Monday, May 19, 2014

Queen of France

Out of the Kingdom Buyers

Out-of-the kingdom buyers,
can purchase real estate on properties valued over 500,000.
When others from outside the region, want to purchase property in order to join the Vaux Kingdom, and also obtain the advantage of, the pre-paid wage.

within the Kingdom of France;
Once a region has been declared to be The Vaux Kingdom of France
& decreed as just and true*,
by an unsurmountable amount of real estate owners
of the Kingdom's regional population. 

The Vaux Kingdom of France,
originally from the Chateau at Baux de Provence,
(as the original trebuchet builders & inventors.)
though, in actuality, building its financiers from
a larger population zone first,
with its original starting place, of the San Francisco East Bay,

then the perks are:

20,000 per year,  to the buyer,
as an honorary member of the Kingdom.


Each 100% buyer of a property,
is then counted as, 1 out-of-the Kingdom person
with our population statistics, throughout their lifetime.

We are not able to offer taxation stops to:
personal income, business income,
or other property taxes where you reside elsewhere. 

If kingdom workers are required for your current business,
I suppose an out-of-the Kingdom work finder database,
could be set up for students, & other professionals to hire with.

*just and true: taking part in buying and selling into the kingdom.