benefits are living in the scare of its demise, so they prop up the system, and requote the talk of liberal and conservative, in regularity. 

My new government changes, their fears away also, they all receive 20000 per year, so there is no reason to callous in my direction.
The social security organization gives out its yearly printouts, detailing the numeric earnings details, monthly retirement stipends, to endure another work day. 
That end game money amount became an aphrodesiac read to people, stating
that the system works. Where small amounts of 1100-1800 a month, have ritualed into a loss of caring and compassion for others, allowing homelessness, environmental disasters and constant world wars to continue, 
.....the social security printout has acted as a new drug to feed their brains, 
be in love with safety, security, and your look forward to ...the for sure. 

Socialism itself is a giver contributory society, contributions of efforts, of all types of work, your efforts socially given into the political and economic stream. It leaves greater possibilities for changes to happen, that is why it cannot be abandoned to be run by a few people. 
With the democracy within the United States, the antagonates of political right and left of US politics has left them blocked, hampering political changes, while recirculating only a few major topics, each few years.

My redesign of the economical system, is a socialist action, and is the embodiment of socialism in its purest form. It involves persons online, 1 million persons running the world government, via rankings and online popularity groupings with specialists from everywhere, along with an incredibly easy banking system, of only one bank for the world, directly property run as the balance maintainer.  

I have lived here in europe for almost 10 yrs, and 4-5 yrs before that time, so I expect my socialism extra... european passport or the newly to-be-accepted ballet embassy passport is ready and available by now,... I live in france, and will not be returning to the united states.
Bare with me as i trudge thru my mind again, and yes the internet has been  reticulating into my brain, as another brainwash event, so I try not to type online, as it hinders my thought processes.

% of profits from designs info;
Listed are the descriptions associated with the images of the many designs and innovations and ideas, all invented by my braincells collective. 

I prefer the images of the designs and the descriptions below to be printed out and given to school children to read and activate their thought processes. If persons or a company wants to print it out as a book for schools, as a science and technology helpbook, that would be great, 
but even a coloring book and/or comic book would be cool also.

If you or your company earn amounts over and above 1000 euros, from any of my inventions or collections therein,  please take the energy and pay me , (zayvra at 1 percent of the total earnings.