Sunday, May 18, 2014

Queen of France

Like Monaco

In the San Francisco bay area,
with our excessively available roads and infrastructure,
already available...
we have the new opportunity to entertain
the have-to men & women of car racing.

Certain freeway areas will become closed during specific times
for drag racing and tournaments of other car races,
even tesla electric car races.

The main freeways will be closed as thoroughfares,
to trucks and other normal transits for a few hours
during the high tourist season.
Parking for non racers, requisitioned to quiet tree shaded or shopping areas,
as far out as the nut tree. The malls can be used as stop & wait parking lots, for these business travellers, closing the mall from its regular customers, from the area for these 2-3 hours.

The race schedules will vary, though once per week a race will commence, during the day.

Variations of Races will be from:

high powered race cars, a few trucks,
to classic cars such as triumphs, minis, & volkswagen bugs
to rickshaws & other electric vehicles.

Likewise, a few tour de Vaux bicycle races will happen also,
on those same race track freeways.

The winners will receive not only a bit of money for the win,
but the status of winner in completing the race,
to journey on with as a competitive gain to other tracks worldwide.

They will be tourist events,
& if a contender wants, he or she can offer their cars as available to preview
on a neighboring parking area before or after their race time.

Once a week,
Bridge races from:
the east bay bridge to Yerba Buena's Presidio island,
offered as our tv offering to the local populace & elsewhere,
so, therefore donned as a new weekly car event
with race track drivers everywhere.
The bridge races will not interrupt as much traffic,
though the others offer more glance and gloon at car show events.

In the Arles region of France,
a weekly long range race from known as the
Baux de Provence to Bezier,
Going to Bezier & returning to de Baux de Provence
as the finish.

Onto an even longer races, such as the "Baux de Provence to Biarritz".

All vehicles, with any of our races, will have to include roll bar chasis's,
so, updates to certain fiberglass varieties will have to be updated
before any race day commences for them, within our kingdom lands.
The race times will be slower, than before, however,
the safety feature of these non-crushable roll bar chasis's are more important.
Which also, brings more enthusiasts to the sport, as the vehicles are safer.
Most older metal cars, include a metal chasis already, that can be strengthened by welding.