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EU Castle Collective: Hotels: From Ruins to Riches

Chateau Mur
Private Property, in Vaucluse

The Eu Castle Collective
Hotel Chain

The lovely & stereo-typical Chateau Mur on the right, is alloted as a private residence. However, with this Castle building age, with so many ruins, let it be an example of perfection.
The Mur Chateau states romance, indicative of the King Author era, which is much easier on a commercial scale valuation. Visitors from all around the world adore the King Ludwigs Castles and these tiny pristine Chateaus of France. Chateaus, that bring knights in shining armor and gracious carriages, purposeful, for our imaginations to steady, in the midst of their reality.
Therefore, instead of going with absolute original constructions on every build. We build these castles to fit the tastes of our time. The tastes that also bring visitors, and create sales. I am talking Majestic, Renaissance and balanced. Balanced construction appeases the eyes, whereas, a room extra for another room extra, was often shabbily done to conform to the necessities of the time, over the actual architectural design privileges.
EntreChaux in Vaucluse
Otherly, monstroscities were built on cliff precipaces, meaning, construction difficulties for rebuilds. As found often in Vaucluse and the Haute Alp regions. Walled Citadels, that only a fly man or two could actually repair even in this day and age.
I have the theory, that a team of horses, was used as crane power; to joist the stones higher. Horses that merely walked from point A to B. Walking toward point A to lower the scaffold and workers, and walking to point B to raise the scaffold, workers and stones. However the tension ropes and guises had to made extremely strong, with twined leather, even cowhides to contain the stones.

Which Castle first? City, Rural or Major Venues

Touristed Local town and City locations, that contain eye-sores, have to be a priority over smaller country residences. Due to the tourist population, creating chances for a higher income. However there are situations where certain castles have brought persons from all over the world to tiny far away places in France. Castles that have created a bounty of income even in their sometimes difficult-to-find locations. Those types of Castles either offer shows and extravaganzas during the summer, with Camping facilities or they have gone the opposite, and have become 5 star accommodations for corporate business clientele, weddings, etc.
Therefore, if the business plan for a Chateau has been determined to be worth the elaborated repair costs, such as, becoming a 5 star hotel, with equal income potential, to that of a touristed city, then it qualifies as one of the first castles to rebuild.

Business Plans

The castle business plan itself, will have to be a basic design, one that all the castle rebuild facet groups can use. So, that it isn't re-written 1000 times by various persons (There are at least 1000, castles and ruins in France.).
The plan style also helps to determine the correct budget for the rebuild of each castle.
The start of the business-to-income castle plan, has to begin with a castle information database also:
Containing these basics:
Location: City, Local, Countryside
Terrain difficulty: Hill, Cliff, flatland, Riverside, Moated,
Terrain difficulty: Park size of the property. Castle only, 1/2 HA, 1 HA, 3 HA, etc.
Chateau Size: 4000 sq feet, etc
Approx. Number of rooms when finished: 40,
Income Gained Through: Camping, Resales to other Facet Members, Hotel (* - *****), Bed and Breakfast, Summer Extravaganzas, Opera or Concert Parties, Weddings, Museums.
Current Condition: Pile of Stones, Basic Ruine with 2 walls, Ruine with Several Walls, Basic Ruin Castle with Roof, Repaired Castle with Roof, Habitable Castle, Castle ready for Tourists.
Average number of paying customers per day, each year:
If a Corporate Rental, estimated persons per year:
If a Hotel, or bed and breakfast, or campground, estimated guests per year:
If not a Hotel, or tourist occasion, what is the Income potential to be from?: Art seminars, Raising sheep, Vineyard, Casino

From Ruines to Riches

As the collective increases, in size with facet participants; each Chateau sees a renew.
Our Facet team builders, if even, for only one summer during their lifetime, reap benefits of the Collectives Savings increases throughout their lifetime.

Update: I added to the the Facet Name Page:

The Baronnee Facet Names
If you don't qualify in the Facet Castle Name categories.
There are also the Regional Facet Names, also listed on the Castle Facet Name Page
and if you're named after a Region of France, such as "Vau", in "Vaucluse"... You're invited to be a voting participant, toward any major Castle decisions in your region, regardless of the Castles Facet Surname:
Similar to a Baronies powers of say, in the past. However, a limit will be placed on the number of voting Barons and Baronesses. The original Facet Castle surname holders will be able to keep 50% of the vote.
In Halt-Vote decisionals, (50-50 stalemates), well, votes from 2 other facets in the region get to be the deciding vote.

