Sunday, May 18, 2014

Queen of France

Policing the New Kingdom

To handle civil servant careers such as policemen, rescue workers etc.

They are given the same 20000 per year as everyone else, & if they are wanting to acumen higher with an enterprise such as a business of security then that is an independent business not allowed to use our goods or weapons.
(refer to the higher priced property blog, if a property query.)

For a policing business such as a coliseum patrol,
they will be bicycle patrol only, & without vehicles.
unless the vehicle is an ambulance or fire truck.

If an offending vehicle is to be chased that would not be your jurisdiction.
so relax, merely call it off to the main precinct.

When our staff is needed to calm down crowds, the same applies,
they will be bicycle patrol only, & without vehicles.
unless the vehicle is an ambulance or fire truck.

Do not use sirens at all, as they frighten the crowds into mania,
which could cause harm to persons innocent.

With the new kingdom of France within the bay area, 
the local bicycle shops are asked to help out at this time,
because their are not that many bikes with the army and police offered.

Duties are light, & it should be peaceful,
though we may still have a few against monarchy and pre-paid wage contenders...
If an arson-to-vehicle group is located,
arrest is given & they are sent back into the barracks of alameda
and other bay area jails.

"Why a person would want keep poverty?"
would be the interrogation line of questioning,
"Are the cohearsed by someone else?"

After the feasting days of the kingdom has resolved into acceptance
and agreements of the crowds are meandering back to work & school,
in wait for the new money.

Policing is simply less, less domestic abuse quarrels,
and onto speed patrols, (if technology hasn't made another tagging device)
and seeking out crime syndicates.

Patroling is to be more local, via bicycles, roller skates or a small electric skooter device, or segway, depending upon terrain and sidewalks.


There will be freeway use priviledge stickers,
as used in germany france & switzerland,
& these stickers need to be verified by a red or green light before entering a freeway, as purchased and updated.

There is that truth, not everyone uses freeways, some people are car-less for ecology reasons, so it is a necessary infliction of a road tax there, on highways and freeways over 55 miles per hour.

The yearly freeway roads sticker is amounted to cost: 35 Vas in currency.
by my dedications to cost and deeds,
though others on the monarchy staff may edit the yearly amount.