Sunday, May 18, 2014

Queen of France

As our Kingdom Rises

To offer our new world government from the De Vaux Kingdom of France to  more regions and countries, we have to realize a halt moment in a properties acceptance, when we are oversupplied.

As we are paying each seller immediately on sale,
we cannot be left with an oversupply or we will already bankrupt ourselves.
The intent is to keep 5 yrs of pre-paid wage with our central bank,
also including enough extra income, for the other departments of government,
such as arts& entertainment, infrastructure, schools&education, ecology restructuring, & the military department,
The 5 yr. keep is because we are property backed,
whereas china with its new emperor, is gold backed.

We are to proceed slowly, with higher priced properties,

and in certain situations acquire these sorts of properties 
only with agreed-to buyer(s),

High priced properties & oddities are:
Any property over 10,000,000 in value.
Yacht & houseboat properties* maybe later.
Large farmholdings

Able to be included without a buyer are:
Residential properties, under 10,000,000
Schools and Universities
Bridges & freeway businesses 
Public transport systems

No free property swaps are allowed, 
as the penalty upon find will be greater than the 25%, to 35%.  
Army barrack & base lands are not to be listed as sales with our normal property bank balance, as each area is case by case, due to the land type or specific equipment contained therein. 
When one of those areas is free & cleared to be sold as a normal housing community, in ie. 
The kingdom will purchase it outright, at a lessor price than normal, and the additional income will go toward any current war veterans hospitals, as well as funding the maintenance of the other non-sold bases.

After this transition phase,
a warning limit is implemented to our bank balance,
when too many house and condos have been sold into our bank
though not yet sold.
At that time of oversupply,
we will go back to the initial beginning phase for all property purchases of,
"do you have a buyer already?"

There is no property tax on properties held within our kingdom
during the time-frame an owner has a property, only the taxation of 25%
upon sale. Therefore, future purchasers may actually make additional money over previous taxation rules.