Regional Facet Names

French Surnames that prefix as:

Baronnee Regional Department Facets:

Ain [Ain (1)] :
Ain, Az, Ais, [Aisne (2)] :
Aul, Al, [Allier (3)] :
Mer [Alpes-Maritimes (6)] :
Agu, Aig, [Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes (Region)] :
Ard, Arg, Art, Desc, [Ardèche (7)] :
Ard, Arg, Art, Den, [Ardennes (8)] :
Ari, Ayri, Edg, [Ariège (9)] :
Aub, Aux [Aube (10)] :
Aub, Aux [Aude (11)] :
Ave, Roh [Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (Region)] :
Ave, Roh [Aveyron (12)] :
Vas, Was, Rin [Bas-Rhin (67)] :
Bou, Roh [Bouches-du-Rhône (13)] :
Bour, Fran, Com [Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (21)] :
Bri, Tan, [Brittany (Region)] :
Cal, Vas, Was, [Calvados (14)] :
Can, Tal, [Cantal (15)] :
Wahl, Val [Centre-Val de Loire (Region)] :
Che [Cher (18)] :
Cor [Corrèze (19)] :
Cor [Corse-du-Sud (2A)] :
Or, [Côte-d'Or (21)] :
Arm, Mor, [Côtes-d'Armor (22)] :
Cru,Rou, Ru, [Creuse (23)] :
Sav, Sev, [Deux-Sèvres (79)] :
Dor, Don [Dordogne (24)] :
Dou, Du, [Doubs (25)] :
Dro, [Drôme (26)] :
Ess, Son, [Essonne (91)] :
Y'eu, [Eure (27)] :
Y'eu, Lou, lu, [Eure-et-Loir (28)] :
Fin, [Finistère (29)] :
Gar, [Gard (30)] :
Ger, [Gers (32)] :
Gir,Gui [Gironde (33)] :
Rin, [Haut-Rhin (68)] :
Cor [Haute-Corse (2B)] :
Gar, [Haute-Garonne (31)] :
Lou, Lu, [Haute-Loire (43)] :
Mar [Haute-Marne (52)] :
Sei, Sey, [Haute-Saône (70)] :
Sav [Haute-Savoie (74)] :
Ven, Wen, [Haute-Vienne (87)] :
Al, Aul, [Hautes-Alpes (4)] :
Al, Aul, [Hautes-Alpes (5)] :
Peyr, Per [Hautes-Pyrénées (65)] :
Sei, Sey, [Hauts-de-Seine (92)] :
Hér [Hérault (34)] :
Fran, Vran, [Île-de-France (Region)] :
Vil, Wil, [Ille-et-Vilaine (35)] :
Ind, [Indre (36)] :
Ind, Lou, Lu, [Indre-et-Loire (37)] :
Ser, [Isère (38)] :
Jou, [Jura (39)] :
Lan, [Landes (87)] :
Lan, Rou, Ru, Peyr, [Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées (Region)] :
Lou, Lu, Che, [Loir-et-Cher (41)] :
Lou, Lu, [Loire (42)] :
Lou, Lu, Lan [Loire-Atlantique (44)] :
Lou, Lu, [Loiret (45)] :
Lau, [Lot (46)] :
Lau, Gar [Lot-et-Garonne (47)] :
Lau, Loe, [Lozère (48)] :
Mey, Lou, Lu [Maine-et-Loire (49)] :
Man, [Manche (50)] :
Mar, [Marne (51)] :
Mey, Mai, [Mayenne (53)] :
Mur, Mos, [Meurthe-et-Moselle (54)] :
Mou, [Meuse (55)] :
Mor, [Morbihan (56)] :
Mos, [Moselle (57)] :
Ni, [Nièvre (58)] :
Pas, Cal, [Nord-Pas-De-Calais (59)] :
Pas, Cal, Pic [Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie (Region)] :
Ois, [Oise (60)] :
Orn, [Orne (61)] :
Par, [Paris (75)] :
Pas, Cal, [Pas-de-Calais (62)] :
Pai, lou, lu, [Pays de la Loire (Region)] :
Aze, [Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (Region)] :
Pui [Puy-de-Dôme (63)] :
Peyr, Per [Pyrénées-Atlantiques (64)] :
Peyr, Per [Pyrénées-Orientales (66)] :
Roh [Rhône (69)] :
Sei, lou, lu [Saône-et-Loire (71)] :
Sar [Sarthe (72)] :
Sav [Savoie (73)] :
Sei, Sey, Mar [Seine-et-Marne (77)] :
Sei, Sey, Mar [Seine-Maritime (76)] :
Sei, Sey, [Seine-Saint-Denis (93)] :
Sau, [Somme (80)] :
Tar [Tarn (81)] :
Tar, Gar [Tarn-et-Garonne (82)] :
Bel [Territoire de Belfort (90)] :
Wahl, Val, Ois [Val-d'Oise (95)] :
Wahl, Val, Mar [Val-de-Marne (94)] :
Var, [Var (83)] :
Vau, Bau, Beau [Vaucluse (84)] :
Van, Wan [Vendée (85)] :
Ven, [Vienne (86)] :
Vas, Was, [Vosges (88)] :
Yon, [Yonne (89)] :
Yèv [Yvelines (78)] :

Updated Close of these EU Castle Collective Minutes

In conclusion of todays meeting;
The addition of "the Baronnee Facet names".
With attention to the voting procedures per department.
Business plan database outline, for the ruins to riches objective, of the Collective. -------------------------------
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